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Loup Garou's Karma

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8/30/2018For giving a shit!
8/29/2018Moon green ~ Where Eagles Dare
8/28/2018Green ~SLC
8/28/2018Well said and accurate. Crash
8/27/2018Green from marooned
8/27/2018Green shoots
8/27/2018Good posts
8/27/2018Love the Note To Libtards comment. ~Maiya
8/26/2018Thank You for State Preambles. God Bless You...Des
8/24/2018Love this “glp play†post. 2 thumbs up b^ . ^b
8/24/2018Yes, I agree
8/23/2018You are so awake thanks for poston S. Africa thread, Chivalry Knight
8/21/2018One had to become bestowed to have the Father fragment infused to take down the baphomet baal god.
8/21/2018Haven't greened you for a bit...lanc..er...Ie LanceRoseman From BC
8/18/2018Spot on
8/18/2018Right on. -sum t Wong
8/18/2018Police Tase man / EPIC POST! ...IRQ_1
8/18/2018From Ralph--a house dog
8/18/2018Greenade incoming for Truth....saved
8/16/2018With Love from LilMiss
8/16/2018Denizen is back bust mostly banned - Denizen
8/15/2018For your excellent comment on the pope thread. thank you, morgan
8/8/2018Eyebrows come unglued. LOL Starbird
8/6/2018Hi Loup! Ag47
8/6/2018Excellent memory. Crash
8/6/2018Have a good day
8/6/2018For that very compelling X-Files info. whoa! :-) morgan
8/6/2018I did not know any of this before it gives me a new appreciation for this actor.
8/6/2018STANDING CLAP. That inspirational to read.
8/5/2018Glad to see you around regularly
8/5/2018Take your sick, disgusting psychosexual obsessions elsewhere
7/30/2018Hi from Ralph--a house dog
7/30/2018WWG1WGA!!! MAGA----sloonie
7/30/2018Good post. 1-2-follow
7/29/2018Q greenage...Lance from BC
7/28/2018Thanks m.a.
7/24/2018Always great posts. You know your stuff! ~limited edition
7/24/2018You're awesome. love Miss Cleo
7/22/2018Yes, the alphabet channel news needs to be uninvited to White House news conferences, and press briefings as well.
7/22/2018You do your homework well my friend rock on
7/21/2018Great post on Illinois gun confiscation thread! Gyro Geargoose
7/20/2018Q Sent me
7/18/2018Reported Abusive Post
7/16/2018Best to you. LTHN.
7/16/2018Hi Loup Garou! Good to see you again (in the "Vagina Scream" thread) from Eggcellently Deplorable
7/15/2018Keep it up Loup! Sunday Green to you! Blessed Ev
7/14/2018"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" - James Keller
7/11/2018Hiya Loup ! ~ Flashbuzzkill
7/6/2018But the mayors, chiefs of police, etc. are soros owned.
7/4/2018Happy 4th!! Always appreciate your comments ~ Evangelina
7/4/2018Happy 4th. love Miss Cleo
7/4/2018Thanks, Loup Garou! God bless the USA! ...nutmeg...
7/4/2018I appreciate your detailed thoughtfulness, Fret Wiz
6/29/2018Best of health and clarity for you. LTHN.
6/24/2018Missed you on Q Lanci...er i mean the Pastor
6/24/2018Communist Rules meme ~ Love the Visual ~ Evangelina
6/24/2018Napolitano Trump quote ~ Green from Flashbk
6/24/2018Well done good posts keep it up bro and rock on...
6/24/2018History. love Miss Cleo
6/11/2018Green - Big Daddy D
6/10/2018I hope you're having a great weekend, Friend! ~SLC
6/8/2018"Dance to the music, pay the piper." Nine's
6/8/2018Great thoughts on the family thread. God bless you Loup....ChivalryKnigh​t
6/5/2018From Ralph--a house dog
5/29/2018I hope you have a great week! ~SLC
5/11/2018Thanks: PhewToo
5/6/2018Agreed - ElleMira
4/29/2018Always good posts!Hickory49
4/22/2018From Ralph--a house dog
4/22/2018"Q"uick green , thank you ~Luna~
4/22/2018Shame on you!
4/22/2018Ravens. love Miss Cleo
4/21/2018I, For One, Appreciate The Brutal Honesty That Is Donald Trump....
4/20/2018Payback green. Really hope some take your Q thread to heart.
4/20/2018Green for you is overdue! Hickory49
4/20/2018I think baited us is a better word then forced! I don't need no forcing! lanc...er JAG
4/12/2018Thanks for comment on bailer>>>MarPep
4/8/2018Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
4/8/2018For love ~ xo mona
4/7/2018Miss Englandstan GREEN from THE INQUISIDOR
4/6/2018I think you are due for some green from me, respect. LTHN.
4/5/2018Greenage from the gardener...La...you know the rest.
4/4/2018"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" - James Keller
4/4/2018Just ranting, spot on for just a rant.,,,,,DMJ
4/3/2018Actions have consequences... yup! I'm saving up my stupid karma to fix the "oops IP ban". I can't afford to pay for unimportant subscriptions
3/31/2018Bibi isn't the antichrist you damned idiot
3/31/2018Thanks for the link. This evil eye stuff is crazy wierd. Os76.
3/28/2018Anomalous Green for you friend! LTHN.
3/26/2018From Ralph--a house dog
3/25/2018Nice! - musashi777
3/17/2018Irish Eyes are Smiling ... BD6
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