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PHX57's Karma

Total: 247 (243  User Votes + 4  Thread Reports)

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1/24/2020Sending green. Pepperroni
1/21/2020DMJ was here, :)
1/14/2020Green for Thee~! TNO.
1/12/2020Buddylist green.... akaSuzanne
1/4/2020C-Voyant was here!
12/28/20192020 Vision Green! C-Voyant
12/25/2019Christmas Green for Thee~! TNO.
12/24/2019DMJ was here, :)
12/24/2019Tennessee green ~hillbilly (Marcus)
12/23/2019Christmas Q green!---sloonie
12/23/2019Merry Christmas Lance from BC Qreenage
12/21/2019C-Voyant was here!
12/14/2019Patriot Green! And Merry Christmas!...saved
12/14/2019Greenage for you my friend! C-Voyant
12/12/2019Thx for green, Darkman
12/6/2019Pre IG release weekend Green! C-Voyant
11/29/2019Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was great! bigD
11/25/2019Good Karma Green! C-Voyant
11/22/2019Hey fren. Friyay green. Hope all is well, Pep
11/17/2019Sunday Green! C-Voyant
11/10/2019It is cold here again!!!! Green is nicer! bigD
11/9/2019Heya C!!! Have some greenage from Pepp
11/8/2019Green for you! C-Voyant
11/4/2019November green! aliasx
11/4/2019Green for Thee and Thank Thee~! TNO.
10/31/2019Green for you!! digital mix guy
10/30/2019Happy Wednesday! Clair_Voyant
10/24/2019Q green! ----sloonie
10/24/2019Thanks for helpsing Hillbilly! akaSuzanne
10/23/2019ThankQ ~ OzarkGranny
10/22/2019October green! aliasx
10/21/2019Sparkly green ~hillbilly
10/18/2019Hey Sparks! Hope you're doing grand! bigD
10/17/2019Patriot green for you C! Pepperroni
10/13/2019God Bless you PHX57, I pray for you every day, I pray it all works out.
10/3/2019Qreenage Lance
10/3/2019From keybored
9/26/2019Some Good Greens For You ~ A R K
9/25/2019Hi C! hoping all is well! Pepperroni
9/24/2019Can you believe these democrat assholes! Gaaaaahhhh! bigD
9/24/2019Green for thee my friend~! TNO>
9/22/2019Long overdue thanks ~hillbilly
9/21/2019End of summer green! aliasx
9/20/2019DMJ was here :)
9/15/2019BirdShadow :)
9/14/2019Green for my friend. Pepperroni
9/12/2019Green for Thee~! TNO.
9/6/2019September green! : ) aliasx
9/2/2019Hope your weekend is great! bigD
9/2/2019Fly by~BirdShadow
8/30/2019Back at ya Yo Adrian
8/30/2019Good advice ;o) scottfree
8/28/2019DMJ was here :)
8/26/2019Hey big guy! Keep on trucking! bigD
8/24/2019BirdShadow :)
8/22/2019Back at ya! aliasx
8/13/2019DMJ was here :)
8/8/2019Hi again, Darkman
8/8/2019Green to you my friend! trying to catch up... scottfree ;o)
8/4/2019Q green! aliasx
8/3/2019Green for Thee~! TNO.
8/2/2019Hellooooo from Pepperroni
8/1/2019Q green back at ya! thx---sloonie
7/28/2019DMJ was here :)
7/21/2019Q green. -IW
7/20/2019DMJ was here :)
7/11/2019DMJ was here :)
7/8/2019Q green---sloonie
7/3/2019DMJ was here :)
7/2/2019Green for Thee~! TNO
6/28/2019Hey bud! Hope you're well! bigD
6/22/2019Reported Abusive Post
6/15/2019DMJ was here :)
6/13/2019June green! aliasx
6/12/2019Happy to have youin my buddy list!! Pooka
6/9/2019Pepperroni was here!
6/4/2019Mysterious green, Darkman
6/3/2019DMJ drive by :)
5/31/2019From fred1981
5/31/2019Q green---sloonie
5/30/2019Divorce green aliasx
5/25/2019Green for Thee~! TNO
5/25/2019DMJ was here :)
5/23/2019Some greenage to help you ouy.... ;o) scottfree
5/23/2019Greenage, Darkman
5/23/2019Green- WishIwas
5/23/2019I can leave green...lance
5/23/2019Bright Blessings Des
5/17/2019Pepperroni was here
5/17/2019Greenage to fellow Arizonan :). ChiaPet
5/17/2019GreenagefromHMM :))
5/15/2019By the time I get to Phoenix, I'll be 90! lol bigD
5/15/2019Starbird Q thread green
5/14/2019Green for Thee~! TNO.
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