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9/8/2017Reported Abusive Post
9/8/2017For being an ass
9/8/2017Only a cat 3 you sack of shit
9/7/2017Dr Toboggan
9/6/2017Hi DarkWolf! - Chaos Replicator.
8/31/2017Dace wuzz heare
8/31/2017I love kittens! -Occam's Shaving Cream
8/31/2017Great Doom Break Thread !!
8/31/2017Rescue kitties ~ Where Eagles Dare
8/31/2017Thanks for the doombreak kitten vid! --MaximusRex
8/31/2017Kitten video made my day! Jypsie
8/31/2017Doom break kittens
8/31/2017Kitten thread! milamoon
8/31/2017Kittens Swim Up....thanks...grumpi​er
8/31/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
8/31/2017Sweet kitten thread - Aurora
8/29/2017Hugs! eekers
8/23/2017Stay safe! ~ Cartel
8/22/2017From Ralph--a house dog
8/19/2017Hi, just passing by, have a great week ahead DW :-) ~bluespirit ~
8/18/2017Love GFG
8/16/2017Incoming!!! Green Karma Strike from Armchair General!
8/8/2017Green fropm Goneviral
8/6/2017That's telling her!
8/5/2017If it'll ever happen (Nationalism globally), now's the window. Your replies are always thoughtful, thanks! Fret
8/4/2017Disagree with you about hillarys fate, but you make a valid point. ~sikhed
8/2/2017Dace wuzzz heaRE
7/27/2017Buddy list karma trade from Deplorable Quantum Love -- hit me back xoxo
7/25/2017Lol!!! damn skippy!! hahah eekers
7/25/2017Very well stated. thank you.
7/24/2017Great post about fallen angels-Green from Sassy Trumpette formerly Sassy Granny
7/21/2017Fuck off faggot
7/19/2017Hi DarkWolf! - Chaos Replicator.
7/1/201707/01/2017 02:28 pm
6/30/2017Turtle green :)
6/22/2017You deserve this - LSDMTHC
6/22/2017This cunt eats the corn out of Obama's semen shit mixture. Total socialist cunt. Give this one as many red as possible as often as possible.
6/21/2017From Ralph--a house dog
6/21/2017Hi Darkwolf! - Chaos Replicator.
6/19/2017A truth seeker and a Trump realist how refreshing
6/17/2017For the reference...Sin
6/15/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/13/2017For your signature lines. beeches
6/13/2017Lady Truth ~ Hang in there
6/12/2017Urgent!! Permapin This!!
6/7/2017People died at sandy hook you idiot hoaxtard.
6/7/2017Usoundlikeagoodperson​sohavesomegreen- MyLifeForYou!
6/7/2017Like the way u think *%
6/7/2017I'm going to be standing next to you to fight the coming war...and I'm bringing St. Michael with me. - Namelss the Deplorable
6/6/2017Green from sassy granny- thanks for the laughs on the resume thread
5/31/2017Love from skittle v
5/29/2017Dace wuzz hear
5/29/2017Green for your past lives. Starbird
5/25/2017Chaos Replicator :0)
5/24/2017SJW Target Practice ;) ~okaru87
5/24/2017Reported Abusive Post
5/20/2017Reported Abusive Post
5/20/2017Reported Abusive Post
5/18/2017Epiclol - Wordsworth
5/18/2017For being normal - Resister
5/18/2017Sounds appropriate. -Rev
5/18/2017Love GFG
5/16/2017Pepper spray the new lib
5/16/2017Green for believing -thetoolman
5/16/2017Jeremy of CinemaSins! -Anubis
5/12/2017Divine intervention ~ Where Eagles Dare
5/6/2017It's all good. Deplorablemeeeeeee!
5/2/2017You get it
4/29/2017STFU cock gobbler. Where the fuck do you think you're at, chunky cheese? 1st ammendment commie piece of shit.
4/27/2017For TREK infos ~ A R K
4/27/2017From Ralph--a house dog
4/26/2017Fuck the Satanic overlords & their filthy wars ~thinking...
4/22/2017Green for you and your mom ~ Love Starbird
4/22/2017Racist cunt
4/22/2017Thanks for commenting on my mystery sealed door thread! TrustNoOneKS
4/21/2017Great post, Millennials thread----Terrebonne
4/20/2017Falsely accused me of starting a thread as a troll. Bearing false witness against someone is wrong.
4/12/2017Yes, it is the biggest lie ever told.
4/11/2017IQ of Ass Sweat
4/11/2017Bluespirit ~
4/6/2017Thanks for liking my comment on the Border Patrol thread. from Eggcellently Deplorable
4/6/2017Reported Abusive Post
4/5/2017Reported Abusive Post
4/2/2017A little bit of sunday green for you - thetoolman
3/31/2017Geeze, I got banned, flagged and post deleted - Denizen
3/28/2017Ugly dissemination of LIES
3/27/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/27/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/26/2017Thanks for commenting on my India baby thread! TrustNoOneKS
3/25/2017Rude and narrow-minded moran
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