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10/8/2017Stfu hillary loving canadian shitbag faggot
10/6/2017Keen eye...InYerNeck
10/2/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/29/2017Know man hatter we have pictures of her in the post office in canada eh stay away
9/26/2017People are the light of the world!
9/25/2017Green from Goneviral
9/23/2017Hi. 03
9/23/2017Green from Sassy Trumpette
9/23/2017Hugs ~ Just Christina
9/20/2017Ankhiale :)
9/19/2017From Ralph--a house dog
9/17/2017Stop hating on men, douche bag.
9/16/2017Thank you for the video MySoul
9/8/2017You are wise and will be protected. Thanks for contribuating your wisdom. (TzaHayaH)
9/5/2017Green from Goneviral
9/5/2017Some green. 03
9/4/2017Green dust ~ Bounced
8/25/2017Waffles ; )
8/25/2017Great posts. Have a nice weekend. Chrisvet
8/24/20171 ColorQube!
8/22/2017Seek and ye shall find ~ Cartel
8/21/2017Solar eclipse green! -auntiebeads
8/19/2017Do us all a favour and fuck off, man-hating slut.
8/19/2017Green today
8/18/2017I have liked your posts today- truthie
8/16/2017Green - grove street
8/14/2017Great post about hijacked left ~ Deplorably_Charlotte
8/13/2017"Worlock scenerio" Don't understand it really, but you're brave to post it. ~sikhed
8/12/2017Green from Cartel
8/10/2017Nuke thread comment>>>MarPep
8/8/2017Enjoy your new fellow canadians!
8/8/2017You assume an awful lot
8/8/2017Canada is part of the big picture. Take your muslims and haitians and stfu.
8/8/2017F u
8/7/2017Man hating cunt
8/3/2017EGGS! - master of nothing
8/3/2017I agree about the pedos- truthie
8/3/2017Thanks for the Pin.. Lyttlmiss
8/2/2017I concur,
8/1/2017Green from Goneviral
7/30/2017Good morning! ~ Cartel
7/26/2017Right back at you
7/26/2017Yes, agreed!
7/26/2017"Supernatural" reference.
7/26/2017True true Sungaze Dawn. :)
7/26/2017Power of love words - peepaws
7/25/201722toomany mycoplasma update
7/23/2017Green treats for your posts. -Freckle Face
7/23/2017Msmc Xx
7/20/2017Sending green love your way ~ A Friend
7/19/2017For Sun Awareness. ChiaPet
7/18/2017You keep pushing eventually we will have to take your rights away you have wasted them for a hundred years anyway
7/16/2017For your posts, good green for ya. - Freckle face
7/13/201707/12/2017 06:31 pm
7/12/2017Catholics led all to Christ...get off your ignorant high horse
7/11/2017Green. Have a good day.
7/10/2017Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
7/10/2017For help on thread :) msmc Xx
7/8/2017From Ralph--a house dog
7/8/2017Fire. love Miss Cleo
7/8/2017Wtf?? fuck these Israel lovers: CANADA FIRST
7/7/2017Ankhiale :)
7/6/2017You didnt know anything except how to shit your pants in preschool dumbass. quit being a poser clown
7/4/2017For the sword. pool
7/2/2017For the wicked and evil comments on the Israel thread. they are far superior to your worthless new-ager ass
7/2/2017Happy Saturday Night! ~ A Friend
7/1/2017Good Morning! ChiaPet
7/1/2017Peace to you ~ Wyks (Tori)
6/30/2017Its not muzzies its regular men complaining and rightfully so
6/30/2017A Little Something For The * l e s s e r s e x
6/28/2017Live bit of green for you today -thetoolman
6/27/2017Green - grove street
6/24/2017From Ralph--a house dog
6/20/2017Verde para ti, Capo
6/17/2017Green from Goneviral
6/17/2017You need cream of sumyungai on your noodles you hairy lezbo squatch
6/17/2017Good post Sunny, Pete
6/16/2017Cap lock stuck?
6/14/2017Chicken shit negitivity
6/13/2017Faithful and knowing for as long as I remember. pool
6/12/2017Thanks for the pin :) ElleMira
6/9/2017Thanks for the bump! TruthSeeker
6/9/2017Thanks for bumping my thread. -Cecropia
6/9/2017Ignorant babbling
6/8/2017Green In memory of Inerrancia! - Tesla
6/8/2017Green from South Central Texas
6/7/2017Well said about theft and corruption.
6/5/2017Bulldyke sez WHAT? WHAT?? WHAT??? KITCHEN! NOW!!!
6/5/2017Slut, cunt, bitch
6/4/2017Stop SHOUTNG
6/1/2017All the best to you and yours, cutbait
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