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darkwolf007's Karma

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3/30/2014Great comment
3/17/2014Here's to a chuckle from nonsense online -= Travis Bickle =-
3/14/2014Feminists only HATE men who OPRESS THEM
3/7/2014No doubt just smile and wave , shut the fuck up shill!!!
2/28/2014Stop trying to be funny... you're just not
2/27/2014Gay Pride and Equality .. Thanks for having my back ;) talk to you soon
2/14/2014Thank you bro!
12/14/2013For being an idiot!
11/25/2013Looks like you need a little green - Hawkesbay
11/25/2013Afternoon darkwolf!! ibyte on 2
11/18/2013Good song indeed....
11/14/2013Fucking leech
11/1/2013I hope your situation gets better and you find a job. hugs.... ladulce
11/1/2013Stfu hater
10/31/2013You must speak the truth because the shills are giving you red karma
10/31/2013Dick remark about the unknown of the kids on the bus!!! I get they have to many electronics, but damn!!!!
10/31/2013Whining parasite scammer defends living on FOODSTAMPS but affords a PAID GLP membership
10/30/2013Yes you are a retard
10/25/2013Hang in there, you are not alone! :)
10/25/2013You aren't a retard
10/24/2013Thx for the cool commments on the anti rad thread!-- RT --RememberThis :)
10/23/2013Good job towing that party line
10/18/2013Random Karma
10/18/2013Happy Friday!!
10/17/2013Haha the Yahtzee comment! haha! Have a nice day :) Sloane
10/16/2013Derp de derp
10/10/2013Great comment on my thread!
10/8/2013Strongman is a GLP well known poster. treat him properly
10/7/2013Speak on bud. - MysticSleuth
10/4/2013Just needing to give some away... sookie girl
9/28/2013I'm speaking my mind
9/28/2013Did u know to give as good as you get :) hi from savcash
9/28/2013Green for you! Rhombus
9/27/2013I had a few reds, as you say, only speaking our minds. Stuff them.
7/2/2013Excellent point!
6/27/2013To counter the red. Everyone hits a rough spot. Keep your chip up! <3 Harley
6/14/2013I like ur points & this balances out that red one
6/14/2013Random Karma drop - amac
6/14/2013Debit cards don't cost shit you moran.
3/4/2013Let the rest die their horrific deaths for they all deserve 'em! YOU FUCKING SACK OF SHIT !!!!
2/24/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/24/2013Icyman61 ty
2/13/2013Saying ppl DESERVE 2Die makes U A pc of SHIT!! LOSER...
2/7/2013Wishing death to people in Cali
1/14/2013For like metal!!!
1/12/2013NRA Shill
1/9/2013Get lost darkie
1/5/2013Good post
11/28/2012Rap vs Metal War, love it! - Carshy
11/7/2012Love you - Turtles Voice
11/5/2012No one is as sick as you. Or as dumb.
7/21/2012You're as dumb as Ralph....
7/21/2012God Save The Republic
7/18/2012Low IQ
7/5/2012Awesome posts on the bee thread.
6/26/2012You need more red
6/4/2012Damn right that cat is art. get a grip.
8/30/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/29/2011Biased, narrow minded & possibly paranoid/dangerous.
8/23/2011Intolerant of other's views
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