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Loup Garou's Karma

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2/27/2015Good Thread
2/26/2015Green for having the guts to say the truth about Obamy! God bless you
2/24/2015For calling about sedition and treason.
2/23/2015Mountain Woman
2/18/2015Basically, you're a retard.
2/17/2015I guess this red karma for you was God's will...
2/17/2015Moses parted the Red Sea
2/13/2015Powerful pictures!! mudda fugga
2/12/2015The for Tha input! - truth
2/12/2015Still a sissy cupcake
2/11/2015Thanks for that -astral goat
2/8/2015I'll give you a free reading! You're fucking weirdo!
2/3/2015Cheers! ...wai
2/1/2015You appear to be a wise man. AlphaB
2/1/2015Green from Scrump
2/1/2015He useless flesh monkey and a complete Dick!
2/1/2015You are cleuless! - NAH!
2/1/2015Byrd, coordinates. TastyThoughts
2/1/2015Mountainman15 was here
1/30/2015Wanna take a ride? - tripleh
1/29/2015Thx for stepping up! ~NorM
1/28/2015Stupid nagger
1/6/2015Sleeps with fluffy animals
1/6/2015Pinball Wizard blesses you with his magical spell of financial abundance.
1/5/2015Hello Loup :) Love Angelseverywhere
12/29/2014Jessica's thread from Lionels Love
12/27/2014For placing the blame where it belongs-HollyWho
12/20/2014Green for you
12/16/2014Nazi fag
12/15/2014From c m ducks
12/15/2014For putting your heart out there. xo Sloane
12/10/2014Evil ape
12/9/2014IQ of a moldy potato
12/5/2014IQ of moldy potato
11/20/2014F**k Obama - Maximus Shillingus
11/20/2014Thomas Paine - Chrit
11/19/2014Do you still tinkle in the bed?
11/13/2014Good post--chibs
11/11/2014Thanks for contributing to my thread on Mo and Ashira, No Dhimmi
11/10/2014For you fullfaith
11/9/2014Green from nutmeg!
11/7/2014For keeping memory green
11/7/2014Thanks :) art bell -goat
11/4/2014You probably means 'condoms' in your signature not 'condems' - good advice, thanks :)
11/4/2014For your Ephesians 6-12 post...saved
11/4/2014Screws wtf
10/29/2014Thanks for commenting on my thread. ~Anticain
10/28/2014Awesome Post LG.... 4H
10/28/2014Green from Ag47
10/28/2014Well said
10/21/2014You never know!!!
10/17/2014Center for Disease CIRCULATION...great..​.grumpier
10/16/2014Scapegoatard. -frito
10/16/2014Thanks for your posts - cheyenne
10/16/2014Have a little lagniappe :) .... Nefarious Liberine
10/16/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
10/16/2014Right on! - G.O.B.
10/16/2014Obama should be charged with murder comment
10/16/2014Python. The Swede
10/12/2014Thanks for putting me straight. Vala :-)
10/11/2014This poster diddles himself with matchsticks, that's how small he is
10/5/2014Fire Them ALL! Ag47
10/3/2014Thanks for your time :) KnoWon
10/3/2014Cards! TastyThoughts
10/2/2014Great post on the sneezing and coughing thread! scottfree
9/30/2014Thanks for posting on the Ebola thread! ~ Let Freedom Ring
9/26/2014No correction, my friend. Your point stands as well. --Rantprone
9/26/2014Meet Appolo! AdHocBOHOICA
9/25/2014Voice of reason thread, thanks. JW
9/25/2014Dumbest fake most retarded video I have ever seen in my life
9/25/2014Loup, thanks for Apollos - Crazy H
9/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
9/25/2014You are a decent fellow, keep up the god work! Black Knight
9/23/2014You made my evening. Thank you:
9/22/2014Losing your groceris is not good lol! nahkers :)
9/19/2014May God bless you and keep you~WFTMission~
9/16/2014This poster diddles himself while humming Yankee Doodle Dandy
9/12/2014Intellectually disable with low IQ
9/11/2014Watch who you talk shit to, shill
9/9/2014Wrong person to use as an example
9/7/2014I like you....nutmeg....
9/7/2014Thanks! ~Catgirl
9/6/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
9/6/2014Yep. I spy. pool
9/5/2014Great post Loup! ~Instig8r
9/5/2014Ugliest Avatar ever. Makes me wanna puke.
9/5/2014Green from Drunk Uncle
9/5/2014Have a better day today and a GREAT weekens too -S'Killer
8/26/2014If I give you enough green will you change your avatar?
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