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8/23/2011Potty mouth
8/23/2011LOL . Be happy! me777
8/23/2011Thanks for the laugh. you rock AR
8/23/2011Want some cheese with your whine?
8/23/2011I got over 30 bad karma pins , GROW UP !
8/23/2011Haha - suck it crybaby
8/23/2011Lame thread crying about karma. Fuck you guy.
8/23/2011Feel your pain, it happens! from Godfrequency
8/23/2011I agree. We should see who the Karma comes from. - Scrodiddles
8/23/2011Potty mouth
8/23/2011I am trying to be serious, and this tool writes this?! Come on!
8/23/2011For being sensible -GTUSS
8/23/2011Xlnt AV LOL --From RT
8/23/2011Were Fucked!!!
8/22/2011This one is for YOUR MOM!!! Ha! Thx again. -CB
8/20/2011For an interesting link
8/20/2011Here's to 'KARMA' --EU
8/19/2011Just because :)
8/19/2011Cheers <3 Anarchaotica.
8/17/2011For big brass ones
8/14/2011Begging for Karma.
8/14/2011Begs for thumbs up rather than earns
8/14/2011Done and done
8/14/2011You're welcome
8/14/2011I like his avatar
8/13/2011Misrepresentative title
8/13/2011Great find
8/13/2011Because you posted that commercial literally seconds after I thought about it.
8/13/2011Good wakeup call
8/13/2011Good vid
8/13/2011Good post
8/13/2011Scary thread
8/13/2011Great post on banned commercial
8/13/2011Good post.
8/13/2011Good find mate. :3
8/13/2011Good find with the commercial
8/13/2011I remember seeing this commercial and equally had a hard time finding it. I am glad that people have the chance to see it again!
8/12/2011Because his post and avatar is funny
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