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T-Man's Karma

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11/14/2014I'm scared! I still haven't done it lol nahkers :)
11/12/2014Aww so nice!!!
11/12/2014Brief :)
11/10/2014Because I love the taurus... Scorp
11/7/2014I get to play halo this weekend! nahks :)
11/7/2014Oliebollentijd :) !! ~ Beetle
11/5/2014Love to you, my friend. <3 Doomish
11/1/2014A lady in the street a whore in bed LOL Scorpiona
10/31/2014Love your helloween avator - Lamplite
10/31/2014Hello sunshine! nahkers :)
10/30/2014Thanks. ~PENG :)
10/30/2014Green time.... Murdoch
10/29/2014Hugs! eekers
10/29/2014Groen voor T~ Beetle
10/25/2014I liked your comment
10/24/2014Hugs from nahks :)
10/22/2014Cheers from Inerrancia =)
10/22/2014AnonymousGirl :)
10/21/2014Thank you!! KarinZa
10/20/2014Thanks....the bouncing elephant :)
10/20/2014Just a noob, he'll be back, Brief :)
10/20/2014Love GFG
10/18/2014Thanks, and a nice weekend for you! Doei :) Ninki
10/17/2014Beetle. Groen voor t weekend!
10/16/2014Scary clown green from eekers
10/16/2014Spooky avatar! nahkers :)
10/14/2014Right back Atchya buddy :-) Vala :-)
10/14/2014For making me laugh. =) - DontBeSuchAGiantWeine​r
10/14/2014Cameback when it was available, CoffeeShop. TastyThoughts
10/13/2014Thanks Lamplite :)
10/13/2014Thanks for joining in! T Noticer
10/11/2014LOL -Face
10/10/2014Super avatar Tommy! Like it ~ Beetle
10/9/2014Hello! nahkers :)
10/3/2014Fellow Bull xxoo ~Calidruid
10/2/2014Reported Abusive Post
10/2/2014Hot stuff! nahkers :)
10/1/2014Thanks for your help in the search! - CriticalThinking
9/30/2014Much love ~TML
9/30/2014Thanks dude. The Swede
9/30/2014Bit o' green for my fun friend :) Love ShowGirls x
9/30/2014Hello! eekers
9/29/2014Big wave hello from Vala :-) xx
9/29/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/26/2014Ja kan t...??? Groen??? Beetle
9/25/2014Woowhoo GLP PICTS! sickandtwisted
9/25/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/25/2014Have a great day-Tripleh23
9/25/2014Point taken, T --Rantprone
9/23/2014Haha, 3 titty girl is a hoaxer! nahkers :)
9/23/2014Thank you for the support...It is homeade..lol :) - The Brave
9/22/2014Thanks for the movie recommendation. I will check it out :) abi~
9/22/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/22/2014Stoned G :)
9/22/2014Lamplite :)
9/21/2014<3 LunaLove
9/20/2014Eekers :)
9/19/2014I like your posts, T-Man. <3 Doomish
9/17/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/16/2014You never fail to make me laugh T-Man :) Love ShowGirls x
9/16/2014Silly one T man :) Love Angelseverywhere
9/16/2014Yup, boobage lol nahkers :)
9/15/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/15/2014He dude, eindelijk een gezicht er bij (GLP-faces) :) ~ Beetle
9/15/2014Love GFG
9/13/2014Good comment!
9/13/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/13/2014Hey buddy!! eekers
9/12/2014EleKtroN was here :)
9/11/2014Green by Zod!
9/10/2014Hey :) ~TML
9/10/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/9/2014Love sharing laughs with you! nahkers :)
9/9/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/7/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/7/2014AnonymousGirl :)
9/7/2014Beeeeetle :). Gvd alweer zondag!
9/7/2014Thanks for playing! ~ancha~
9/6/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/5/2014Loved your comment about random good Karma. It made me laugh. Here is one for you!
9/5/2014For shits and giggles! :) ShowGirls x
9/5/2014Stop playing tiddleywinks with your inverted NcNipples
9/5/2014For being a good sport -astral goat
9/5/2014Thank you so very much!!! GR
9/5/2014Beso :)
9/4/2014Howdy do? eekers
9/2/2014Funny and sweet poster. xo Sloane
9/2/2014How about being a brother? nahkers :)
9/1/2014May God Bless you and keep you, friend~~WFTMission
9/1/2014Hahaha!!! ;) LunaLove
8/30/2014Hi Tommy! ~ Beetle hier!
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