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christian's Karma

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10/5/2011Loved 180 movie.
10/5/2011Eye opening video
10/4/2011Why you're not raptured yet? :o
10/1/2011Yep, you're a brian dead moran
9/29/2011For trying to bring some light into a dark place
9/29/2011Here is my question OP..
9/29/2011For praying with me for the pastor in Iran (inquiring mind) God Bess You! :-)
9/28/2011For helping get the Rosh thread pinned. that was nice of you
9/27/2011Thanks for karma , Euphoria777 :)
9/27/2011Don't be so close minded that your brain squeezes out
9/27/2011For having the guts to post a highly controversial subject! be blessed!
9/27/2011Notable outlook, if followed through on (gay agenda & rights)
9/24/2011Wonderful truth revealed. just wonderful!!
9/23/2011Religion Has no Place in This World
9/23/2011Sucks jesus dick
9/23/2011For standing up for Israel :) ~Kim
9/23/2011Thanks Brother or Sister in Christ
9/22/2011Blessings Child Of The Most High! ~Awakened In Christ~
9/22/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/22/2011For unrelated posting about GOD in PHYSICS THREAD wtf!!!
9/22/2011Great thread...God Bless!
9/22/2011Spreading the gospel
9/21/2011"Who is this" - so who was it? heh.. -- Borian
9/20/2011Fellow Christian "Don't be Deceived, don't be deceived, please don't be deceived...."
9/20/2011Blessings! - Lisa :)
9/20/2011The fact people insult you soo much for being a believer in christ, shows you are on the right path!-Evan03
9/20/2011Silly cunt
9/20/2011Use your Brian, moran
9/20/2011For being deceived
9/20/2011For Truth
9/20/2011Because I needed that reminder! keep up the good work! Az
9/20/2011My sister in the Faith :-) LFY
9/20/2011For speaking the truth - I pray you reach if just one person - Texas Girl
9/19/2011Screw off xian zionist
9/19/2011Please learn more about Indian history before posting bs
9/19/2011Man + woman = human species , good posts
9/19/2011Many gay men never participate in putting their cocks in the other's ass.
9/19/2011For injecting useful (opinion) into discussion. Plus I like the avatar!
9/19/2011Good posts
9/18/2011HE is coming! God bless. - Voice
9/18/2011You cant turn religion to science. jesus does not roar in space.
9/16/2011For the Onyx post. I had a weird onyx experience once and you helped clarify questions. Lily.
9/14/2011Just another drooling Christian bigot.
9/14/2011For being pro-death and condeming Christians
9/14/2011Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
9/14/2011Hate is ugly.
9/14/2011Good fan fiction
9/14/2011Good Karma Point from JenJen for Telling Everyone It's Time to Wakup!!! God is coming!!
9/14/2011A christian who didn't do his homework on the rapture scam
9/12/2011Makin up 4 the bad I gave you!---Jtreal3
9/12/2011Christian pro lifer = vomitus
9/10/2011For Proselytizing
9/10/2011Right back at YOU GH
9/10/2011Brother in Jesus Christ.
9/10/2011For starting another Religious thread. Like there aren't enough of them.
9/9/2011Religion is for those that cannot believe in themselves
9/9/2011I love your posts and God bless you for touching lives!
9/9/2011For posting the Live Jesus Painting thread - Rose of Sharon
9/9/2011The painting of Christ was such a blessing! Thank you and Godspped!
9/9/2011To my sister in Christ! The Jesus painting was amazing! I'm sending it to my email friends!
9/9/2011Im far from religious, but this was a great video
9/9/2011For the jesus painting!
9/9/2011For your belief in our Messiah. TXG4T :)
9/9/2011For posting an incredibly biased, prejudiced, uninformed, and absurd post linking paedophelia with homosexuality and bisexuality. Extremely irresponsible and defamitory.
9/8/20113 days of *Darkness* Great post! Much love! 11.11.11
9/8/2011Awesome thread - watching 26-29 w/ya!!! from morganite
9/8/2011Crazy person
9/8/2011Great threads!
9/8/2011Random Act of Karma!
9/8/2011Don't invade all threads with your religion.
9/8/2011Petty spite.
9/8/2011Even so, come Lord Jesus!
9/7/2011For twisting facts into a lie
9/6/2011Just another sheep following the masses.
9/5/2011Bad christian, bad bad christian :(
8/29/2011Very well written and thought provoking article. Nice job.
8/28/2011The truth points to itself = shepherdschapel... rapture = scam, numbnuts
8/24/2011Good karma point for you from a fellow Christian xoxo
8/24/2011Sorry, but you have to wait much longer :(
8/24/2011YAY!!!! We are not shaken, you're right :)
8/24/2011For staying true to his/her beliefs even in the face of these false accusations of bigotry and hate. You know your right when you are full of love, and those of this world say you are full of hate and
8/24/2011For posting an incredibly biased, prejudiced, uninformed, and absurd post linking paedophelia with homosexuality and bisexuality. Extremely irresponsible and defamitory.
8/24/2011You will be green! I rememberd! LOL
8/23/2011From a non-Christian Wilkerson 'Fan'
8/23/2011For being a good witness about the earthquake and birth pangs
8/20/2011Sad, hate filled, inconsiderate, naive, stupid bigot of a person....
8/20/2011Being a hate filled person who claims themselves rightous when they are anything but
8/20/2011Nothing but hate fueled bs
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