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christian's Karma

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4/12/2012Good catch Susie!
4/10/2012Stfu religitard bitch
4/10/2012Thanks for standing for truth! No Dhimmi
4/10/2012Dumb religious post
4/7/2012Don't worry about this negative karma. You're doing it for Christ!
4/5/2012God Bless You. Green from DoGMoRal
4/5/2012The bible is his ultimate source of "facts"
4/5/2012So what. just a fucking song you stupid religitard.
4/5/2012Love ya Susie! TXGal!
4/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/5/2012I Fucking Love Susie
4/2/2012Good GLP poster
4/2/2012Green green green ! :) dragunov_1977
4/1/2012Good point
4/1/2012Bible code horse shit - L
3/25/2012Karma Airdrop...:)..tg1
3/23/2012John316Me wuz here 8-D!
3/16/2012I bet you ignorantly believe you are taking all the negative karma "for Christ", don't you?
3/15/2012Drive by Karma!Be Be Blessed!~Awakened In Christ~
3/15/2012The Lord Jesus Christ loves YOU
3/11/2012Love to you and Zorro; I am so very sorry...
3/8/2012I hope you die in a fire
3/8/2012You're a blessing to me! You're kindness and compassion is a light to the world! God loves you dearly! ~Awakened In Christ~
3/7/2012Santorum smoked pot and fucked pigs in the PSU frat house. Now he loves God. Ha Ha. He is smart. You are the dumb fuck.
3/5/2012Thanks girl! TXGal :)
3/5/2012Great knowledge from sonic doom
3/5/2012Good Karma from you're friend and brother TW
3/4/2012God Bless
3/4/2012Delusional drivel
3/4/2012Homosexuality is a sin
3/4/2012Excellent expounding on homosexuality and the punishment being the flood at the time of Noah
3/3/2012Blessings! Sleeping Giant
3/3/2012BullShit Post
3/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/2/2012I believe that you are exactly correct! May the Lord be with you!
3/2/2012Nice post! Good vibes brother/sister. - Gilles
3/1/2012Keep up the good fight... -DILKe
3/1/2012Stop clowning around, by now everyone knows no such thing as a rapture, you Idiot
2/29/2012For posting an interesting and possible thread! abi~
2/28/2012Fox news supporter
2/27/2012You're the bigot if you ever stopped to consider your words. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Heterosexuals also act out of behaviour. All humans do.
2/27/2012Ty for the gay marrage post- Hagmann
2/27/2012Hi retard
2/27/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/27/2012May the morning sun warm you and showers of blessings rain upon you! God cherishes you, my friend! ~Awakened In Christ~
2/24/2012Thanks, Sister Christian
2/24/2012The antichrist will be a christian in disguise.. and you will worship him because you are blind and a follower.
2/23/2012Also a Christian
2/22/2012People like you are what drove me from church.
2/22/2012Dont do that to children man....
2/22/2012Keep running the race. -malfunkshun
2/20/2012Blessings to you! GLP Angel
2/20/2012Wonderful post on Christ in the Solar System! ;) Lisa1962
2/20/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/19/2012Turtle Karma
2/18/2012For being a crybaby and not having thick skin on a conspiracy site. Go to some bible forum and cry about it.
2/18/2012Complaint about Karma
2/18/2012Wing-ed Karma
2/18/2012Blessed are you when men revile you and speak evil of you for my sake.
2/18/2012Looks like a few people were having a good time with you today! Faith
2/18/2012Let your god turn it to +k
2/18/2012Dropping a karma point because I can and because you make a thread about it
2/18/2012Shut up. Just....shut up.
2/18/2012For trying to expose true hater's
2/18/2012I saw lala bear run off with weewee bear and they sang lala weewee all the way to Church
2/18/2012Don't worry, I get way worse negs than that! ;) AmJedi
2/18/2012Religious Pedophile
2/18/2012Good job - marlborolightsplease
2/18/2012This isnt church religtard no one cares about your jesus ramblings.
2/18/2012Nanny nanny, stick your tounge....sorry I just had to do it to ya....Karmatard.
2/18/2012Stop moaning about -ve karma
2/18/2012Maoning about bad karma - L
2/18/2012I'm an Atheist and here is one karma point for you
2/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/18/2012Stop promoting [email protected]!!!! PEDOPHILES are BAD!!!
2/18/2012For exposing the real haters!! DasDoomAss :)
2/18/2012Love you! - Lisa :)
2/18/2012Religious nutcase
2/18/2012Good atheist thread....Chop's
2/18/2012Kudos to you for adhering to your beliefs fellow buddy - SP
2/17/2012I agree Susie. Lots of evil spirits here on GLP. God bless! ~Kim
2/17/2012Listen Susie - It's YOUR thread, you're NOT OP and just becuase you make something NOLD doesn't mean anything. Her's one for ya ... test all things, prove all things
2/17/2012Not necessarily a christian but i agree with alot you have to say, dragunov
2/17/2012My imaginary friend has more superpowers than your imaginary friend ;p
2/17/2012Sick Esquizofrenic, superticiuos wicked evil consertive- read the bible again, this time understand it.
2/16/2012You're still a fucking idiot.
2/16/2012Interesting thread about Hubble. Thanks for sharing. :) - Vulcan4
2/16/2012Much love and blessings from Eazy D (good thread)
2/16/2012Raises a good question. The basis for theodicy.
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