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Judethz's Karma

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11/5/2012Because you need karma points..lol
11/3/2012I bet you smell terrible
11/3/2012Fuck israel!!!
11/2/2012Because I Love ur signature! WE MUST LOVE & SUPPORT ISRAEL! She is after all GOD's TIMETABLE!!!!
10/30/2012For posting on my thread... person445
10/30/2012Softcore psyops part-time christian, part-time jewish shill without a soul, you are nothing but evil
10/29/2012You're an idiot
10/28/2012Mil man wink
10/27/2012Take your stupid pictures and stuff them up your sandy vag you dick shaped wonder
10/27/2012Hang in there kiddo. Jesus said you would be despised.
10/26/2012I hadn't seen that one. Thx for the msg-dschis
10/25/2012Karmalove from samanthasunflower
10/24/2012Well, at least you can't do that again 'til next week.
10/24/2012It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt !!
10/23/2012Fucking pedo you israhell will be wiped OFOE
10/23/2012Your god is a cocksucker, just like his minions
10/20/2012Swamp sump
10/19/2012For your excellant posts ! From Tiger1.
10/18/2012Gut·ter·snipe (gtr-snp) n. 1. A street urchin. 2. A person of the lowest class.
10/18/2012Gtfo out the creepy pedo porn
10/17/2012I don't hate the jewish people, i've met some and i had great fun, the politics and TPTB is the problem! Stop quoting me plz, i don't for months now, thnx! -insertfunnyusername
10/15/2012Plain stupid
10/15/2012Bgecause i can :)
10/14/2012Hitler was right
10/14/2012Man shill
10/14/2012Crazy Psycho
10/13/2012<3 you, Judethz :) Great post on the idiot blaming the Jews for everything thread. - Eireann~
10/12/2012Ignorant chemtard
10/12/2012Indeed, lets stick with what the bible says ;)
10/12/2012Unreal...I have yet seen you ever in the GREEN....so have one on me! ;-)
10/10/2012Don't agree with you, but feel you have good heart
10/9/2012Hi Judeth! Thank you for staying strong in your beliefs even when others are mocking you. Saw your post on the "preacher" thread. hey, it's October - - - - SURPRISE!!!! from Eggcell
10/8/2012Hey jew freak
10/6/2012I like your posts - Saratonin
10/6/2012I just love an attractive woman with an M4...when Yahweh's forces kick ass in the Valley of Megiddo they'll all understand...Brianles​s Moran
10/5/2012For posting
10/5/2012Goddam I hate those stupid fucking pictures...
10/5/2012Thank you for the bump on my muslim mafia post. No Dhimmi
10/2/2012Zio-perv agent!
10/1/2012Stop your chick linking BS
9/29/2012I want to thank you for putting a stupid little cartoon at the start of every post you make,i know its you straight away and can just scroll right by thereby avoiding the absolute shite that comes out
9/29/2012Hang in there. You do have fans
9/29/2012Great post on Reagan and school meals ~ digitalgoodtime
9/28/2012No one should have such bad Karma--cheer up! They just don't get you.
9/26/2012Good come back!
9/26/2012Fucking Jew Shill
9/25/2012Nice posts!! Joker
9/25/2012You deserve that because you're braindead...
9/25/2012Perv zionist!
9/24/2012Ur so cute
9/24/2012Have some RED
9/24/2012Reported Copyright Violation
9/22/2012Fuck off bitch
9/18/2012Israel support. Mil man
9/18/2012Perv who likes to post pics of young asian women while professing to be a good Christian.
9/18/2012You are deluded about palestinian history, and, a master of spreading lies. sad for your soul.
9/17/2012Man freak
9/16/2012Sick guy posing like a girl!
9/15/2012I'm jesus and i don't like you
9/15/2012No thank you
9/15/2012For Israel ! - subzero86
9/15/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/14/2012Kinda shilly in here chosen one.
9/14/2012Offset some of your red karma - Kirk
9/13/2012You really drove your point home for a change...i never really see much thought come out of you. mostly ignorance and misinterpretation
9/13/2012I want to thank you for putting a stupid little cartoon at the start of every post you make,i know its you straight away and can just scroll right by thereby avoiding the absolute shite that comes out
9/11/2012Need more green. Mil man
9/11/2012Stick a huge arabs 12 cock down your whore mouth till you cant breath
9/11/2012So which one are you today - jewish or chirstian? you fail at what you attempt, we see through you
9/10/2012Don't talk about a Place you don't know, we have daily more than 1.200 Reports from F'Shima. Greetings from Japan
9/9/2012Poos to you
9/9/2012The Visitors
9/8/2012The Visitors
9/7/2012Fear of the Lord post...nice one {waterman}
9/7/2012Crazy lobotomate
9/7/2012Tomato smiles from Lady Jane Smith
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