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11/12/2020Thanks for the bump! - 1guynAz
11/12/2020Goneviral green
11/12/2020Good statement
11/12/2020Ridiculous statement
11/11/2020Stand patient and steady and focus your disdain
11/8/2020Me Too
11/8/2020Good sense and nice name
11/8/2020Great ideas.
11/7/2020Yes! Thank you!
11/7/2020Good Person
11/7/2020I think poster is making a genuine and important point.
11/2/2020Profound green-Penny Peppers
11/2/2020Good Post Sungaze! Cpt KC
10/30/2020Goneviral Green
10/30/2020Manifest our reality
10/29/2020Good person.
10/28/2020Hot damn well said
10/27/2020This was wise
10/26/2020Should be new National anthem.
10/26/2020Patriot Green! - WyatteSmith
10/25/2020Venus Project without the overlords oniongrass
10/25/2020Nice post about mercury retrograde in Libra and reformation of the justice system - Vision Thing
10/22/2020I really like your replies... Eleven -15
10/22/2020Liked your comments on A. Jones Pooka
10/22/2020MAGA! ~A Oakley
10/21/2020Excellent commentary in the borat thread
10/21/2020Thanks 4 the bump..covicc
10/20/2020Health, vitality, and clear thinking wished for you. LTHN.
10/18/2020Spot on
10/17/2020For your interesting stories. Colour Crusader
10/16/2020Great post in age of reason thread - Xenophon
10/16/2020Russia russia russia! hahahahaa <3 lovergirl
10/14/2020Good work
10/14/2020From Butch DeFeo
10/14/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/10/2020I apologize for all of those insane batman vids I threw at you years ago.
10/10/2020True patriot
10/10/2020Canada green ~ Flashbuzzkill
10/10/2020For your post in Canada thread.. KAN DAEK
10/7/2020My favorite "Out There" kind of gal.
10/4/2020From east to west green for you. LTHN.
10/2/2020Amazing information
10/1/2020Damn right! - My Foolish Daydream
9/29/2020Much truth....Don D.
9/29/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
9/29/2020Says kind things with a kind heart. pool :)
9/29/2020For Kyle
9/28/2020Goneviral Green
9/27/2020Sunday Green! God Bless ~ Cartel
9/24/2020For prayers in fire thread last week. thank you. if I only had more than ten karma votes a day :) - Green Eggs
9/12/2020Great comment on German doctor thread! Blessings, Gyro Geargoose
9/6/2020He was looking for excitement and he found it. We should be happy for him!
9/5/2020Beautiful Fall green....Don D.
9/4/2020Moar Pepperroni green for you
8/28/2020911 Covid19
8/26/2020'We're never wearing masks for any reason'...well said...Swearbox
8/25/2020LOLd at the TOASTER comment ~EVE will conclude women kind thread
8/25/2020Great information about quinine and quercetin - Vision Thing
8/24/2020"nobody lives on this planet as eye candy for you."
8/23/2020Thanks for sharing hcq thread, do u have any links on quinine stuff? from savcash
8/22/2020Starbird green for happy memories.
8/22/2020You are a wealth of knowledge and always enjoy reading your posts. quinine ftw! Pepperroni
8/17/2020Green for you sir - WyatteSmith
8/14/2020Good post, FBI thread----Terrebonne
8/14/2020Just one guy :)
8/12/2020Thanks for sharing. — Secretizer
8/11/2020Analyses of Consciousness ~ Bodhi
8/7/2020Thanks for the info about quinine from grapefruit/lemon peels and boiling them. Million dollar advice honestly. And glad you made it through :) - New Age Scam Artist
7/31/2020WGON was here...
7/30/2020I Like Your Posts!
7/30/2020Cheers - We Are Slaves
7/29/2020Just one guy
7/20/2020I like your revenge plan!
7/20/2020Righteous anger!
7/17/2020Stop making excuses ... I sign my red. Deplorably Charlotte
7/15/2020Thanks for commenting on my post. - Happy in Nature
7/14/2020I hope you had an awesome 1st & 4th God Bless you and yours! ~ Cartel
7/9/2020Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​n - WyatteSmith
7/6/2020Curry nosher :-)
6/30/2020Reported Abusive Post
6/25/2020Green for your posts from Goneviral
6/24/2020Kicking ass!! ~ Cartel
6/23/2020Kinda wild. pool
6/12/2020Green from Loup
6/7/2020Anofher beautiful post! - bootobin
6/7/2020Sunday Green! God Bless ~ Cartel
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