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10/23/2012Giving ttowntroll green
10/15/2012Bud K~DH:_)
10/11/2012For being you
10/10/2012Listen, this is Angelhelper, go to my post and read the links I posted, there is much light there. Sincerely Angelhelper
10/9/2012Sumerian thread>>>MuzzleBreak
10/9/2012From Uncle Mikey!
10/3/2012Dirty Cunt. You're just jealous because Canada does not produce quality porn.
9/19/2012I'll be praying about this, too-and the karma people. D'Light
9/18/2012Thinking being Homosexual is right is a sickness. Filthy homo lover! That is why you hate straight porn. Go let Budda stick his dick up your ass!
9/17/2012Filthy cannuck trash. You're just jealous that America produces the best quality porn! Muzzie loving trash.
9/3/2012For giving karma to a troll shill - DUMBFUCK
8/28/2012Very interesting thread! gonviral
8/27/2012Those are all great examples - acegotflows
8/24/2012Thank you for understanding what I'm trying to do.
8/20/2012I love Canada. got family there
8/19/2012Right on
8/19/2012Thinking being Homosexual is right is a sickness, its spread by other Homos
8/12/2012Love your Hook quote
8/10/2012Amazing and loving person with much to teach. ~ Jaded
7/31/2012Excellent thread! x
7/31/2012Tough love it is
7/27/2012You have a really wonderful way of speaking truth on the 777 thread, I enjoyed it. Thank you. Starlit
7/23/2012Love the smilie you posted on the Keshe Foundation thread...my2centswort​h
7/20/2012Very good advise, thanks
7/18/2012Love your answer! Light be with you!
7/18/2012Cool post, about my thread popping up on your screen - RoXY
7/18/2012For standing up against the porn thread. I'm right there with you - Dease
7/15/2012Kitties!!! Hi Sungaze. How Ya doing. FierySky
7/10/2012Karma for u from Gonviral
7/9/2012With Much Love <3
7/8/2012Intelligent convo woo! Rare these days. Table
7/5/2012Cheers to not believing the media hyped stories!
6/21/2012Intent of heart. Amy A
6/21/2012Sweet post comment!
6/21/2012Abortion is murder no matter the trimester, keep trying to justify it with your exact knowledge of when concioness starts. an yes i meant to give you green
6/18/2012For your wonderful energy and great love. Much love to you friend ~Una~
6/17/2012A+ -Clouds in the Sky
6/16/2012Level Head
6/16/2012Perfect Knowledge + mirrors = exactly right ~Ensi Ma'ah
6/12/2012Thanks for replying to the inner guide thread. i can't emphasize enough how thankful i am. TABLE
6/6/2012Karma for ya~DH:)
5/10/2012Thanks for posting on my thread! D'Light
5/8/2012Love your "Down w/Nazi's " on hair cut thread-LOL-SpiderJone​s
5/6/2012Great Link +1 From DogM. VegaGraphics
4/24/2012Given to compensate for negative karma given by "Judge Not" person. - HTao
4/20/2012Good post about the church-your pal-ATONTRUTH
4/7/2012Shill recognition
3/22/2012Love to you and yours or ours I should say - Lindsay007
3/7/2012Good to see you again!passing the love! ATONTRUTH
3/6/2012For your live free thread...I love these type of houses/way of living...will add to thread shortly...green hugs..pinkpixiexx
2/25/2012Hope you feel better! ;) - WildStyle
2/24/2012Amazing insight! ~Luna
2/24/2012Reply on Pillar of Fire thread. You shine. -Seer
2/14/2012May the path rise up to meet you always.
2/13/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/24/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/21/2012From Santa
1/16/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/13/2012Go away
1/9/2012Bad ass post regarding the universe. Koelbren
1/5/2012Dumb broad
1/3/2012Thanks ffor posting a great love song! CowgirlK
12/31/2011For another excellent post! Love to you! ATONTRUTH
12/29/2011Re: Uncle Mikey's Research - Previews..IRQ_1
12/26/2011I saw your post in the Ft Worth thread,,,, VERY NICE,,,, Happy Holidays to you and yours,,,,,hitndahedfr​ed
12/26/2011Thanks from pink cat :)
12/24/2011Merry Christmas! CowgirlK
12/24/2011Jesus Loves You, and I do too! - Lisa:)
12/18/2011From Uncle Mikey
12/18/2011Gullible and stupid
12/16/2011Maybe yeah...
12/16/2011Someone finally adding intelligence to the topic... CP
12/15/2011Blessings. Tell the demon to go away. -- Borian
12/14/2011Blaze: Anytime ;)
12/11/2011Thanks for waking me up regarding Innvervoice222 thread - leelee
12/11/2011A Good SOUL with a big heart connection with the Spirit of Love.
12/11/2011For great info in the reincarnation thread-namaste-ATONTR​UTH
12/8/2011Nice post - Turtle
12/3/2011Awesome posts on the Terrance McKenna thread! DPC
11/30/2011From Uncle Mikey
11/29/2011Thank you ! <3
11/28/2011Ilove santa claws
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