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christian's Karma

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2/18/2012Wing-ed Karma
2/18/2012Blessed are you when men revile you and speak evil of you for my sake.
2/18/2012Looks like a few people were having a good time with you today! Faith
2/18/2012Let your god turn it to +k
2/18/2012Dropping a karma point because I can and because you make a thread about it
2/18/2012Shut up. Just....shut up.
2/18/2012For trying to expose true hater's
2/18/2012I saw lala bear run off with weewee bear and they sang lala weewee all the way to Church
2/18/2012Don't worry, I get way worse negs than that! ;) AmJedi
2/18/2012Religious Pedophile
2/18/2012Good job - marlborolightsplease
2/18/2012This isnt church religtard no one cares about your jesus ramblings.
2/18/2012Nanny nanny, stick your tounge....sorry I just had to do it to ya....Karmatard.
2/18/2012Stop moaning about -ve karma
2/18/2012Maoning about bad karma - L
2/18/2012I'm an Atheist and here is one karma point for you
2/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/18/2012Stop promoting [email protected]!!!! PEDOPHILES are BAD!!!
2/18/2012For exposing the real haters!! DasDoomAss :)
2/18/2012Love you! - Lisa :)
2/18/2012Religious nutcase
2/18/2012Good atheist thread....Chop's
2/18/2012Kudos to you for adhering to your beliefs fellow buddy - SP
2/17/2012I agree Susie. Lots of evil spirits here on GLP. God bless! ~Kim
2/17/2012Listen Susie - It's YOUR thread, you're NOT OP and just becuase you make something NOLD doesn't mean anything. Her's one for ya ... test all things, prove all things
2/17/2012Not necessarily a christian but i agree with alot you have to say, dragunov
2/17/2012My imaginary friend has more superpowers than your imaginary friend ;p
2/17/2012Sick Esquizofrenic, superticiuos wicked evil consertive- read the bible again, this time understand it.
2/16/2012You're still a fucking idiot.
2/16/2012Interesting thread about Hubble. Thanks for sharing. :) - Vulcan4
2/16/2012Much love and blessings from Eazy D (good thread)
2/16/2012Raises a good question. The basis for theodicy.
2/16/2012Boring god jabber, please if you sart a topic, learn to answer on earthly thoughts, with real logic and all
2/16/2012Atheists do not exist
2/16/2012Ugh, get common sense.
2/16/2012Thankyou for the thread about atheists not believing, if they weren't curious they wouldn't post..keep up the good work LOJ
2/15/2012The God of Abraham not being allah - thanks - samanthasunflower
2/15/2012Thanks for the Milton Friedman quote
2/14/2012God doesn't care about sex. He really doesn't.
2/13/2012God Bless Sister! ~ John3:16Me
2/12/2012Loved hearing about your cat praying. Amy A
2/12/2012Good post!
2/12/2012They really do know. Glad your kitty is better!
2/12/2012Have a good Sunday!
2/12/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/12/2012Japan cleanup thread. - LunaticFringe
2/11/2012May God surround you with his Love! ~Awakened In Christ~
2/10/2012Wing-ed Karma
2/10/2012The truth wins!
2/9/2012This isnt church religtard⦠no one cares about your jesus ramblings.
2/9/2012God bless you Susie! :)
2/9/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/8/2012Sex with children is wrong my good sir.
2/7/20121 to offset the haters.-Evan03
2/7/2012You fit the PERFECT example of a bigoted, narrow-minded, brainwashed religitard . Congrats on having imaginary friends!
2/7/2012You are an asshole, not a christian. Im sure your 2 ex husbands would agree.
2/7/2012Homosexual Union is not against Nature, not against God and it is not a IMMORAL!
2/7/2012Shame on you for being a hateful person! You should ask Jesus for forgiveness right now!!!
2/7/2012I believe in the Virgin Birth of Mary but not in gay marriage LMAO!
2/7/2012For your stance on gay "marriage"-Hawgzilla
2/7/2012Homophobic cunt - L
2/7/2012You are a bigot. A complete, utter bigot. It's called rights.
2/6/2012Good stuff
2/4/2012This truth needs to be told and told and told!
2/4/2012A kind response.
2/4/2012Karma for my friend and sister.... TW
2/3/2012God Bless you 2! TXG4T
2/2/2012Get out of here jesustard, stop spreading that disease!
2/2/2012God hates you
2/1/2012For finding the humour in getting old..my2centswworth
2/1/2012Keep preaching.
2/1/2012Hello, Gods blessings to you today and always, Till he Returns. ysiC - Cassie :-)
2/1/2012Judge this b!tch
1/30/2012Love the post
1/29/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/29/2012For high intelligence - teschen
1/29/2012Wing-ed Karma
1/26/2012Jesus Christ Rules....Chop's
1/24/2012From TXGal...
1/19/2012Nevermind the naysayers
1/17/2012Some green for you, keep the faith going strong - SP
1/17/2012There's nothing more dangerous than an idiot with the confidence of their own ignorance.
1/17/2012Retarded religious bs
1/15/2012Get out of here jesustard, stop spreading that disease!
1/15/2012Oh well, one more won't hurt.
1/15/2012For being a mentalcase
1/15/2012Amen Brother....Chop's
1/15/2012A green karma for you. krispykritter
1/15/2012From TXGal4T Ignore the haters. :)
1/15/2012Satan loves you
1/15/2012God god god god god god god god god god god
1/15/2012To counter the trolls - STT
1/15/2012I can totally relate to hateful Karma comments. Fight on brother! Jesus wouldn't want us to give up!
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