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rocky/endtime truths's Karma

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12/15/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/15/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/15/2012Whatever freak..
12/15/2012Hope all is well with you my friend. ASLEEPNOMORE
12/9/2012Just because! Rhombus
12/6/2012Your friend - DoorBert
12/6/2012Hello :) WeAreOne.
11/18/2012Hi Rocky.. Mia41
11/16/2012Hey Rocky! Rhombus
11/12/2012WeAreOne flyby.
10/23/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
10/23/2012Morning, Rocky! Thanks for the link on that '91 storm. WOW! - Eireann~
10/18/2012Green from the light under the door
10/18/2012Brief :)
10/6/2012Thank you for caring about my safety :) - Eireann~
10/1/2012GOD Bless U! Susie...:)
9/25/2012Standing up for Doorbert & Scrump and those that deliver the information we come to GLP for :) - Eireann~
9/16/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/16/2012Much thanks - DoorBert
8/31/2012Nobody is around.
8/30/2012Together as the Body of One We can....!
8/13/2012So what happened with the aliens? When do we get to see the Bambi avatar?
8/12/2012Reading in between the lines, thxs. TOMMY B
8/8/2012From Apollo
8/6/2012Hello. WeAreOne.
8/3/2012For being Honorable and taking responsability for a mistaken bad karma that was given.
8/3/2012The chosen one has to fight his battles with meaningless karma points? Tsk tsk. Here's a green, because I don't care about your petty points.. -Nullvain
7/30/2012Hi Rocky! Mia
7/24/2012Just because...Rhombus
7/20/2012Damn you and your deleted posts :-) WeAreOne.
7/6/2012Glad to see you posting again my friend... ASLEEPNOMORE
7/5/2012Words :-) ming
6/26/2012For being a good friend! Rhombus
6/24/2012What is the apology for/4/four/fore??
6/21/2012Hava Some Greena Mr Rocky Rocky! WeAreOne.
6/10/2012Hope all is well with you my friend... ASLEEPNOMORE
6/10/2012Hugs to you, Rocky! --sTTsTTT
6/9/2012I like you. WeAreOne.
6/2/2012Hang in there Rocky,,,ASLEEPNOMORE
5/31/2012Jmay mercy abound take care
5/30/2012Stay safe (and come back, pretty please) Rhombus
5/26/2012Here's to old friends from old doom!
5/25/2012Whiteangel was here
5/24/2012Hope all is well with you my friend, hope to hear more from you soon... ASLEEPNOMORE
5/24/2012Because I like you. WeAreOne.
5/16/2012Rocky, you have fulfilled the task as Storyteller! Thank you.
5/16/2012Too much red in the markets...have some green! Rhombus
5/16/2012Whiteangel was here
5/16/2012For kindness and caring!!!....RRRay
5/16/2012Blessings! - Lisa :)
5/15/2012Returning The Green... Watchmen
5/14/2012YOu haven't really left us have you??~einsteinsfly
5/14/2012WeAreOne was here.
5/12/2012For being you~abi
5/11/2012For being a caring individual ASLEEPNOMORE
5/8/2012I'm back... and posted on the thread! Thanks for the green!
5/7/2012Because you're you! Rhombus
5/7/2012Happy the blue jays and the .22 were on your side! damn serpent anyway...~einsteinsfl​y
5/6/2012Karma to make up for unkind words in the past ADRENALIN
5/4/2012Thank you for your awesome input on the birdie thread! From:wait....what?
5/4/2012Some green my friend - whiteangel
5/4/2012Here is your green thumb WindyMind
5/3/2012For that song!
5/2/2012Hi Rocky, best to you!!....Thanks, Ray
5/1/2012Some green for u I get red also everytime I post slso = mercyamber
4/30/2012Hi Rocky, thanks for those comments - abhie
4/30/2012Nite, Rocky...sweet dreams ~abi
4/28/2012Thanks for the green, right back to you...ADRENALIN
4/28/2012Again Friend We are one I am you you are we and eye sea Watchmenonthewall
4/27/2012Some green for you! Rhombus
4/26/2012Green begets green! Black Knight
4/25/2012You are a sweetie and I appreciate all you are doing to help me!!! Whiteangel
4/23/2012Many Thanks!....roadrunner​(Ray)
4/23/2012Ty for birdie info - mercyamber
4/22/2012May your journey go well. Keep fighting the good fight~abi
4/22/2012Some green back at you~your friend, stephanie
4/21/2012I can sense you. WeAreOne.
4/20/2012Hi Rocky, Got An Extra Green One Laying Around For Me? WatchmenOnTheWall
4/20/2012Rhombus was here!
4/20/2012Karma to show that someone cares..be strong. Adrenalin
4/17/2012Good day - whiteangel
4/15/2012Would you post your email again on the birdie thread...einsteinsfly​
4/13/2012Peace - mercyamber
4/13/2012I like giving you green :) WeAreONe.
4/10/2012Helping my fellow "birdies" :) from wait....what?
4/8/2012Happy Easter My Friend! WatchmenOTW
4/7/2012You are both mean and unstable. Not a good combo.
4/4/2012Bless your heart..:) TY ~abi
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