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12/26/2011Thanks from pink cat :)
12/24/2011Merry Christmas! CowgirlK
12/24/2011Jesus Loves You, and I do too! - Lisa:)
12/18/2011From Uncle Mikey
12/18/2011Gullible and stupid
12/16/2011Maybe yeah...
12/16/2011Someone finally adding intelligence to the topic... CP
12/15/2011Blessings. Tell the demon to go away. -- Borian
12/14/2011Blaze: Anytime ;)
12/11/2011Thanks for waking me up regarding Innvervoice222 thread - leelee
12/11/2011A Good SOUL with a big heart connection with the Spirit of Love.
12/11/2011For great info in the reincarnation thread-namaste-ATONTR​UTH
12/8/2011Nice post - Turtle
12/3/2011Awesome posts on the Terrance McKenna thread! DPC
11/30/2011From Uncle Mikey
11/29/2011Thank you ! <3
11/28/2011Ilove santa claws
11/19/2011For posting the yoga vids. Namaste. Madame X
11/17/2011For your kind, open communication! JustUs/Lisa Marie
11/17/2011I understand now and today what you are saying. thank you. buffalo thread.
11/14/2011I love your avatar and username!
11/14/2011Thanks for posting your wisdom on Mystery Woman thread--very eloquent
11/13/2011From Uncle Mikey
11/4/2011Exotic cards are for those with small manhoods
11/3/2011For post on daughter interview
11/3/2011Kerma blessings
11/2/2011Good response: "Responding with anger is never the right thing to do."
11/2/2011Awesome OOBE shit. peace.
11/1/2011Thanks for your feedback on the 3 1/2 minute video... My2centsworth
10/30/2011Intelligent response, thanks, Alien Commander Omd I
10/30/2011Thx for your thread input :) RT
10/27/2011From Uncle Mikey
10/23/2011Thanks for the meditation aids. I'll try them soon. ZP
10/21/2011Good post
10/16/2011You resonate with kindness and light.
10/10/2011I like your reaction to the dream
10/4/2011Just because
10/2/2011You're a good person -xxl
10/2/2011For knowing the nelson area as beautiful
9/6/2011Woe to those who call evil good
8/17/2011Great post and very informative!
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