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christian's Karma

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4/24/2012May God's favor be upon you and may his joy fill your heart and calm your mind! ~Awakened In Christ~
4/23/2012BE NICE FOR gOD
4/23/2012You should stop judging. And stop hating yourself so much. The screaming and ranting will give you a stroke.
4/22/2012How you can look inside yourself and call yourself Christian while you spread vile words of judgement and hate is beyone me. Someday you will be judged and the Lord will frown upon your discretions.
4/22/2012Keep up whith the good Word (MURK9)
4/22/2012Preach it. - Voice
4/22/2012Thanks for your post. It needs to be said.
4/21/2012Keep up the good work sister - green for more pins!
4/21/2012Peace be with you, Sister Christian
4/21/2012I always enjoy your posts. It was nice hearing about the your grandma. - Nemamiah
4/21/2012Blessings, friend
4/21/2012Very relevant
4/21/2012I agree to disagree. Karma for an interesting post.
4/20/2012For being a homophobe.
4/19/2012Stupid religitard fuck
4/19/2012For being right. -Hitokiri
4/19/2012Likes them hard, like they do
4/19/2012Get the fuck over yourself!
4/19/2012Fucking Retard !!
4/19/2012Spread your judgmental hate elsewhere... or actually here is perfect.. but I don't have to like it... Grow some morals.. hater
4/19/2012Grow up
4/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/19/2012For your respect of equality, support of gay rights, and to the way you love all people regardless +1 trifold
4/18/2012Excellent comments in the "baby found alive" thread. Excellent!!!
4/18/2012Are you still so stupid you think oblama is good,AT ALL?! You do not belong on GLP,Go stick your head back in the sand you socialist bitch.
4/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/14/2012Great post. from sonic doom
4/13/2012Much love and blessings...TXGal
4/13/2012Green for you - mercyamber
4/12/2012No smart
4/12/2012Your friend Eazy D
4/12/2012Good catch Susie!
4/10/2012Stfu religitard bitch
4/10/2012Thanks for standing for truth! No Dhimmi
4/10/2012Dumb religious post
4/7/2012Don't worry about this negative karma. You're doing it for Christ!
4/5/2012God Bless You. Green from DoGMoRal
4/5/2012The bible is his ultimate source of "facts"
4/5/2012So what. just a fucking song you stupid religitard.
4/5/2012Love ya Susie! TXGal!
4/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/5/2012I Fucking Love Susie
4/2/2012Good GLP poster
4/2/2012Green green green ! :) dragunov_1977
4/1/2012Good point
4/1/2012Bible code horse shit - L
3/25/2012Karma Airdrop...:)..tg1
3/23/2012John316Me wuz here 8-D!
3/16/2012I bet you ignorantly believe you are taking all the negative karma "for Christ", don't you?
3/15/2012Drive by Karma!Be Be Blessed!~Awakened In Christ~
3/15/2012The Lord Jesus Christ loves YOU
3/11/2012Love to you and Zorro; I am so very sorry...
3/8/2012I hope you die in a fire
3/8/2012You're a blessing to me! You're kindness and compassion is a light to the world! God loves you dearly! ~Awakened In Christ~
3/7/2012Santorum smoked pot and fucked pigs in the PSU frat house. Now he loves God. Ha Ha. He is smart. You are the dumb fuck.
3/5/2012Thanks girl! TXGal :)
3/5/2012Great knowledge from sonic doom
3/5/2012Good Karma from you're friend and brother TW
3/4/2012God Bless
3/4/2012Delusional drivel
3/4/2012Homosexuality is a sin
3/4/2012Excellent expounding on homosexuality and the punishment being the flood at the time of Noah
3/3/2012Blessings! Sleeping Giant
3/3/2012BullShit Post
3/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/2/2012I believe that you are exactly correct! May the Lord be with you!
3/2/2012Nice post! Good vibes brother/sister. - Gilles
3/1/2012Keep up the good fight... -DILKe
3/1/2012Stop clowning around, by now everyone knows no such thing as a rapture, you Idiot
2/29/2012For posting an interesting and possible thread! abi~
2/28/2012Fox news supporter
2/27/2012You're the bigot if you ever stopped to consider your words. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Heterosexuals also act out of behaviour. All humans do.
2/27/2012Ty for the gay marrage post- Hagmann
2/27/2012Hi retard
2/27/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/27/2012May the morning sun warm you and showers of blessings rain upon you! God cherishes you, my friend! ~Awakened In Christ~
2/24/2012Thanks, Sister Christian
2/24/2012The antichrist will be a christian in disguise.. and you will worship him because you are blind and a follower.
2/23/2012Also a Christian
2/22/2012People like you are what drove me from church.
2/22/2012Dont do that to children man....
2/22/2012Keep running the race. -malfunkshun
2/20/2012Blessings to you! GLP Angel
2/20/2012Wonderful post on Christ in the Solar System! ;) Lisa1962
2/20/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/19/2012Turtle Karma
2/18/2012For being a crybaby and not having thick skin on a conspiracy site. Go to some bible forum and cry about it.
2/18/2012Complaint about Karma
2/18/2012Wing-ed Karma
2/18/2012Blessed are you when men revile you and speak evil of you for my sake.
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