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supermarket's Karma

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12/27/2011This post definitely speaks to me
11/15/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/11/2011Don't be a stranger to the Contact thread. : )
9/11/2011Not a fact--opinion only
9/10/2011Much Love and Good Karma for you! :)
9/10/2011For hoping a nuke hits nyc
9/10/2011Cheering for a nuke
9/9/2011Shill And Obama Lover.
9/7/2011Trying to help open eyes
9/7/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/6/2011Great post :)
9/5/2011For putting advice to Nobody in particular in a very fair and genuine way... Well Done!
9/3/2011Positive person
9/2/2011Basic LUCIFERIAN Principles. NewAge NWO propaganda
9/2/2011New Age silliness, repeated over and over.
9/2/2011Good chat in VC - phennommennonn
9/2/2011Thank you for the information on tantra. I added you as a friend, hope to hear more of your tantra teachings.
9/2/2011Great thread
9/2/2011For misguided esoteric principles of partial truths and falsehoods
9/2/2011Good energy
9/2/2011Great tantric energy post! -HypnoSlaveDoll
9/2/2011For real knowledge
9/2/2011Awesome post!
9/2/2011Spiritualism & Occultism presented in a fine veneer of 'good'.
9/2/2011For awareness
9/2/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/1/2011He's the man
8/31/2011Can someone verify?
8/30/2011Kind in her/his reply
8/30/2011Love ~ Aphrodite ~
8/29/2011Giving good karma, why? because I can
8/28/2011Awesome person
8/28/2011Please keep your thread running, you have the opportunity to clear your karma and do good for many!
8/23/20111 - The best read in a long time!
8/22/2011Supermarket is super cool
8/22/2011I really like this person. Thanks for helping me.
8/22/2011For an amazing thread!
8/21/2011Totally absorbing post, thanks supermarket - 40 degrees south!
8/19/2011For the amazing Atlantis thread.
8/18/2011Pleasure to meet u brother
8/18/2011You rock, and to help keep your thread pined if you want to pin it
8/18/2011Amazing thread. Thank you! Added it to my personal pins!
8/18/2011Whoa, deep, throught provoking and moving thread. Wise beyond your earth years.
8/18/2011Neat thread!
8/18/2011Interesting Thread
8/18/2011Posted excellent thread on Atlantis.
8/18/2011Karma point bonus mode on :)

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