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mrroy's Karma

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1/25/2012Returning the favor. the only threads i report are the people that are blatantly hating on GLP (they don't need to be here anyway) and the bigotry threads (hating on whites, blacks, jewish, etc.
1/24/2012Liar... Tg4t
1/24/20121 Eddjah ... greenroom
1/24/20121 Green karma for you! All the best! ~Daikirai
1/24/2012Karma from DorothyDANGER :)
1/24/2012The truly rich are those that cherish the blessings they have =^..^= Girl Genius
1/23/2012Green goo (GOGO)
1/23/2012Droppin off my green today. Thug Cat.
1/23/2012Karma hugs.. green room..; ) Spiral Cobra
1/23/2012Greenie - RoXY
1/23/2012Woot! Its sunday night! I hope you have a great week! <3 Doomish
1/22/2012Green room....Tango
1/22/2012To my green room friend - Missouri Foxtrotter
1/22/2012Youre welcome- Val
1/22/2012Green room love from samanthasunflower
1/21/2012Thanks for the Karma --- Here is belated one for you friend--- xoxo V-Honey
1/21/2012Have a great weekend BloodyEgg !!
1/21/2012From john goz
1/21/2012Free karma
1/21/2012GreenRoom - Ghost Rider
1/21/2012Love! ~Omni
1/20/2012Whats internet skills? lol
1/20/2012Lair, you hate Ron Paul
1/20/2012Thanks mrroy <3 miffed_33
1/19/2012Find your spiritual flame within... challenge everything....love everyone... love yourself! Flycat
1/19/2012Karma Love 4 You! ~green room~ :) Christine
1/19/2012Payback from Walt, thanks!
1/18/2012From Tiger.
1/18/2012Green time -pathfinder-
1/18/2012Green room LOVE ~ RebeccaLove
1/18/2012Welcome. Desert Fox here
1/15/2012Ron Paul Yea
1/15/2012Legalize the weeders fuck yea
1/15/2012Awsome Video
1/15/2012From Green Room by Balthuuu <3
1/15/2012I dont hate you! I love you! Elric
1/15/2012Dounds alright to me
1/15/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/15/2012Ron Paul for the win! patdeez84
1/15/2012GreenRoom - RoXY
1/15/2012Ride this, faggot.
1/15/2012Ron paul people are not goons
1/15/2012I am not a goon.
1/15/2012Vote for mitt newt christ! a vote for mitt newt is a vote against ronpaul! lol. conan the librarian
1/15/2012Cuz ya whined about it, so here's some green...SnakeAirlines​ lol
1/15/2012Gang stalking boo hoo
1/13/2012Get a clue
1/13/2012Ron paul. LOL
1/12/2012For supporting ron paul
1/12/2012Yeah, keep talkin trash about Ron Paul...
1/12/2012Karma krybaby
1/12/2012To counter the Paulbots
1/12/2012For asking a dumb ass Ron Paul question. Ron Paul questions always brings the red thumb dowm.
1/12/2012You must be a paid shill to come up in here with that shit. RP 2012
1/12/2012I will gladly take negative karma for supporting the only real candidate....:)
1/11/2012To offset the bad karma****Butterfly girl
1/11/2012Ron Paul will personally rape ur butt.
1/8/2012Love from Santorini. :)
1/7/2012Ron paul
1/7/2012Nice find!
1/6/2012For cricket mate! Zero Point
1/4/2012Thanks for the awesome song, pink cat
11/14/20111 From The Emp. <3
11/14/20111 for you ^_^ Have a wonderful day!! ~Daikirai
11/14/2011Love and blessings
11/1/2011Such negative energy
11/1/2011Nibirudoom says fire it up
10/25/2011Thanks for the info
10/22/2011"Don't you ever tell me how to live my life again!"
10/21/2011From Uncle Mikey
10/12/2011For electing to sit down! - Tuff~Kooky
10/12/2011Because you are so rude to people, I fel that you need some good karma to help balance your poor attitude. love
9/27/20111 prez schedule
9/27/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2011Good find. And wow, I just got deja vu!- Semantics
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