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Judethz's Karma

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3/4/2012For trying to justify circumcision for non medical reasons
3/4/2012Sick fucken zionist bitch
2/29/2012Youre freaky weird
2/28/2012Gonviral karma for an hottie
2/28/2012You can kiss that skanks ass.
2/26/2012Spammer take your zioshill shit elsewhere
2/24/2012Shut the fuck up fucker
2/23/2012Purim 2012 thread! Screw the anti semites.
2/23/2012You deserve it.
2/23/2012Why Are You Frontin Like You Are Some Hot Chick. Silly And Useless
2/22/2012Keep your stupid tooth fairy beliefs to yourself and stop spreading it around.
2/22/20121 from DoorBert
2/21/2012Nice comments.
2/16/2012Iran's cruising for a bruising
2/16/2012Warmongering whore. get an education.
2/10/2012Avatar too sexy, rise up. You are better than that. Intelligence or sex appeal?
2/10/20121 from DoorBert
2/10/2012Just to be nice judethz, dragunov, have a good weekend
2/10/2012Love from Santorini. :)
2/9/2012You have a negative score :(
2/9/2012Crazy bitch
2/8/2012Shut your slime hole
2/8/2012Slimy turd
2/8/2012I agree with your "The Slimy Green Karma Giant" thread.
2/8/2012Love chick tracts!
2/7/2012Chick dot com is a brain-washing site... look what its done to You(~) lol < Peace be with You(~) >
2/7/2012Chick tracts and pretending you are not 19.47
2/7/2012Where did all your green go? :)
2/5/2012Just for you. last one
2/5/2012Hypocrit .. and a liar too :) <3
2/5/2012I love you. I love you for what you just posted.~Aphrodite Harmonia
2/4/2012Arigato gozaimasu!
2/2/2012Possible paedophile
2/1/2012Nice bear ----JimBomB
2/1/2012Zionist shill looks truly stupid posting pics of lingerie models with bible verses
1/31/2012You're a wrongun thats's for sure.
1/29/2012Just because you are you, and I appreciate your point of view....*from CrissCross
1/29/2012Are you like 10 years old or something? WTF
1/29/20121 from DoorBert
1/29/2012Gay pics in every post, fuckin stop it!!!!
1/29/2012Karma airdrop ~~CF~~
1/28/2012ROFL brilliant picture, EB!
1/28/2012You just got caught up in a drive-by Karma attack by Doommincus Maximus
1/27/2012Silly comment
1/24/2012Happy January - xxkoshxx
1/22/2012Karma from a brother in Christ Jesus -- Troubled Waters...
1/22/2012Biggest dumbass of GLP?
1/20/2012Stop the hate please
1/19/2012The Lord gave you a thumbs down
1/17/2012Great Hillarion pic! Thanks, a student of Protean thought
1/17/2012Pro bullshiter
1/16/2012The undersea fibre optic network cuts!!! We mustn't forget about this!... *from CrissCross
1/15/2012Love from Santorini. :)
1/14/2012Jeez you're a psychotic bitch aren't ya?
1/12/2012Good info on custom smilies.
1/11/2012Can you stop dropping creepy booklets around places.. thanks bye!
1/11/2012U.S. doom
1/11/2012Who is John Galt?
1/11/2012Cold ice hearted person you are
1/10/2012For Israel truth!
1/9/2012"you dumb" too
1/9/2012Fuck you zionist shill
1/7/2012B/c you stood up for somebody putting their ass on the line.
1/7/2012I reported that dick. Ignore it. You're a great poster!
1/7/2012Stop lying.
1/7/2012There are anti-semites and then there are "anti-nonsemites" like you.
1/5/2012Yes, u understand about the dna collection
1/5/2012For having a good sense of humor :) DPC
1/5/2012Much love - DoorBert
1/5/2012Gay pics in every post
1/5/2012Pro-Israel poster. Thanks
1/4/2012Thank you, from Tiger.
1/3/2012Blessings to you! xxoo
1/2/2012Stop the hate against helpless people
1/2/2012You've gotten it about wrong again
1/1/2012Great poster.Very valid
12/31/2011You're a retarted bitch
12/31/2011UK smoker info
12/30/2011God Bless
12/29/2011Shut up, bitch
12/29/2011That link (google-Glp) made me rofl, arigato gozaimasu!
12/28/20111 from DoorBert
12/27/2011Karma drive-by ~~CF~~
12/26/2011You really should stop being a liar..
12/26/2011Nice job, LePalma
12/26/2011Shove your narrow minded religious crap down your own throat, not here.
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