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8/4/2021Good Heart!
7/27/2021Thanks for the I-mask link!- WishIwas
7/21/2021Dang, you make a lot of sense. There has to be some reason for the push for this poison. Esp on the old folks. Green 4u. Dosha
7/19/2021Oh, it's working. Working just like they planned. GREEN for beating me to the punch ~Reebl
7/13/2021Thx for vax protocol. Saved it. ~White Gloves
7/10/2021Green MAGA! ~A Oakley
7/10/2021Green for you! Carol B
7/10/2021Good for you! That is terrorism!
7/9/2021Thanks! - larphillips
6/30/2021They think they are high IQ. Reality will be such a bitch-slapper.
6/29/2021Vit D pusher
6/29/2021Great poll post - paramedicuk
6/29/2021Geat post on vaccine death
6/27/2021Learn to read
6/8/2021Excellent post re vax not safe. - Moppie
6/7/2021MSM-brainwashed Libtard.
6/6/2021None so blind as those who refuse to see.
6/6/2021Great comments! ....nutmeg....
6/3/2021That's the truth friend!
5/27/2021It's like hitting your head against a stone wall; telling people not to get poison shots.
5/26/2021For our compasssion re French Virologist thread MySoul
5/26/2021I like your style!
5/13/2021Salty green, Lance from BC
5/13/2021Thank you for standing against the ruling elite and their leftist minions!
4/29/2021Trumps been working with the evil crooked fbi for years? so?
4/19/2021Great points!
4/19/2021CDC, NIH, FAUCI, GATES are NOT Trustworthy.
4/18/2021Agree, evil. InTheGLPHood
3/21/2021Spot on
3/19/2021Nature recommendations rule
3/19/2021Green! Carol B
3/15/2021You deserve some green for just the facts!
3/15/2021Bro, i pray you are right
3/12/2021Yep, I agree.
3/10/2021Hopeful words
11/14/2020No truer words have been spoken.
11/14/2020Great post! Trump 2020 Go USA!
9/21/2020Your post was super, and my thoughts exactly. ( gates is a geek )
2/28/2020Believing Faux news over first hand reports and because your're fucking gaaaaay.
2/28/2020Your ability to assess facts is questionable.
2/28/2020For being a stupid shit
2/28/2020Threatening our whistle blowers
2/28/2020A breech in confidentiality ith a theriouth offenth! Derp!
2/27/2020MAGA & MACA (Make Canada Great Again)
2/27/2020Rats on a sinking ship!
2/20/2015So True, loved the last para.
9/1/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
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