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2/17/2019For consistently posting some of the best stuff on GLP - New Age Scam Artist
2/17/2019Great Post! Thanks -Blue Fairy
2/17/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/17/2019Because it cracks me up every time you use posters full handles in your responses. lol
2/16/2019Great posts ðŸ‘
2/16/2019Correct about Trump -- Hillary's Dirty Diaper
2/14/2019Rayelle here. When I'm on a roll I just get the notion to S & S. I've been in a real mood lately. All is cool. Be well and see ya around. Love, R.
2/14/2019I agree / not afraid
2/14/2019I like your mind.
2/14/2019Green! ~ WyatteSmith
2/13/2019They are beyond demons, and the people that voted for them are demons too. Docsquat
2/12/2019Reported Abusive Post
2/11/2019Wisdom from you-Penny Peppers
2/10/2019Green to a fellow patriot...saved God Bless you.
2/10/2019Excellent analysis on Q -Ensom
2/9/2019Keep fighting that leftist evil....Waffles
2/9/2019Don't bother with sir trolls a lot - EnD BLM
2/7/2019Buddy list Green from deplorable Quantum love. Please return the favor
2/6/2019Reported Abusive Post
2/5/2019Green for your Goodbye US constitution thread. People need to wake up.
2/5/2019Thanks for the video... :( geoengineering sux
2/5/2019Green and then some for the Dane Wigington video. Scary!!!! Paranoiaaaaa
2/5/2019Cool thread! T-man
2/5/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/4/2019Mila moon
2/3/2019Great reply about China ~ Flashbuzzkill
2/1/2019Nicely Written
2/1/2019Thanks for the green - Forever the Student (FtS)
1/31/2019REEEEEEEEEE \m/
1/31/2019Great thread....Chivarly K
1/31/2019Keep it up - xenophon
1/30/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/30/2019Greenage. Wedge5th
1/30/2019Have a nice day, cyclist13
1/29/2019Trumps hot air bump :)
1/29/2019Hi DarkWolf! - Chaos Replicator
1/28/2019Believes YouTube videos as fact...lacks faith and discernment when it comes to analyzing situations
1/28/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/27/2019Please stop embarrassing yourself.
1/25/2019From ralph--a house dog
1/24/2019Cheers- SyncAsFunk
1/24/2019Right on
1/21/2019Mkjeep green to help counter the reds
1/21/2019Exposing Men in Black! ~TheBlueOne
1/20/2019Can’t believe you feed that thing.
1/19/2019Not a very bright person, are you?
1/19/2019Very slick.
1/19/2019Idiot lib
1/19/2019More on
1/18/2019Stupid people ruin the world!
1/18/2019Thanks for the green, right back atcha
1/18/2019Thanks! ~AstroBuzz :)
1/18/2019Love Goddess :)
1/16/2019Get that green up, Capo
1/14/2019Witty one liner
1/13/2019Trust Lucifer at your own peril...
1/13/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/10/2019For keeping it real- Bill Lumbergh
1/9/2019Educating on 5g -Arkansassy
1/8/2019Most Welcome Xx
1/8/2019Cheers! ~ WyatteSmith
1/7/2019Trump is the best. thanks
1/7/2019Your username aught to be DIMwolf because bro? Seriously you are DEF not the brigest bulb in the box. Richie from Boston? KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEK!
1/7/2019Stupid long signature--bet you blog at Starbucks aka SOYBOY
1/7/2019Green for truth!...saved The more we know.
1/6/2019You're welcome! Ferly
1/6/20195 stars and Green for your Police State thread. Far Away.
1/6/2019Spreadin' da Green! Cheyenne
1/6/2019For being an idiot and using Youtube as a credible source. 1 Star also.
1/5/2019Great comment about our pets warning us about bad people! Paranoiaaaaa
1/4/2019Thanks DW. The Vigilant
1/3/2019Great mind! - NXavier
1/3/2019Yup. hahah 1-2-Follow
1/2/2019Happy new year! ~theblueone
1/2/2019Good post, convert thread----Terrebonne
1/2/2019Hi darkwolf007! - Chaos Replicator
1/1/2019Buddy green :)- Bill Lumbergh
12/30/2018Ur reply on Pride thread---MarPep
12/29/2018Amen brother. ~AstroBuzz
12/29/2018Martial Law. Michibama
12/29/2018Have a good new year, from savcash
12/28/2018Reply in Sweden thread, lol
12/28/2018Leftfoot lol
12/27/2018Reported Copyright Violation
12/27/2018Lol cheers - Sol
12/27/2018Hope your Christmas was merry and your New Year is full of nothing but goodness! Fret
12/27/2018Dumb POS
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