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Nine's's Karma

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9/26/2012Bless you Nine's BB
9/26/2012Ty ~ Jool
9/24/2012Hugs from Lotus Flower x
9/22/2012Hope to catch up soon! You are the best! <3 Mama
9/21/2012You often say things that make me think 'what she said!' :) Sloane
9/20/2012Thanks for the caring feedback on the bus driver thread...my2centswort​h
9/20/2012Big heart for the helpless. sonic doom
9/20/2012I finally got to karma!LOL TB
9/19/2012Good info.D'Light
9/19/2012For you, friend--Eazy
9/17/2012Thanks goes to you
9/15/2012NIce link - Chrit
9/14/2012We shall make her LOVE Pinkie!!! LOLOLOL <3 Mama
9/7/2012Hope to chat with you soon! Hope all the critters are doing well. <3 Mama
9/4/2012Big green hugs from T xxxx
8/27/2012Thx - C
8/21/2012Hi, Girl! Did you get you're battery yet? TB
8/16/2012Lotus Flower xxx
8/15/2012You're welcome. Here's to our beloved beagles! - Dease
8/14/2012Saw this posted yeaterday, woke up hearing this song in my dreams. Thanks from Who is Blue Fairy
8/14/2012You're cool
8/13/2012For Harsh Truth!!!! ~ Beso
8/10/2012Hope you are feeling better! <3 Mama
8/10/2012Because I was visiting... And Love and miss you! -SwampRatLost
8/8/2012Big hugs from T xxxx
8/7/2012Posting useful info. Good sir
8/7/2012Love the advice - Xan
8/7/2012Happy Daze!!! - Travis Bickle
8/6/2012For being such a kind soul... Thanks, S OR
8/6/2012Too funny!
8/4/2012Defending Zakk
8/4/2012Your Zakk post.... thanks for standing up for him
8/4/2012Thank you for your help - momma coop
8/4/2012For all the great info you gave in the missing florida person case. Carol B.
8/3/2012Simply awesome encouragement.... almost crying.... thanks!!!
7/29/2012Hi Nines, Hope all is well with you and the critters!!! <3 Mama
7/26/2012Where ya been? Flav
7/25/2012Thanks for the kind words, bannedfornoreason
7/23/2012Happy Tuesday! TB
7/22/2012Love from your friend Eazy D
7/20/2012For the warm welcome...and the cuppa
7/20/2012Green for you! PB
7/19/2012Thank you for being you!!!!
7/19/2012Danny Fitch
7/18/2012Lotus Flower xxx
7/18/2012Much love from tauranga xx
7/18/2012Hey thanks I didnt think any one watched them...
7/15/2012Yes! I cook like this all the time but hell, nobody even knows what a neckbone is or how to cook it. It's used as seasoning meat or for making a pork stock. Hawk8414
7/6/2012Thanks for the Kitty! Fiery Sky
7/5/2012Soon as the yongest matures and can do some manual labor, we'll be there! LOL!!!!<3 Mama
7/5/2012Ur awesome!
7/5/2012Bee thread - good info
7/5/2012Bee Thread contributions. :) ~ Sandi
7/3/2012Happy 4th of July.... old guard
7/3/2012For the goodness that I know you have, my friend
7/2/2012Nice info
7/1/2012From your friend, love Eazy D
7/1/2012Big hugs from tauranga xx
6/29/2012Just because you are a good person. Southern OR
6/27/2012Awesome Poster! And Google "flountastic" to find me :)
6/27/2012Thank you for being a light on this usually dark thread ~CreationPoetique
6/27/20121 for being a good person. thank you > blue zeus
6/27/2012Watch your asthma in this heat. TB
6/26/2012You just are the best!!!! <3 Mama
6/26/2012Cheers mate - All for a good cause - rickster58
6/20/2012Always good to have you around.
6/18/2012For exposing the borat person for the photograph
6/17/2012I can't respond on the thread, got banned....but what I meant was on the opposite side of these judgments against those who choose to think different than Christians do.- ajk
6/14/2012Prepping ! Flav
6/11/2012Good person
6/11/2012Hey, gf! How are things up there? TB
6/10/2012Thanks for the support! Jake
6/10/2012Kiwi love xx
6/9/2012Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Have a great weekend
6/9/2012Thanks for the link : Artlicious
6/9/2012The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you in it! <3 Mama
6/9/2012Will it work? drum roll....
6/7/2012Great advice for OP! - ANHEDONIC
6/2/2012Thanks for the webbot. I think about you frequentlly too!
6/2/2012Karma 4 u..from Gonviral
6/2/2012For karma pinning fuku thread -- from goodmockingbird
6/1/2012For Saint Nines! You are the best of the best! <3 Mama
6/1/2012Love from tauranga xx
5/30/2012Wish we'd had more time to talk! Really glad for the time we did have. TB
5/29/2012Great post. Hopefully your tips will help someone out there. -Clouds in the Sky
5/25/2012One of the better humans
5/24/2012Green hugs from Tauranga
5/23/2012Glad your back-flav
5/12/2012Happy mothers day-flav
5/7/2012For the hogs
5/5/2012Thank you so much for your love and support ..Tauranga
5/3/2012You racoon lovin surrogate mom! Just dont get the dark circles :)
4/29/2012The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes
4/22/2012Hi Nines!!! <3 Mama
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