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Judethz's Karma

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9/6/2013Wants to slice up men's sexual parts. wtf is wrong with you?
9/5/2013You still here?
9/5/2013Selfish old man, who shoud know better
9/3/2013You and doorbert are gross.
9/2/2013Stfu JEWdeth
8/29/2013Be cursed and be gone. Die, you abomination.
8/23/2013Reported Copyright Violation
8/20/2013Judethz is right! well said
8/16/2013Because screw israel.
8/14/2013For the piggy! - BHD
8/14/2013Thanks for bump boquet in thread about murder of Egyptian girl. beeches
8/11/2013Mentaly ill jew
8/8/2013Thanks friend gatherhope
8/5/2013Hello Matthew, you sound like you're a fucking idiot....
8/3/2013Hitler was right
8/2/2013Money hungry zionist
7/28/2013Hateful wench
7/24/2013For the beautiful picture of Mt. Fuji! Thank you!....nutmeg...
7/23/2013For standing with judaism and its infallable marrage to christianty may we all stand in the glory of God and be united for eternity...byfaithalo​ne
7/23/20131 for your stupid little "innocent" avatar and smilies. GTFO of here with that shit and fuck Israel! <3
7/22/2013Isreal Wants Their Shekels Back, You Fail at Psyops -- Too Lazy to Upload Any New Asian Paedo Porn, Just Lame Name Calling -- Send Your Shill Earnings Back, Failure
7/18/2013Think before you type
7/17/2013Zionists go to hell.
7/17/2013Former CP trader until getting erectile and ejaculatory issues, former sub bottom until losing libido after castration at the suggestion of it's dom master, now a psychotic transsexual.
7/17/2013Paedophile hateful nasty ass pervert failed psyops 101 and relies upon chick tracts and girlie gifs to zioshill -- not worth the shill money israel is paying him, her, or them
7/13/2013For calling people who aren't shilling shills
7/12/2013After I'm going to pump my superior cum deep in your confused zionazi cunt, you'll never look at a circumcised kosher wimpy excuse of a dick ever again.
7/11/2013Just cause its the thing to do on glp
7/9/2013Awesome job
7/7/2013The ass raping sterilization of Judethz
7/3/2013Cheap ass jew licker pussy drown yourself bitch
7/3/2013Paedophile hateful nasty ass pervert failed psyops 101 and relies upon chick tracts and girlie gifs to zioshill -- not worth the shill money israel is paying him, her, or them
7/3/2013Why are you such a horrible person??? your going to hell!!!!
7/2/2013Waht, no chick tract involving a fifth of whiskey?
7/2/2013U deserve it & look nothing like ur avatar dumb hater
7/1/2013Looks like you need some red
7/1/2013Im disgusted that I have to share this island with you, you horrid bitch
6/30/2013Come on
6/30/2013Looks like you need some green.
6/29/2013Because you deserve an additional down for all the ups. >:( Nostradamus
6/28/2013Greetings from Prakil.
6/27/2013Fuck you
6/27/2013Because you need an up for all the downs. :) Sybaelle
6/27/2013Filthy jew
6/24/2013You're an ass
6/23/2013Feminazi Zionist Antichrist & Jew Shill extrodinaire
6/23/2013Failed at Psyops 101
6/22/2013Ur brain screams to get out of ur skull
6/17/2013Hey Jew, in your Synagogue preaching hatred for the Gentile, remember, we know what you're up to you Jew. Zionism is Communism, there's no denial.
6/17/2013For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
6/17/2013Hey jude
6/16/2013Weekly red for a Jewshill.
6/16/2013Suck muzzie cock you blind whore
6/13/2013Karma RoLL ....C..C hey
6/13/2013The bitch from :idf7: will be DPed by Abdul and Hussein and suck Omar's dick.
6/12/2013For being a Jew :-)
6/11/2013This is a joke, right? Chick tract links? Why a turtle on a skateboard and no Asian no paedo porn, or that lady with a guy's severed head on a platter like usual?
6/10/2013Don't you have a bus to catch with a one-way ticket to hell? Don't postpone the trip, the heat wave will only get worse.
6/10/2013You should stop and re-evaluate yourself unless you enjoy the prospect of the lord of darkness fucking you with his 69cm dick and ejaculating liquid fire in your guts.
6/9/2013I refuse to bump your thread just to tell you that you are a piece of human garbage. Go fuck yourself, okay?
6/9/2013I'm gonna visit your wailing wall and piss all over it...
6/5/2013Nice vid green karma for you , thanks scribbler !
6/5/2013Exact change please!
6/4/2013Fuck your stupid girls in all of your stupid posts
6/4/2013DoorBert sucks
6/2/2013Reported Copyright Violation
6/2/2013Jews = Scum
6/2/2013Israel made up that book. May you awaken b4 you pass.
6/2/2013Evil Jewess - Ketchup.
6/2/2013Are you Christian or Jew, you scummy paedophile? If Christian, who are you to determine if a Jewish conversion was valid? go back to your underage Asain girl porn, scumbucket
5/31/2013You don't understand scripture. Ruth was an Israelite from land previously occupied Moabites. Her "gods" were judges.
5/31/2013Reported Copyright Violation
5/30/2013Dang, you are just horrible
5/30/2013All the animosity toward you is wholly unjust! Rock on!
5/29/2013You must be a paid disinformation whore, you cannot possibly be real , I hope you are paid well, you are a riot
5/29/2013Red for you and your stupid pics everywhere
5/29/2013Judgemental bitch
5/28/2013Just die already
5/28/2013Have a nice day! - Knowbody Special
5/27/2013You are one sick fuck.
5/27/2013You are such a fucking douche
5/27/2013Weekly red for an Israel shill.
5/24/2013I like your posts! - Indysmindy
5/22/2013Nuke Israel :)
5/22/2013Blow me
5/22/2013Sexually frustrated since jews have tiny cut dicks with erectile dysfunctions (obviously aggravated when dealing with ugly skanks).
5/22/2013Put a sock in it or a cock in it
5/21/2013Just because (Tony_Stark) God Bless
5/21/2013Reported Copyright Violation
5/21/2013For the Israeli army chicks!-Frank
5/21/2013Israel has numbered days
5/21/2013Dirty Scouse Kike
5/21/2013Ugly jew
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