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12/12/2020God's blessings on you and yours - with love WhiteAngel
12/12/2020Well said. -Rev
12/10/2020May God bless you with discernment. Best, LTHN.
12/10/2020Incoming green, great posts about Pelosi KIR
12/10/2020Maga ~ a r k
12/7/2020MAGA! ~A Oakley
12/7/2020Patriot green. HOLD THE LINE. Des
12/7/2020Its truth
12/7/2020Nice Post in The Seraphin Thread... Kan Daek
12/7/2020Green from marooned
12/5/2020Very insightful and interesting.
12/4/2020Thank you
12/1/2020He sure did lol 🤣
11/29/2020Green from marooned
11/29/2020Cool user name story! Alpacalips
11/22/2020Green from darkness
11/22/2020News ~Moniker
11/22/2020Green from marooned
11/22/2020Hoping you're having a good wkend, sir! ....Zenobia ;-)
11/20/2020Eagle green ~ Where Eagles Dare
11/20/2020Have a great weekend and thanks for that super thread post. Sloane
11/20/2020Awesome post! -WalkingMiracle (LSDMTHC)
11/20/2020Thanks man. Newton.
11/14/2020Hey buddy! ~CosmicFire
11/14/2020Thank you :)
11/12/2020Green - Big Daddy D - Witch of November
11/12/2020Religious bullshit
11/11/2020Coastie patriot green share
11/9/2020Green from marooned
11/9/2020Good call ---dschis1000
11/9/2020Haha! Loved your Republican repair kit! With Love~ Triteia
11/9/2020Lets take out the corrupted demons with the power of God - Lord Revan
11/8/2020Good evening! chasity
11/8/2020This is why I come to GLP, good stuff
11/8/2020Green for you from fred1981
11/7/2020Emerald Glow 2.0 was here :-)
11/7/2020I got to start praying to Howard! Guess
11/7/2020Always the voice of true reason!!! --AkashicRecord
11/7/2020Storm Upon Us Green! ~ Pine Marten
11/7/2020ALWAYS great posts from the Loup....TBG
11/7/2020Chia passing through!
11/6/2020Nice! patriot
11/6/2020Friday green for you
11/4/2020Msm crap ~exlibris
11/4/2020Great point!
11/3/2020Loup Garou post is epeople excellent & really highlights the dire spirit of those in this case Americans facing the line is drawn all is at stake its do or die let us be in gods good hands.
11/2/2020For freedom...covicculus
11/2/2020Always love your posts. Well, almost always. :) Hugs from Pooka
11/2/2020Q team
11/2/2020WGON was here... :-)
11/1/2020Great pumpkin! love 99
10/30/2020Hello- From. Etta
10/30/2020Fair enough
10/30/2020Helping to get my entry into the contest!
10/30/2020Well said
10/29/2020Ic mag er yo~moot
10/29/2020Dont be Spooky Wax Your . . . haha! Sloane
10/29/2020Trey was here
10/28/2020Torchie enjoys porcupines from a distance! Torchie trots home
10/28/2020Strap in and buckle up! Penny Peppers
10/27/2020Dace wuzz heer agin
10/27/2020AFK Green - Lord Revan
10/27/2020Happy Halloween - WhiteAngel
10/27/2020Back the blue.splinterhead
10/27/2020Thanks for the greeny. Garufal
10/25/2020Amazing insight, thank you Loup Garou for your wisdom, and reply. - Z
10/25/2020Isaiah 5:20, it has been the world we've been in for years now. Blowback will be ours to cherish, His to afform. We will overcome!
10/21/2020Trey was here
10/21/2020Green from marooned
10/21/2020Right on...batman
10/21/2020Greens for your Halloween Avatar! Super! TheOracle'sCookie
10/20/2020May I please have a piece of the pumpkin cheesecake! Sloane
10/19/2020Support of police.splinterhead
10/19/2020Happy Pumpkin time! T. Noticer
10/19/2020Your pumpkin is awesome...can
10/19/2020Smart Poster Thank you for your expertise - Magnus
10/19/2020Scamdemic Plague Dr. Green. Love it!!! : ) NOLAangel
10/19/2020Torchie hay
10/18/2020No pumpkin contest is worth a dime without you.... also, over the years I have seen you post truths and hold your ground against push-back minded alpha posters. very nice!
10/18/2020Have a green on me <3 OM
10/17/2020Cheers from CK
10/17/2020There must be a vision. pool
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