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christian's Karma

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8/29/2011Very well written and thought provoking article. Nice job.
8/28/2011The truth points to itself = shepherdschapel... rapture = scam, numbnuts
8/24/2011Good karma point for you from a fellow Christian xoxo
8/24/2011Sorry, but you have to wait much longer :(
8/24/2011YAY!!!! We are not shaken, you're right :)
8/24/2011For staying true to his/her beliefs even in the face of these false accusations of bigotry and hate. You know your right when you are full of love, and those of this world say you are full of hate and
8/24/2011For posting an incredibly biased, prejudiced, uninformed, and absurd post linking paedophelia with homosexuality and bisexuality. Extremely irresponsible and defamitory.
8/24/2011You will be green! I rememberd! LOL
8/23/2011From a non-Christian Wilkerson 'Fan'
8/23/2011For being a good witness about the earthquake and birth pangs
8/20/2011Sad, hate filled, inconsiderate, naive, stupid bigot of a person....
8/20/2011Being a hate filled person who claims themselves rightous when they are anything but
8/20/2011Nothing but hate fueled bs
8/20/2011Closet gay who hates gay. your typical politician without the money. GO GAYS!!!!
8/20/20114 Stupid thread on gays (from a straight woman)
8/19/2011Ignorant zealot bigot
8/19/2011Being intolerant. God doesn't make that which he despises only to condemn it. You are calling God a narcissit. An all loving God cannot hate that which he created. Bigot.
8/19/2011Amen,Brother (or Sister!) !
8/19/2011Thanks for posting perhaps more will wise up and flee facebook
8/19/2011Excellent thread OP, thanks
8/17/2011Because ur a Dumb Ass!!!! 1
8/17/2011Because you wear the name Christian proudly. God Bless You!
8/17/2011You speak Truth. Thanks!
8/16/2011Thank you for spreading the Word. You are truly a blessing. -SoM
8/16/2011Religion beliefs are opinons and assumption - Spiritually worthless Peace be with You
8/15/2011Ignorant post
8/14/2011This guy is in the rightest track! kudos
8/14/2011Interesting stuff...
8/13/2011Wrong theology :(
8/13/2011For selling the destruction scenario! :(
8/13/2011Boldness in the face of scoffers glorifies our Father!
8/13/2011Elenin and nibiru crap in one thread
8/13/2011Don't want to hear your Xtian nonsense
8/12/2011Op assumes christianity is the only way
8/12/2011Good Thread
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