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7/29/2015Beso :)
7/25/2015I like your style! Carol B.
7/24/2015Hes a cool guy
7/22/2015Grammartard. ;)
7/22/2015Drive by karma!-DenizenOfHell
7/21/2015I think you are right about Jade helm it's desensitization-kira
7/21/2015Did you really say you want a free SUV? Welfare tard.
7/21/2015Counteract those red karmas you get from the shills! Carlin
7/21/2015Hi. - NODOOM
7/13/2015You can't mean that
7/13/2015Thanks for the post~sickandtwisted~
7/12/2015It's the crap that's taught in churches--with you there-- sees
7/12/2015Volcanoes! - Vision Thing
7/12/2015Green weekend - NODOOM
7/11/2015Advocating vandalism and slaughtering in Jesus name... read your Bible
7/11/2015Thanks, train
7/9/2015Smoking sinkholes>>>Marpep
7/9/2015Fellow Texan, JH15 watcher! -SmokingLoon
7/9/2015Why not write, "I don't know enough to really have a viable opinion?"
6/23/2015Prep prep and more prep - thetoolman
6/20/2015Poor granny :( eekers
6/20/2015Shhh! You're not supposed to bring those valid questions up! lol
6/19/2015" Let Humanity have it's fate back in it's hands as a species." nice. :) morgan
6/17/2015Zombie Jesus :) - Apollo Far-Darter
6/17/2015For the game tips ;)
6/3/2015Hater supreme
6/2/2015Thanks for walmart video-astral goat
3/7/2015Sending some love your way! - Daughteroftheking
1/29/2015Thank you for participating in my LRSD thread, and plz help disseminate this genuine doom info! -SilverKwest
1/27/2015Fist McKraken
1/27/2015Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/27/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/22/2015Dont forget Boyd Bushman's testimony! -Blueridge
1/16/2015Great posts- FBHO
1/14/2015From loveexists
1/8/2015True.. Pandora1777
11/1/2014Have a great weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/31/2014Interesting thread on eb.. Ostria
10/30/2014For kindness..
10/25/2014From UniKitty ~ The Black Rose Witch
10/18/2014Good, cogent point. Right on target.
8/14/2014Great post... Robbiew
8/14/2014Great post in life on other worldsâ¦.
6/19/2014Mountain Woman
6/16/2014Vegan nut job
6/15/2014GREAT Response
6/14/2014From ~ The Black Rose Witch
6/11/2014Social Media Observations
5/30/2014Constructive and well put comment, albeit to a total dumbass no doubt completely incapable of understanding.
4/10/2014Drug side effects
4/4/2014Seeking common sense!! Hehe :) showgirls1980
4/1/2014Vala :-)
4/1/2014Good comment on McDonalds thread.-TheEndIsNigh2​013
3/30/2014Great comment
3/17/2014Here's to a chuckle from nonsense online -= Travis Bickle =-
3/14/2014Feminists only HATE men who OPRESS THEM
3/7/2014No doubt just smile and wave , shut the fuck up shill!!!
2/28/2014Stop trying to be funny... you're just not
2/27/2014Gay Pride and Equality .. Thanks for having my back ;) talk to you soon
2/14/2014Thank you bro!
12/14/2013For being an idiot!
12/11/2013Please don't post with out having a brain!
11/25/2013Looks like you need a little green - Hawkesbay
11/25/2013Afternoon darkwolf!! ibyte on 2
11/18/2013Good song indeed....
11/14/2013Fucking leech
11/1/2013I hope your situation gets better and you find a job. hugs.... ladulce
11/1/2013Stfu hater
10/31/2013You must speak the truth because the shills are giving you red karma
10/31/2013Dick remark about the unknown of the kids on the bus!!! I get they have to many electronics, but damn!!!!
10/31/2013Whining parasite scammer defends living on FOODSTAMPS but affords a PAID GLP membership
10/30/2013Yes you are a retard
10/25/2013Hang in there, you are not alone! :)
10/25/2013You aren't a retard
10/24/2013Thx for the cool commments on the anti rad thread!-- RT --RememberThis :)
10/23/2013Good job towing that party line
10/18/2013Random Karma
10/18/2013Happy Friday!!
10/17/2013Haha the Yahtzee comment! haha! Have a nice day :) Sloane
10/16/2013Derp de derp
10/10/2013Great comment on my thread!
10/8/2013Strongman is a GLP well known poster. treat him properly
10/7/2013Speak on bud. - MysticSleuth
10/4/2013Just needing to give some away... sookie girl
9/28/2013I'm speaking my mind
9/28/2013Did u know to give as good as you get :) hi from savcash
9/28/2013Green for you! Rhombus
9/27/2013I had a few reds, as you say, only speaking our minds. Stuff them.
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