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4/8/2013Attempting to reactivate your wakeup thread, hope thats ok - msz
2/17/2013What up AsleepNM--UselessRepe​ater
12/7/2012Missed you buddy, I know you have responsibilities, Rocky...Endtime Truths
9/29/2012Way big time comming gonviral
7/31/2012Haven't seen you around so wanted to say hi and hope all is well with you! God Bless! ---starrynytes
7/9/2012Amazing threads
7/7/2012A little green to help against the macgine....Ra
6/25/2012Green for you - msz
6/20/2012And to you my friend, Christ is our only hope! BK
6/19/2012I like that we share common threads~einsteinsfly
6/16/2012Totally forgot the gathering tonight - was babysitting my grandkids! - msz
6/15/2012WeAreOne was here still liking your posts!
6/15/2012Some green for you - whiteangel
6/12/2012Hey asleep some green for ya - Hagmann
6/5/2012Green for you!!! :) cheleve
5/30/2012Sending positive thoughts your way! Rhombus
5/24/2012Because I like your thinking. WeAreOne.
5/21/2012Torn between two....rocky
5/19/2012Loving thread that seeks good will for our country
5/19/2012Good person
5/19/2012Great idea Asleepnomore!! Thanks for posting this and God Bless you! starrynytes
5/19/2012I missed the May 5 event but I am always with you in my heart
5/19/2012Great post :))) positive thoughts.
5/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/16/2012Yes the Lord has blessed me with strength in my convictions! May you have these also! BK
5/16/2012Too much red in the markets...have some green! Rhombus
5/16/2012For a GREAT sense of humor!!....RRRay
5/15/2012Here's Another One Friend! Watchmen
5/14/2012Thank you for being so kind
5/14/2012WeAreOne was here.
5/13/2012Good thread again, see ya at the Saturday meetups! > msz
5/12/2012Great initiative! - Wubbo
5/12/2012Whiteangel was here
5/11/2012How's the bod doing, Ha!....rocky
5/9/2012Hopefully you can get enough to pin
5/5/2012Great post - Half Past Midnight
5/5/2012I will be praying at 6 with you - Hagmann
5/5/2012I am LonghairKing from NorCal
5/5/2012Collective mind- good idea.- from SpiderJones
5/5/2012I wiill most definitely join you in prayer...great post - Dease
5/5/2012Karma for u from Gonviral
5/5/2012Awesome thread!!! Love it. ~gingy ~
5/5/2012Great initiative!
5/5/2012Lets band together - good thread! > msz
5/5/2012Great idea! Lissie :)
5/5/2012Good karma for you and the world. nice meditation call. Strongman!
5/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/5/2012Great positive idea!
5/5/2012For the worldwide vizualising : )))) very bright & good idea !! ONE LOVE - WuDStef
5/5/2012You are precious
5/4/2012Your info and questions are awesome! Thank you! From: wait....what?
5/4/2012Some green for you - whiteangel
5/4/2012Good luck w/job :) I know we know and it is ok~abi
5/2/2012Great youtube links
5/1/2012Thanks for you posts on the birdie thread....Ray
4/30/2012I don't remember...rocky
4/26/2012For kindness - whiteangel
4/23/2012Ty for the audio track/ mercyamber
4/23/2012Tried you resonance vid and I owe you! Thanks. Black Knight
4/23/2012Many Thanks!....roadrunner​(Ray)
4/21/2012For the awakening...RA
4/20/2012WeAreOne was here again.
4/19/2012Rhombus was here!
4/17/2012Good day - whiteangel
4/12/2012You are getting closer. WeAreOne.
4/5/2012Keep the Faith - Black Knight
4/5/2012I can give you another :-) WeAreOne
4/5/2012For little birdies going down rabbit holes --- MzTreeChick
4/3/2012From Rhombus
4/2/2012Things are NEVER what they seem! WatchmenOnTheWall
3/28/2012Cuz you rise above the crap that prevails around here
3/22/2012For being asleep no more. WrAreOne
3/14/2012Shillaristic thread
3/14/2012Shill be nimble, shill be quick! (from expertofsound :D)
3/14/2012To offset the negative karma you received, and just because =) amywood71605
3/14/2012Shill Poetry
3/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/19/2012Yup have and have nots nice post ar15-nut
1/3/2012Dont stop believing, and keep your eyes open. People want to help you but you have to want help. scuba7
12/16/2011Couldn't have said it better myself!! - ItsYourFault (gave you your first karma! woot!!)

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