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3/11/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/9/2012Why the claw?
3/9/2012Because we think alike. WeAreOne
3/9/2012Awesome thread on the history of humans :-) from ming
3/9/2012Great post
3/9/2012Keep it coming-great post-AFGW
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/29/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/29/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/29/2012Dont act like a smartiepants
2/28/2012Fucking great post!
2/28/2012Good post, keep up the good work! - Tiamat2012
2/27/2012You are being deceived by Lucifer
2/27/2012Lloyd Pye brofist!
2/27/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/26/2012Sweet Ron Paul ad~Unheard
2/26/2012Because CtYankee says so.... RP in 2012
2/25/20121 for alien intelligence proof; from: Alien Commander Omd I
2/24/2012"~Believer by Skeptics, Skeptic by Believers"... I LOVE that!!! ^_^ -CuriousSoul
2/21/2012Interesting stuff -- Tribble
2/20/2012Stop your whining!
2/19/2012Great read!
2/18/2012Good and very interesting read, thankyou.
2/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/18/2012Green machine: gdchappy
2/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
2/17/2012Great Tjread ~ the Truth of Our Origins...Makes some people think(~) < Peace be with You(~) > tSJ
2/17/2012You are being deceived
2/5/2012Thumbs up!
2/1/2012He called Ron Paul a fag!
2/1/2012Congrats on your article, and, good luck re: ancient aliens! morgan
12/10/2011Sup! 11.11.11
11/25/2011You tell him
11/25/2011Much love from 11.11.11
11/22/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/21/2011Free karma :) in5d
11/17/2011Good Post
11/17/2011Nice post.
11/15/2011I have to agree you look like a douche. that and your being whiny.
11/15/2011Cute hat
11/15/2011Good karma for the daniel boone cap - marlborolightsplease
11/15/2011Some good karma to make up for the absurdity of it all - Vision Thing
11/15/2011Karma for getting a bad one... CyBerndt
11/14/2011Anyone that claims to be a "lightworker: deserves bad karma...plus you look like a douche.
10/30/2011Tsk tsk -- stealing from your own mom? Damn bro...
10/29/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/25/2011Karma hugs :) NIN
10/23/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/22/2011Love and Light.. from WhiteLight..
10/22/2011Just to piss off ACs. ~ruxpin
10/22/2011For the Bozo thread!....Danly
10/21/2011Thanks for the laugh :) Love the video
10/21/2011To wipe out the negative karma you got. Oh_yikes
10/21/2011What are you a fucking duck? with a name like drake no wonder you look so much like a douche
10/21/2011Here is your green karma you asked for ENJOY
10/21/2011Brief :)
10/21/2011Some karma for you!
9/23/2011For pinning the Ron Paul Voting Thread
9/5/2011Jesse Ventura is the man! RonPaul/Jesse Ventura 2012!
9/5/2011Jesse Ventura! Thank you for posting
9/4/2011Nice thread ~Aphrodite~
9/3/2011Douche av
9/3/2011Go Ron Paul!
9/3/2011Ron Paul 2012 - no NAU - great thread!!! - build awareness of this and yes, RON PAUL is our next president - Astrochik sez...
9/3/2011Ron Paul supporter
9/3/2011Excellent video and I agree 100%/ Ron Paul=only choice! fairflight
9/3/2011For showing truth.
9/3/2011Ron Paul guy .
9/3/2011For being a true American.
9/3/20111 for supporting Ron Paul, and for that wrench that stopped the BP spill.
9/3/2011Luv ya rides
9/3/2011Excellent find! Excellent wake up call! Excellent post!
9/3/2011Nice One!...
9/3/2011Smart dude
9/3/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/3/2011Good stuff!
9/1/2011For The Fed Lawsuit!
8/31/2011Good poster
8/31/2011Interesting/strange thread that made me think,thanks
8/31/2011Good summary of available info. For truth!!
8/31/2011Interesting discussion points
8/29/2011Here's to starchild, Brief
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