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1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/22/2021Brief! -Anubis
1/22/2021Friday green - Half past Midnight
1/22/2021Each cave has a different feel, a different frequency that can be felt...
1/22/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/21/2021Cheers, jj johns
1/21/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/21/2021Queef loves to suck Biden’s duck while Kamala rides his ass with a strap on. I have the pictures. Sick fuck!
1/19/2021M r e)
1/18/2021Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/18/2021Lol your piped in channels joke! So silly but funny. <3 Fossy
1/17/2021Elephant green
1/17/2021So your plan is to sit in the backseat and try to steer with your ass...LMFAO President-Elect Yo Adrian
1/17/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/16/2021Saturday greens! chasity
1/15/2021Green - Half Past Midnight
1/14/2021Anticipation green! - musashi777
1/13/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/12/2021Because I haven't seen you i a while
1/11/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/11/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/11/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/10/2021Relativity its time!!
1/10/2021Because you are you. was mommacoop now Grammycoop
1/10/2021From MR E
1/9/2021Cheers, jj johns
1/9/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/9/2021From humbird
1/8/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/7/2021January green - Half Past Midnight
1/7/2021Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/7/2021I never forgive and I never forget
1/5/2021Good health and prosperity to you and your family in 2021. LTHN.
1/5/2021Sexist pig threatening women
1/5/2021C word is never ok
1/5/2021Thank you !!! Anonymous Buoy (aka-Covid19)
1/4/2021Happy New Year! ....nutmeg....
1/3/2021Re: My Used Electric Car Search - deplorale quantum love
1/3/2021Have a wonderful new year! chasity
1/2/2021Spoiled rich kid. Born with the silver spoon. Never had it bad in your life.
1/2/2021I enjoy your perspectives on BLM
1/2/2021Happy new year!! - musashi777
1/1/2021Get that emergency fund up to 180 months! Truth B Known
1/1/2021FFS you contradict yourself a lot!
12/31/2020Work for food, perhaps land, with no rights to homestead - this is slavery. Pompous bastard
12/31/2020Happy new year to GLP's Biggest asshole!! -Relativity : )
12/31/2020Here's to 2021 - Half Past Midnight
12/31/2020May the Lord God humble you for all to see.
12/31/2020Mean spirited
12/30/2020Because you are you- mommacoop
12/29/2020Sorry for the negative comments I left in 2017. you didnt deserve them. I think I misunderstood your jokes. propain
12/29/2020Weekly buddy green (M R E)
12/29/2020For truth
12/27/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2020Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! KipKat :)
12/26/2020Happy holidays :D T-man
12/26/2020Merry christmas green. cheers, jj johns
12/25/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/24/2020You are still the worst.Arrogant ,pompous ,stop talking shit you imbecile
12/24/2020Elephant green
12/23/2020Half Past Midnight
12/23/2020Merry Christmas, Brief- Etta
12/23/2020Doctors are worked to death
12/22/2020Merry xmas - musashi777
12/22/2020Merry Christmas - curry nosher :-)
12/22/2020Merry Christmas from 03
12/21/2020Have a Blessed Christmas ! From Tiger1.
12/21/2020Buddy green, stay well positioned going in to the new Year! (M R E)
12/20/2020Animal worship is a sin...If you celebrate the murder of a human, you are evil.
12/20/2020I absolutely loathe you. You are a disgusting and disgraceful person.
12/19/2020Not coherent with america
12/19/2020Disgusting comment about dead little boy
12/18/2020Green from Christbeliever
12/17/2020Merry Xmas Green for you -supporter
12/17/2020Happy holidays!! T-man
12/17/2020Cheers, jj johns
12/17/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/15/2020December green- Half Past Midnight
12/12/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/10/2020Weekly green from M R E
12/10/2020Merry Christmas, Brief! :) ~SLC
12/10/2020Green from Christbeliever
12/7/2020Cheers, jj johns
12/7/2020Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
12/7/2020Half Past Midnight
12/6/2020No one cares
12/6/2020Agree wholeheartedly
12/6/2020From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
12/4/2020Curry nosher green :-)
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