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T-Man's Karma

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12/25/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/23/2018Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! KipKat :)
12/19/2018Merry Christmas! Paranoiaaaaa
12/16/2018Hi you! chasity
12/16/2018Merry Christmas and God Bless ~ Cartel
12/14/2018Retarded fuck
12/11/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/9/2018Hugs from me. :) <3 AnonymousGirl
12/7/2018Have a good weekend - curry nosher :-)
12/5/2018KipKat :)
11/30/2018Hey buddy. -Rev
11/28/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
11/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
11/26/2018Sup sugar? chasity
11/25/2018Lol, I will be going back to the hair soon~kpm~
11/21/2018Have a great Thanksgiving! Paranoiaaaaa
11/21/2018Turkey Day Green! Gobble Gobble ~ Cartel
11/21/2018I hope you do, too. :) AnonymousGirl
11/14/2018Thanks for green! here's some for you! :) digital mix guy
11/13/2018Have a great day - curry nosher :-)
11/12/2018Chasititty was here!
11/11/2018Hoi! KipKat :)
11/7/2018Love GFG
11/7/2018Cool. pool
11/7/2018Green hugs~kpm~
11/4/2018Curry nosher :-)
11/4/2018Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2018AnonymousGirl <3 <3
10/29/2018Dace wuzz heere
10/29/2018KipKat :)
10/29/2018Chasity drive by.... waves hello!
10/29/2018Greenade incoming!!!....saved
10/27/2018Reported Abusive Post
10/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
10/25/2018Green for you! digital mix guy
10/25/2018From curry nosher :-)
10/22/2018Hope Trump finds a real border solution! Paranoiaaaaa
10/22/2018AnonymousGirl <3 <3
10/21/2018KipKat :)
10/18/2018Starbird was in here flying by with green.
10/18/2018Big nah-t hugs from chasity!
10/17/2018Like minds. pool
10/17/2018Always returned!! -Relativity ; )
10/16/2018Curry nosher green :-)
10/15/2018Critical thinkers! love Miss Cleo
10/14/20183 more days! Paranoiaaaaa
10/10/2018Green for you! digital mix guy
10/8/2018KipKat :)
10/8/2018Have a great week~kpm~
10/8/2018<3 AnonymousGirl <3
10/7/2018Right back at ya!! -Relativity
10/7/2018Hugs, eekers
10/7/2018Embedding for me
10/4/2018Thanks for the puns - Bull
10/2/2018Upgrade rocked! Paranoiaaaaa
10/2/2018Y Halo thar....ha! ChivalryK
9/30/2018Hoi! KipKat :)
9/30/2018Brief :)
9/28/2018I was tired. And, I am a white woman from Wisconsin. So, yeah, you are 'my own'. Thanks for signing the red. LOL. peace. ladulce
9/28/2018Green for you! digital mix guy
9/27/2018Green hugs~kpm~
9/27/2018Thanks ~ LittleMissDictator :D
9/26/2018NoMoreMsNiceGirl <3 <3 ;)
9/25/2018Fixed my YT link - Click Here
9/23/2018For your contribution to my thread :-) ~Blue Spirit~
9/22/2018Love GFG
9/22/2018Curry nosher green :-)
9/22/2018Thank you! SkinnyChic
9/21/2018Thanks for the show recommendations
9/19/2018Cajun Karma for T-Man !!!! Southern Soldier...
9/17/2018Green for you! digital mix guy
9/17/2018NoMoreMsNiceGirl <3
9/17/2018Tag team logicians 4 life
9/16/2018Thank you for adding to my thread
9/16/2018Thanks T-Man my Bro - Rodney23
9/15/2018Come and fight for us MySoul
9/12/2018Cool, from 589
9/10/2018Good posts bro /surfer7
9/10/2018Very true, about time they exterminate them all!
9/10/2018Cheers xo Ricky M
9/9/2018Reported Abusive Post
9/9/2018T-man rocks - curry nosher :-)
9/8/2018Thanks for the green!!! here is green for you! :) digital mix guy
9/7/2018NoMoreMsNiceGirl <3<3
9/5/2018Andy capp, you are welcome
9/5/2018Cool. Crash
9/5/2018Agree on the solution for 10 yr old rapist. Paranoiaaaaa
9/4/2018Good tip about Adidas. SkinnyChic
9/3/2018Reported Abusive Post
9/3/2018Cause this person is not stupid. If you want to know who Im talking about look up shawn weed hell testi,mony 51:35
9/3/2018Good insight /surfer7
9/3/2018Reported Abusive Post
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