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2/7/2012Homosexual Union is not against Nature, not against God and it is not a IMMORAL!
2/7/2012Shame on you for being a hateful person! You should ask Jesus for forgiveness right now!!!
2/7/2012I believe in the Virgin Birth of Mary but not in gay marriage LMAO!
2/7/2012For your stance on gay "marriage"-Hawgzilla
2/7/2012Homophobic cunt - L
2/7/2012You are a bigot. A complete, utter bigot. It's called rights.
2/6/2012Good stuff
2/4/2012This truth needs to be told and told and told!
2/4/2012A kind response.
2/4/2012Karma for my friend and sister.... TW
2/3/2012God Bless you 2! TXG4T
2/2/2012Get out of here jesustard, stop spreading that disease!
2/2/2012God hates you
2/1/2012For finding the humour in getting old..my2centswworth
2/1/2012Keep preaching.
2/1/2012Hello, Gods blessings to you today and always, Till he Returns. ysiC - Cassie :-)
2/1/2012Judge this b!tch
1/30/2012Love the post
1/29/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/29/2012For high intelligence - teschen
1/29/2012Wing-ed Karma
1/26/2012Jesus Christ Rules....Chop's
1/24/2012From TXGal...
1/19/2012Nevermind the naysayers
1/17/2012Some green for you, keep the faith going strong - SP
1/17/2012There's nothing more dangerous than an idiot with the confidence of their own ignorance.
1/17/2012Retarded religious bs
1/15/2012Get out of here jesustard, stop spreading that disease!
1/15/2012Oh well, one more won't hurt.
1/15/2012For being a mentalcase
1/15/2012Amen Brother....Chop's
1/15/2012A green karma for you. krispykritter
1/15/2012From TXGal4T Ignore the haters. :)
1/15/2012Satan loves you
1/15/2012God god god god god god god god god god god
1/15/2012To counter the trolls - STT
1/15/2012I can totally relate to hateful Karma comments. Fight on brother! Jesus wouldn't want us to give up!
1/15/2012I hate butterfly's~Redharves​t
1/15/2012Telling people to burn in hell is more vile than any swear word.
1/15/2012Stop shoving your false religious beliefs on others and you won't get bad karma.
1/15/2012Fucking idiot! Tebow sucketh john's cock
1/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/14/2012Sorry mate god does not exist
1/13/2012Only a little while longer. Let us put away sin and self in all forms. Let us walk and live the Christ-life by faith and the Holy Spirit. God bless. - Voice
1/12/2012Great post and reminder ...Thanks ... :-)
1/11/2012Holly wood pukes, drag
1/11/2012Susie ROCKS!!! I LOVE YOU SUSIE!!!
1/11/2012For toddler post and your stand, good job
1/11/2012Me thinks you doth protest too much.
1/10/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/9/2012God is love! ChristCrucified. choosen
1/9/2012Good way to get yourself negs with this Teblow garbage.
1/8/2012Tebow Thread! +1 for Tebow +1trillion for Jesus
1/8/2012Go t
1/8/2012Tebow is gay and so are you
1/5/2012Idiot. You give real Christians a bad rap.
1/3/2012Please karma me back, I was banned and need 25 karma points for ban immunity..:)
12/31/2011Beautiful message!!
12/22/2011Polar bear dung beatle
12/22/2011You are making true christians to look like nutcases. If you would study and believe the Scriptures you wouldnt be spewing lies as you are now.
12/22/2011Great post about Shroud-Evan03
12/21/2011God Bless!! John3:16Me
12/18/2011Christian, Aggieranch
12/17/2011For that lovely testimony about Zorro... ~Ducimus
12/17/2011Why you're not raptured yet? :o
12/16/2011Religious fuck head
12/16/2011Blessings! - Lisa:)
12/16/2011My thoughts waking up this morning too..-lightwarrior11
12/13/2011Merci was here today.
12/12/2011Provocative topic â SilverPatriot
12/12/2011Agree with you about the Internet "kill switch." Am reading the Left Behind series now, scary stuff in store for us, I think. God bless you!
12/9/2011Good wishes for you and your kitty. Nice to see someone who cares.
12/7/2011For Zorro--oh_yikes
12/4/2011Love you! - Lisa:)
11/23/2011Pops fists. -borian
11/22/2011Fuck off
11/22/2011Quit with your god damn preaching
11/21/2011Good one
11/21/2011Thanks! TG4T :)
11/18/2011Good thread. homosexuality is wrong but must be addressed in love. - RikeLIve
11/18/2011V :)
11/16/2011Nice post, w/o the Bible. RayGun
11/16/2011Fellow sister who witnesses for christ with wisdom and love - morganite
11/16/2011Good defense on the "kill your neighbor" thread! - WalkersEverywhere
11/16/2011For shoving your religious views on threads that have NOTHING to do with religion. Please FUCK OFF to a religious forum
11/15/2011Shitty jesus actor was shitty shitty movie
11/15/2011Glen Beck - Wing-ed
11/14/2011Right on The Mark With That Post!
11/13/2011Tying everything is with a GOD is rude
11/13/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/13/2011Truth! love to you :-)
11/13/2011Thank you for the kind words and support!
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