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misty eyed's Karma

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5/23/2022Green for a good and blessed week. NOLAangel
5/11/2022Good morning green. : ) NOLAangel
4/30/2022Weekend green. : ) NOLAangel
4/22/2022Weekend green. : ) NOLAangel
4/13/2022Middle of the week green. : ) NOLAangel
4/9/2022Nice find on China putting Hong Qi missiles in Serbia - justme
4/3/2022Very cool avatar.
4/3/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
3/31/2022Green from SN :)
3/30/2022Crafty <3
3/30/2022Robert was here.
3/29/2022G3 Geomagnetic Storm Thread
3/27/2022Green for Oroville. prayandprepare
3/26/2022Love it. Builder. You are are a soul after my own soul.
3/11/2022Green from Serenity Now
2/28/2022Monday morning green. Hope it's a good one. NOLAangel
2/27/2022Feels like there is a storm coming. from savcash
2/10/2022Greenest forest blessings from Happy in Nature
2/6/2022Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your updates/input on the Oroville thread. Be well, stay safe and warm please.
1/25/2022May God bless you too,sharing the green, from savcash
1/25/2022Green from Serenity Now
1/20/2022Hope you have a blessed week. NOLAangel
1/6/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
1/4/2022LOL.. vaxxxx shills are thick as thieves on your thread!
1/3/2022From Bastetcat
12/26/2021Merry Christmas! -Bastetcat
12/22/2021Happy Holidays ~Moniker
12/21/2021For your threads ! From Tiger One
12/20/2021Good info
12/19/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
12/17/2021Regards, Bastetcat
12/16/2021I wanna piss in ur arse and then drink it coming out as it drips down then u push a hard fart to make it splatter all over my face with maggots in it
12/16/2021Hope you have a great week. NOLAangel
12/16/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
12/8/2021Regards, Bastetcat
12/7/2021Green from SN :)
12/6/2021A little green for you Garman906
12/2/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
12/1/2021News ~Moniker
11/30/2021Regards, Bastetcat
11/30/2021Green from Serenity Now
11/29/2021Karma from notinfallible!
11/27/2021Oroville! Crunch
11/26/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/25/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/22/2021Green from Serenity Now
11/22/2021Regards, Bastetcat
11/13/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
11/11/2021Green for a good and blessed weekend. NOLAangel
11/9/2021TOMORROW THE SUN RISES, make it the best day you can, from savcash
11/8/2021Green love :) Mad Kelly
11/6/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
11/4/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/4/2021Great news thread! new and improved
11/3/2021Fuck off
11/1/2021Green for a good week. : ) NOLAangel
10/29/2021News ~Moniker
10/28/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
10/25/2021Be blessed, be well, be safe, from savcash
10/24/2021'Not a hurricane' LOL Crunch +++
10/20/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your input/updates on the Oroville thread.
10/18/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/17/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
10/16/2021Thanks for not selling out humanity to satan like a lot of active glp-ers.
10/16/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/14/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/14/2021The op posted a tsunami warning but get this scientist unlike your self and that tweet debunked that theory
10/14/2021Good find. They were probably hacked but it is clearly a warning. NOLAangel
10/14/2021Thx for alerting on what happened at press briefing cutting to LaPalma!
10/14/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/12/2021Thanks for the coffee pot meal post!— also all the others! Lightbulb
10/10/2021Thanks posting in eyes thread,Green for my buddy! Have a great weekend, from savcash
10/10/2021News ~Moniker
10/9/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your input on the Oroville thread, stay safe and well please.
10/8/2021Best Always, Bastetcat
10/7/2021Nice sum up post in gulf Mexico thread. Truth B Known
10/7/2021Green from Serenity Now
10/6/2021Great thread! - Its Time
10/6/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/1/2021Thanks for listening! - E.lincoln
9/29/2021Men have been elected between sundown and sunup, than ever were elected between sunup and sundown
9/28/2021Regards, Bastetcta
9/26/2021Thanks for posting video with Shuman! Lightbulb
9/25/2021Love your posts, as always Misty. Ruby
9/23/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your reply to my posting on the Oroville thread. Stay safe and well please.
9/21/2021Half Past Midnight
9/20/2021Green from SN :)
9/17/2021Regards, Bastetcat
9/12/2021Green from Serenity Now
9/9/2021Green from this Littlepixie in appreciation of your postings on the Oroville thread. Stay safe and well please.
9/9/2021News ~Moniker
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