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12/7/2013Stay warm! MX
12/6/2013Stay Warm! .... RainTara
12/3/2013Good green for you. Sloane
12/2/2013Cheers - /SV/
12/2/2013Glad your kitty is better! :) eekers
12/2/2013Hugs, stay warm!! ~Tangy :)
12/1/2013Thanks for the green and the add :) em18966
12/1/2013From green_girl
11/30/2013Thanks for the encouragement.... cp
11/30/2013Pink Floyd :) tampaheather
11/29/2013You the man BigD...4H
11/27/2013Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Krystal
11/27/2013Good to see you growing ~Paradigm
11/24/2013Great post in the "Dear Israel" Thread! *Haarp Lady
11/24/2013Amen..We are making a pact with the Devil.
11/24/2013Because you ranch and farm
11/24/2013Thanks! Simple27 : )
11/23/2013<3 and green from ap girl !
11/21/2013Green party. Ms. Supdup
11/20/2013Sol Neman
11/20/2013Irish rule.. 4thhorseman
11/20/2013Meow!! LOL xo eekers
11/19/2013I didn't see thered, sorry bud! ExploringTheTruth
11/19/2013You are awesome! -RML
11/18/2013Just for being a sweety ! az
11/18/2013Thank you for being my friend....byfaithalon​e
11/17/2013Thanks for supporting the EQ thread! ~ S27 : )
11/17/2013Quakegreen M1
11/16/2013To a friend...Krystal
11/12/2013Completely humbled!
11/11/2013Greetings and karma from ANHEDONIC
11/11/2013Oh_yikes. :-)
11/8/2013Ditto my friend!! Simple27 : )
11/6/2013Thank you for the upgrade. It was so thoughtful. God bless !
11/6/2013Green for you my friend..byfaithalone
11/4/2013Here' a little green for you :-) -Waterlily
11/3/2013For Irish music! :) new&improved
11/2/2013Thanks for your input on the eq thread. :) -ladyannie
11/2/2013Drink Up my friend.. 4H...
11/2/2013Not funny
11/2/2013Brief :)
11/2/2013Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2013Thank you -cowgirlk
10/28/2013Fromg reen_girl ~ for having fun on the diary thread
10/28/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
10/28/2013Simple27 : )
10/19/2013Karma for having a big heart <3
10/3/2013Heiiidiiiihoooooohhh --eekers :)
10/2/2013May GOD Bless you today and always! Susie..:)
9/30/2013Racoons??? Oh no!!!! RACOONS!!!! lol :D KarinZa
9/28/2013Didn't get your friend request. Just letting you know.
9/11/2013Thanks. Nde's are one of my interests...sweetnsou​r
9/10/2013The Comdeians Lover
9/10/2013BigD in the house! --eekers
9/3/2013Peace to you...sweetnsour
9/3/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
9/2/2013Bad boy
9/1/2013Wolverine! - Comedian
9/1/2013Use it or lose it BigD!! LOL --eekers :)
8/31/2013Thanks for contributing -Steamrolled
8/23/2013Nice avatar friend ~theTruthMonger
8/18/2013Apologies , misunderstood , here is green for red, gather hope
8/12/2013Thanks for the response :-)
8/8/2013Perpetrating falseness
8/6/2013Thanks for the well-wishes! ~Tandym
7/13/2013Hi im ephraim
6/23/2013Sir Griffo
6/19/2013Love Jericho
6/19/2013God bless you my brother - lisa :)
6/13/2013Driving grandpa home! -nah
5/15/2013For the memories! ibyte on 2
5/12/2013Genuinely nice guy
5/9/2013Thanks for your input!
4/28/2013Love :)
4/24/2013Thanks for your post{waterman}
4/21/2013I like what im hearing from you. :p
4/11/2013There is no you either. You are the rezult of somebody else's dream and when He wakes up, you'll vanish into thin air for good
5/6/2012For your great comment "let's start by giving up Washington D.C. ...."
4/27/2012From ~iNTuiTioN~
3/28/2012Green sir- dragunov_1977
2/11/2012Good luck with your mother's situation!
12/19/2011Thanks for the Kislev 24 post. Will read Haggai. God bless you! <3
12/19/2011Thx for important imformation
11/29/2011For your 'wakey wakey' comment on the dream thread today...
11/19/2011Your post about a pound of beef +100 - chrit
11/18/2011Thank you! At least one person read it lol -SwampRatLost
11/13/2011Ex post
11/13/2011Simply Incredible
11/13/2011Great post on 1:11 Thanks;) Lisa1962
11/13/2011Great 1:11 post....blueicajun
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