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Judethz's Karma

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9/5/2012Jew scum
9/5/2012Do they EVER shut up on your planet?
9/5/2012You are the sweat of a reptilian's pubic hair
9/4/2012For your support of Israel ! - subzero86
9/3/2012Good thread. Mil man
9/2/2012Love & Blessings! <3 BDE
9/2/2012Israel's Whore/....Babylonian Whore
9/2/2012Bugged out
9/1/2012You make me hate Israel
9/1/2012I_AM_AN_ILLITERATE_RA​CIST BITCH PEDOPHILE! Always posting pics of little girls!
9/1/2012So clumsy a psyoperative that you make glpers hate 'the chosen' . You suck zioshill
9/1/2012May the Lord God judge us all. And YOU are one of those judged.
9/1/2012Can you please stop uploading nonsense picures and pasting them on threads? plez?
9/1/2012Much Love Judethz, it's s lot to bear :)
9/1/2012You again. can't you please please just fuck off. and take your stupid pictures with you.
9/1/2012You have it coming
9/1/2012Thank you for article.
9/1/2012Dude, you're annoying as shit with your stupid picture and idiotic comments.
9/1/2012Dude, you're annoying as shit with your stupid picture and idiotic comments.
9/1/2012Dude, you're annoying as shit with your stupid picture and idiotic comments.
9/1/2012Great post on US/Isreal...Oblabla's​ Muslim streak is willing to let Israel fall...will Yahweh surprise him! Ego Sum Nex (BTW- If that's a pic of you, you're gorgeous!)
9/1/2012Wish I could give you 20 greens to make up for all the bigots here - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
9/1/2012Yeah you're brainwashed
9/1/2012For posting the When we Were Home Video, thanks.
9/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/1/2012Just shut up, FFS
9/1/2012Because I am NOT your enemy no matter what you think - Demode
8/31/2012So reality you are an old pedo Jooo man posing as a girl? Gross!
8/31/2012You are a fat sweaty 50 year old man who drives a truck
8/31/2012Plain stupid, get new pics
8/30/2012Eat my Asshole Out ...
8/30/2012For all the haters
8/29/2012Racist satanist!
8/29/2012Jew whore
8/29/2012Because I've heard that you are a pretend female and you do not defend yourself - Abe
8/28/2012For being inconsequential
8/27/2012Your karma's always make me laugh. :}
8/26/2012IDF rules ! :) - subzero86
8/24/2012Thanks for the well wishes:) Isis7
8/24/2012Synagogue of Satan
8/23/2012Attempted psyops so clumsy you drive people to hate 'the chosen'
8/23/2012Fuck you and fuck israel you racist bitch
8/23/2012Insane, irrational and inhuman.
8/23/2012Racist Zionist Thug.
8/22/2012You needed some green karma and I thought this was funny- I shouldn't think that there would be anyone around to collect it afterwards.
8/22/2012Zionist cunt die!
8/22/2012Stupidity at its greatest...
8/22/2012Love Jericho
8/21/2012Be quiet, you.
8/18/2012Thx for input on my CERN post....+1 from crazybud
8/18/2012May some dead guy puke on you. NOW.
8/18/2012Heartless and karma will get you one day!
8/17/2012You're just wrong
8/17/2012Reported Copyright Violation
8/17/2012Fuck off I_AM_AN_ILLITERATE_RA​CIST bitch now go suck your daddy's dick.
8/16/2012To cheer you up === Quasar
8/16/2012Always nice to see a positive view
8/15/2012Ya need green..THE INQUISADOR
8/14/2012Zionist satanic POS! We don't give a fuck about Israel, i hope you get nuked!
8/13/2012Fuck off religitard
8/12/2012Synagogue of Satan
8/12/2012Best of everything
8/12/2012Because you are you. - momma coop
8/12/2012Jesus loves you! - Lisa :)
8/12/2012Fuck you bitch
8/12/2012Just because i can
8/11/2012You are good
8/10/2012Decieved by a book written by man. Jesus never spoke of "hell"
8/10/2012If you're so religious and so much more righteous than everyone else, why does your avatar dress like a 13-year-old street walker?
8/9/2012Evil and racist
8/9/2012Your psyops attempts with the lowgrade juvenile semiporn are so cartoonish you must be inciting antisemitism on purpose
8/9/2012What a sad, dumb fucker you are. good luck getting through life with shit for brains, I can see all the good it's done you thus far
8/9/2012Ridiculous avatars on every post for no reason
8/8/2012Stupid childish avatar, you are on the wrong website GTFO
8/8/2012Damn, I see you're still an idiot
8/8/2012Some green to offset the red.... Imajicatus
8/6/2012Bad karma
8/6/2012Seek Jesus always
8/6/2012Zionist/racist. Actually believes jewish people are the super race. Disgusting.
8/6/2012Your Karma is hilarious! xD
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