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{/Mutariel\}'s Karma

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7/9/2013Works for me! LOL
7/6/2013Don't let insecurity control your life. Grow a sack.
5/23/2013It was overcast. Am not disappointed!
5/20/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/29/2013From Uncle Mikey!
4/26/2013I like you, you are funny.
4/21/2013For blink video - bah bah
4/20/2013Hi Isaac - happy springtime. Sloane
4/19/2013Best wishes from Artaius
4/12/2013Peaceful greens from Azaxo ;P
4/11/2013Often a bird WindyMind
4/6/2013Take this red
4/3/2013Stupid thread - stupid videos - grow up
3/31/2013Hoppy Easter...from Green Tabasco :)
3/20/2013Muahaha! The Red Thumb Bandit strikes again!! TAKE THAT!! Bad Karma! Muahaha!!
3/12/2013<3 spirals
2/26/2013Roger that! :)
2/23/2013Monsters under your bed
2/23/2013Peace from azaxo :)
2/12/2013Thanks for stopping in ^Isaac^ :) Billy
11/30/2012Nice pic izaak2 -Rochelle
11/20/2012Im trying to understand "these feelings" and my consequent behavior
11/15/2012Thank you for being the kind of person who can uplift many with just your presence...
11/15/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
11/11/2012Hey thanks..I love that song
11/11/2012Sometimes it's best to
11/9/2012Word Up NBB
10/22/2012Because ropes and candle wax are fun
9/25/2012Doing nothing is doing everything I feel the force in you....jedi
9/25/2012I like GLP too
8/16/2012Ok izaak...you get some good karma today****Butterfly girl
1/31/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/24/2012For posting fucked up music you butt boy!!!
1/20/2012Loves the kitteh!~Luna
1/19/2012For posting about the goat koala and Oprah!! Madame X
1/16/2012Fry them bugs! toadmaster
12/22/2011Nobody fanatic, please get over it.
11/28/2011At the Drive-in!!!!
11/23/2011Trees -- borian
11/18/2011Chicha! I printed that recipe, thank you for it. ZP
11/17/2011Thanks for the 'girls ain't nothing but trouble' video! Made my day.... ladulce
11/7/2011Sending the love! (:-DeeZe
11/6/2011For being a fucking dumbass and putting everybody in the same category....man the fuck up loser!
11/4/2011Too Drunk to Fuck.
10/29/2011Knows good music. 8)
10/8/2011For infringing on artists copyright in posting all these clips here
10/5/2011Return the favor
9/22/2011I popped your Karma cherry! - Too Dark Park
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