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Judethz's Karma

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7/16/2012The chosen
7/16/2012Are you fucked in the head?? what makes you think God gave that land? where is God you piece of shit
7/14/2012Rooted in Ignorance
7/13/2012Zionism obsession.
7/9/2012Good comment. You need some green.
7/6/2012For your middle east thread. From Tiger1.
7/5/2012We all know what your agenda is..so enjoy this one from me you bigot
7/4/2012Israel is the enemy
7/3/2012Keep us updated Judethz...*from CrissCross
7/3/2012Dumb as a brick
7/3/2012Stfu Braindead
7/3/2012Go fuck yourself you hideous skank
7/3/2012Zionist biatchh
7/3/2012You Are gut·ter·snipe (gtr-snp) n. 1. A street urchin. 2. A person of the lowest class. Sick
7/3/2012Cause you deserve it
7/3/2012Right on!
7/3/2012Great shark pic..omar
7/3/2012Old man sicko
7/2/2012Jesus Loves You.... tw
7/1/2012Enjoy Your 12 Shekels, Zioshill
7/1/2012Hope you are having a wonderful day. Heidr :)
6/30/2012Chi rho
6/30/2012Lousy attitude.
6/29/2012The earth is not 6000 years old.
6/28/2012Der Juden
6/24/2012Der Juden!!!!
6/23/2012I backed you up on the Vegan thread. Ren Woman.
6/22/2012Thank you for the prayer for paisley!
6/21/2012Just a drive by to say Hi! ... *from CrissCross
6/21/2012One of the few members who is not clueless
6/21/2012Did you ever decide if you are jewish or christian, you seem to go back and forth according to agenda
6/20/2012I agree with the negative comment below - you are annoying jewish
6/20/2012Irrelevant pics before every post. The definition of annoying.
6/19/2012Good person! EleKtroN
6/19/2012Thanks for bump. WeAreOne.
6/18/2012Urghs, paid jewish earnes 12 cents
6/17/2012Because -Nem
6/15/2012Are you a Redhead/Ginger too? from Eggcellent
6/12/2012Chick with a dick
6/11/2012Just because.
6/10/2012Anti semite
6/9/2012For u
6/6/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/5/2012Thank you for sending me the information about the "Judith" painting. from Eggcellent
6/5/2012Some good karma for you : From RT
5/27/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
5/23/2012Chick chick
5/22/2012Great comeback to that douche
5/21/2012Giving out some green! snarky 74
5/20/2012I hope Israel kicks Iran's muzzie ass !
5/16/2012IGNORE list for you RELIGATURD
5/15/2012For elephant whisper video, thank you
5/12/2012No, your zionist pedo fantasy is not eternal
5/9/2012Calling out homosexuality... snarky74
5/7/2012Zionist shill
5/7/2012Very nice pic "Technazi"
5/6/2012Deluded moran
5/6/2012God Bless You.... tw
5/6/2012Nice pic judethz thx , weasel
5/5/2012Stop judging others as you hide behind your little hoochie mama avatar. So full of hypocrisy.
5/4/2012Truth! good for you.
5/3/2012For posting the truth. From Tiger1.
5/3/2012Fucking religitard you are cancer
5/3/2012The first one to push the button
5/3/2012Pro-Jewish poster.
5/1/2012Da fuq id wong wid u?
4/30/2012Plus 1
4/26/2012The undesputable most ignorant piece of shit on GLP. Love, Micha
4/22/2012As always
4/22/2012It's your problem pal
4/22/2012Karna 4 you , 12.21.12
4/21/2012Authoritative answer to all the khazar crap -- swinburnian
4/21/2012Israel ftw
4/20/2012Really you sound like some 9 year old kid
4/20/2012All adore the WAFER GOD! LOL - Charlie the Choo-Choo
4/19/2012You shouldn't be in the red :( Brief :)
4/17/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/17/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/13/2012Really negative Vibrations coming from you. Kinda creepy
4/12/2012Because she is not a snitch. And you can TRUST HER
4/12/2012Wow the Catholic tards and Israel haters and New Age idiots really can't handle the truth you tell!
4/10/2012You are a total whore. Happy Karma
4/10/2012Not a fan of your transgender or homo position.
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