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BRIEF's Karma

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7/15/2019It’s date night for Queef. He’s all stocked up on ether, rope, and a rag. He even lubed up his butthole for good measure. It’s gonna be a wild
7/14/2019Me too was deep state fake, this is a real pedo
7/14/2019Queef is passed out drunk on midget jizz in the glory hole at bottom;s up. His reatdred spawn will have to call him an uber and hose the cum of his face when he stumbles through the door. SICK FUCK!
7/12/2019Good karma from Bluebird
7/10/2019Keep up the good work-The Gent
7/9/2019Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
7/8/2019Little Suzie....OMG! You're bad. ....nutmeg....
7/8/2019Mr. Brief! - musashi777
7/8/2019Chasity :)
7/7/2019Queef shoved a bunch of sparklers up his butthole for the 4th of July and sang Baby You're a Firework while he jerked it in a parade. how patriotic of him.
7/6/2019Et sf
7/6/2019QUEEF went to SGNT Ballzacks BBQ, he stuck 2 raw Hotdogs in his mouth and inserted a lit sparkler up his ass. The boys used him for BUKKAKE! Ran hard and put away wet! Sick Fuck!
7/4/2019Dow squished post was specifically for you hahah glad you saw
7/4/2019Green :-). GenX Dude
7/3/2019Porch Monkey! LMFAO~ Cheops
7/2/2019"What a foul-mouthed FUCKING bitch..." way to discount the often difficult-to-express anger that many childhood rape victims experience.
7/2/2019Kids eat dinner thread...IRQ_1
7/2/2019Reported Abusive Post
7/1/2019Green for good advice - Callin
7/1/2019Lmfao. Good shit as always. Monday greenade headed yer way brother! - EyeSeeAll
7/1/2019Best regards my friend-The Gent
6/30/2019Sunday green from eekers
6/29/2019Brief with tards in tow made it to the Zoo. They went to the Turtle exhibit where his boys threw rocks at them. Finally a shell cracked and they all yelled SQUSH!! Sick Fucks!
6/28/2019Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
6/27/2019Shut your flapjack brain you dill smoking hillbilly
6/24/2019For your sense of humour, few have it. :) enjoy your day, sacred energy
6/23/2019It’s date night for Queef. He’s all stocked up on ether, rope, and a rag. He even lubed up his butthole for good measure. It’s gonna be a wild
6/23/2019Love all your posts, you’re a good one. <3 Fossy
6/22/2019Reported Abusive Post
6/22/2019Reported Abusive Post
6/22/2019Saturday green headed yer way :)- EyeSeeAll
6/21/2019Queef gathered his retarded brood and headed to the zoo to torment animals. On the way hey saw a horrific accident and they laughed at all the squished people. Queef's nub got hard. SICK FUCK!
6/19/2019How many sandwiches do you want? <3 LittleMe
6/19/2019I'm deploying and Iron Man suit to your location.
6/19/2019Reported Abusive Post
6/19/2019Love ya GFG
6/19/2019Your posts are trash. How do you completely derail a thread two replies in?
6/17/2019For the one and only... From Tiger1.
6/16/2019Sunday green from eekers
6/15/2019Yo! ~Monzsta
6/15/2019Green - musashi777
6/14/2019Queef is going clubbing this weekend. No not the disco, he has kittens duct tape to his floor and he is going to smash their heads in with a tree branch! Sick fuck!
6/14/2019<She's right ya know! ~ Cartel
6/13/2019BRIEF is fucking awesome ~ LittleMissDictator :D
6/13/2019Flickin a greenie your way, jt210
6/12/2019You're a honeybadger dude ahahaha. Good shit. -EyeSeeAll
6/11/2019I lost it reading that last queef karma comment, whoever that is truly has a talent for hate. - Z
6/11/2019Cheers The Gent
6/10/2019Relativity : )
6/8/2019Lol you're rediculous Brief, but i respect ya - Master of Nothing
6/7/2019Stick it to em Brief! - musashi777
6/7/2019Reported Abusive Post
6/7/2019Queef picked up a hooker but she laughed at his tiny pecker so he waffled stomped her brains down his shower drain and buried the rest in a shallow grave. Sick Fuck!
6/6/2019Hi from Bluebird
6/5/2019For the one and only... From Tiger1.
6/5/2019Hi Brief. I love your comment about Scotty and Captain Kirk. Made me laugh! Hugs from I Love Panda Bears!
6/5/2019Queef took a part time gig cooking the books at the local cop shop. the only payment he wanted was getting blasted with cum in the face every other Friday. what a humanitarian.
6/3/2019Keep Pimpin'~jt6
6/3/2019Lol! Love Goddess
6/2/2019Awesome- we share views in common. From Far Away.
6/2/2019For pissing of the blueberry avatar in the Ebola thread. Wish I could give you more.
6/1/2019This idiot is a troll. Obvious
6/1/2019Reported Abusive Post
6/1/2019I normally consider you a troll. LOVE the nuked Iran gif! Hiram's Apperntice
5/31/2019Brief, I know you like to irritate everyone, but I find you amusing and couple of times you have shown your softer side. You don't kick dogs you old softy! Cheers!
5/30/2019Everytime your name pops up on a thread I am compelled to send some. Dog kicker.
5/30/2019BRIEF's red karma always makes me laugh, whoevers been doing it, obviously hasn't heard about the damage an erection can cause after 4 hrs. Much less, 4 yrs
5/29/2019Youre the "nagger"
5/29/2019Queef bought his retarded kids a new puppy, when they got it home they all took turns kicking it in the balls! Then he let his youngest child strangle it to death!! SICK FUCKS!
5/29/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2019Cheers! eekers
5/27/2019Good point on the markets. As soon as China signs a deal (and they will) its on!! ~red pilled
5/27/2019Sunday green, God Bless ~ Cartel
5/25/2019Have a great holiday ! From Tiger1.
5/25/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/25/2019Shut up stain boy
5/25/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/25/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/25/2019BBQ Boy was here
5/25/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/24/2019Somewhat Old Moldy GREEN KARMA from THE AMERICAN INQUISITOR
5/21/2019GREEN -Relativity ; )
5/20/2019Queef made puppy brain stew, after he ate it he pooped it out on news paper and then ate it again! SICK FUCK!
5/19/2019You're too funny! ....nutmeg....
5/19/2019Queef likes to shit in the shower and waffle stomp his turds down the drain. when he's feeling extremely posh, he lets them float in the bubble bath like a rubber duckie. sick bastard.
5/19/2019Really nice job kicking that wheezing mutt the other day, I almost laughed when its intestine popped out
5/19/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/17/2019White trash prob. from ohio indiana ill.?? kentucky??
5/16/2019Hope you're well, Brief! ~SLC : )
5/15/2019For the one and only... From Tiger1.
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