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12/2/2021Vid in desantis thread - trashcanman2
12/1/2021We are not the majority.
12/1/2021Good comment
11/28/2021Good post
11/27/2021I like your comment @swingline
11/24/2021The truth shall set us free- trashcanman2
11/23/2021Very nice council thank you.
11/22/2021Great post about Europe, Germany and what’s happening
11/22/2021Criminal DOJ ~ Flash
11/22/2021For being intelligent
11/11/2021Sending you love and protection. Let me know what u sense. With love~ Triteia
11/11/2021Somethings for sure off in Loudoun co. Evil is lurking in that county.
11/10/2021Spot on
11/9/2021Everybody I know is vaxxed and all are just fine
11/6/2021Tru dat!
11/1/2021Stand together green 4 u-from I_Object
10/30/2021Good post +1
10/30/2021Clearly a genuine response from a genuine human
10/30/2021Respect to medical professional questioning the system
10/29/2021The shingles and rsv are huge issues. Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
10/29/2021Cheers from CK
10/29/2021You're gonna get red because of FE, so I'm giving you green.
10/27/2021You need more green - EarthquakeKelly
10/26/2021Youre a mirage
10/26/2021Green 4 U - Chameleonn
10/26/2021You posted the quote of the day! ....Clown World where fantasy has become reality & reality is seen as lunacy. ~ Zovalex
10/25/2021The EV cars are supposed to chare the batteries while driving. This has been ignored or banned. In the future these cats will chage while driving.
10/13/2021How many kids have died for the privilege of their parents paying for them to go to college?
10/12/2021Keep shining the light! ~Anon Braveheart
10/11/2021From Iset :)
10/11/2021Green for you hope he lives a good long life like his father *the future hegemon
10/8/2021QAnon is basically trailer park scientology.
10/8/2021Back at you!! Ty
10/8/2021Visitor Log analysis. TY!
10/8/2021Green for your great find on WH weirdness!
10/8/2021Name checks out - LSDMTHC
10/8/2021The Flag Stays
10/6/2021Cameras are cool. love 99
10/6/2021That selfi profile pic is disgusting.
10/6/2021You completely missed the point
10/6/2021Good tesla post - building energy
10/6/2021Idiot shill
10/6/2021Lmao nice aircraft carrier pic - Easter Discounts
10/6/2021Your too full of yourself... wacko
10/5/2021Thanks for commenting on my thread xo sseess
9/28/2021Respect. Pepperroni
9/28/2021Hold the line - Big Daddy D
9/26/2021Walker8989, fact baby
9/26/2021Totally agree
9/26/2021Speaking up
9/25/2021Green Bomb!!! Perma-Banned
9/25/2021Doing the right thing for me ;)
9/23/2021Great posts - Mad Kelly
9/23/2021We all need each other ~ Flashbuzzkill
9/22/2021Thank You
9/22/2021Yup, fake news on the left again.
9/21/2021Thank you
9/20/2021From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
9/16/2021Because you are so right.
9/15/2021She is the stringpi
9/14/2021Agree….I’m praying also.
9/13/2021Green for You (One of US) From Fluffy Cat AKA (JF Priest)
9/13/2021Montana salutes you...
9/13/2021Great response to Breyer post! JanJan
9/7/2021Would do the same :-)
9/7/2021Include the FDA in there, also run by the same corrupt folks.
9/7/2021Take a break from the internet. Please. You know all the right answers, but lack a personality to go with them. This makes you a BOT
9/6/2021Sweet greens tonight @swingline
9/2/2021God blessyou...NO vax here either....Godspeed...​the old timer
9/2/2021Canadians arent wonderful, just the facts
8/30/2021Here's a sympathy green 4 ya -- WEAR that FACE DIAPER it saves you from all poison
8/30/2021Good job for telling others they are being poisoned. I agree. With Love~ Triteia
8/30/2021Ya we need the facts
8/30/2021Green for your spot on rant! Keep on keeping on! Blessed Ev
8/27/2021I liked your moms saying.
8/27/2021For posting proof!! Waytogo!!
8/26/2021Thanks, buddy - Mayamagik
8/26/2021Correct brother,!!!! Scribbler
8/26/2021Your understanding of the Earth and moon is disturbingly scary. Straight jacket scary.
8/26/2021Nice story bro!
8/26/2021The moon is indeed plasma and the Earth is flat. -Firinn
8/25/2021Correct. The brainwashed of MSM.
8/23/2021Interesting reply on gene therapy vax! Blessings, Gyro Geargoose
8/23/2021It costs nothing to register here idiot
8/20/2021Love you,, bro
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