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¤ Itz A DreaM ¤'s Avatar¤ Itz A DreaM ¤ USA105 months, 28 days ago63 months, 14 days ago916
 *W77* Netherlands120 months, 29 days ago1 day ago382
..11:11..'s Avatar..11:11.. USA105 months, 9 days ago64 months, 29 days ago2,574
 3ston Ghana84 months, 29 days ago84 months, 27 days ago0
5d WhiteLight's Avatar5d WhiteLight USA105 months, 3 days ago20 months, 8 days ago1,954
A Few Good Women's AvatarA Few Good Women USA100 months, 19 days ago97 months, 10 days ago1,250
A r c's AvatarA r c Germany103 months, 16 days ago62 months, 15 days ago9,472
A R K's AvatarA R K Germany46 months, 11 days agoToday5,210
 acegotflows USA108 months, 21 days ago71 months, 4 days ago4,517
 Amy_A USA102 months, 22 days ago74 months, 3 days ago4,225
 AnBlack USA105 months, 8 days ago14 months, 6 days ago46
Asyouprefer's AvatarAsyouprefer Canada86 months, 22 days ago76 months, 10 days ago145
 Atlantia Starfleet97 months, 3 days ago4 days ago262
Awake1's AvatarAwake1 USA120 months, 22 days ago12 months, 17 days ago163
Ayr Phorce Yuan's AvatarAyr Phorce Yuan United Kingdom104 months, 9 days ago1 day ago9,749
Base12's AvatarBase12 USA70 months, 5 days agoToday4,395
 beachcruiser68 USA96 months, 28 days ago73 months, 7 days ago366
Blue Skies's AvatarBlue Skies USA107 months, 29 days ago86 months, 17 days ago14,492
 bobobibi USA102 months, 23 days agoToday5,502
Butterfly's AvatarButterfly Netherlands188 months, 13 days ago23 days ago355
 Cheleve USA101 months, 7 days ago81 months, 1 days ago199
Coelho's AvatarCoelho Brazil86 months, 6 days ago5 months, 1 days ago1,092
 Comperio Denmark84 months, 25 days agoToday3,812
CopyNinja87's AvatarCopyNinja87 USA57 months, 10 days agoToday1,389
CUB4DK's AvatarCUB4DK Canada26 months, 19 days ago1 day ago11,096
DestinyAKA-Des's AvatarDestinyAKA-Des USA26 months, 25 days agoToday4,005
DontBeAfraidEVER's AvatarDontBeAfraidEVER Norway88 months, 22 days ago84 months, 22 days ago833
Enlilson's AvatarEnlilson USA150 months, 5 days ago74 months, 27 days ago9,460
ExTraDimensionaL777's AvatarExTraDimensionaL777 Starfleet90 months, 28 days ago1 day ago1,925
eyeDR3's AvatareyeDR3 USA91 months, 23 days agoToday4,131
 Fellow of the sun Jordan97 months, 8 days ago63 months, 23 days ago1,080
 gd2balive USA110 months, 6 days ago68 months, 22 days ago6,591
GLP Angel's AvatarGLP Angel USA119 months, 16 days agoToday2,180
Gnostic Warrior's AvatarGnostic Warrior USA109 months, 26 days ago5 months, 9 days ago11,116
 hithereimS USA92 months, 13 days ago77 months, 2 days ago86
 Hulk Hogan Leg Drop USA93 months, 2 days ago21 days ago742
Icey Beyouti's AvatarIcey Beyouti USA99 months, 27 days ago82 months, 16 days ago563
 JLynn USA113 months, 9 days ago68 months, 5 days ago8
 John Goz USA103 months, 28 days ago77 months, 6 days ago1,623
JustBea's AvatarJustBea USA109 months, 17 days ago17 days ago7,114
 KdubC USA96 months, 25 days ago90 months, 2 days ago1,315
 KindaDistorted USA95 months, 20 days ago53 months, 0 days ago223
Leyline Walker's AvatarLeyline Walker Canada44 months, 14 days agoToday974
 LiveinAwe USA107 months, 28 days ago68 months, 17 days ago258
 LonghairKing USA103 months, 3 days ago84 months, 23 days ago776
 m3lh4d0 El Salvadore103 months, 18 days ago2 months, 5 days ago7
 manyeagles USA134 months, 28 days ago59 months, 27 days ago163
 MichAnon.ael USA25 months, 1 days ago14 days ago8
musashi777's Avatarmusashi777 Canada39 months, 25 days ago1 day ago3,609
 Open Your Eyes USA123 months, 8 days ago75 months, 7 days ago77,735
 Ozark USA115 months, 7 days ago83 months, 22 days ago1,191
 PheonixxFenixx Canada99 months, 24 days ago99 months, 24 days ago0
pink cat's Avatarpink cat USA105 months, 0 days ago8 months, 27 days ago7,217
QuantumKev's AvatarQuantumKev USA85 months, 13 days ago81 months, 15 days ago1,220
 RANDOMguy USA88 months, 29 days ago80 months, 15 days ago619
 Rayrayz USA97 months, 28 days ago67 months, 13 days ago6,139
Reader.'s AvatarReader. USA125 months, 3 days agoToday4,060
red pilled's Avatarred pilled USA18 months, 17 days ago22 days ago883
 RoxyBurn USA108 months, 7 days ago59 months, 10 days ago206
Sailor Goddess's AvatarSailor Goddess USA97 months, 4 days ago72 months, 11 days ago175
 SeekWisdom USA103 months, 14 days ago9 days ago2,852
SeoKungFu's AvatarSeoKungFu Czech Republic133 months, 6 days ago1 day ago4,522
Silent Wind's AvatarSilent Wind USA112 months, 1 days ago54 months, 8 days ago1,237
 SLIPPERY NIPPPS USA99 months, 14 days ago59 months, 14 days ago1,546
Southern Lighthouse's AvatarSouthern Lighthouse USA105 months, 16 days ago16 months, 16 days ago3,564
Swinging on Spirals's AvatarSwinging on Spirals USA97 months, 26 days ago91 months, 17 days ago8,684
T Ceti H.C. Radnarg's AvatarT Ceti H.C. Radnarg USA98 months, 24 days ago89 months, 26 days ago13,580
tarfonwxx's Avatartarfonwxx USA97 months, 1 days ago88 months, 9 days ago4,764
 The Comedian USA86 months, 4 days ago76 months, 15 days ago23,156
The Natural One's AvatarThe Natural One USA34 months, 17 days ago1 day ago25,931
The Sonic Dreamer's AvatarThe Sonic Dreamer Andorra91 months, 0 days ago85 months, 22 days ago2,088
 theSearchingJones USA111 months, 17 days ago94 months, 10 days ago3,614
The_Brave's AvatarThe_Brave USA103 months, 3 days ago2 days ago2,285
Tiny Trink's AvatarTiny Trink USA93 months, 25 days ago8 months, 8 days ago2,002
 Tokyo_Superman Japan94 months, 11 days ago90 months, 23 days ago11
 tragicmick Chad93 months, 2 days ago92 months, 16 days ago86
 Truebel USA95 months, 4 days ago91 months, 21 days ago0
Twonstradamus's AvatarTwonstradamus USA96 months, 29 days ago1 day ago786
Uncle Michael's AvatarUncle Michael USA77 months, 19 days ago76 months, 27 days ago213
Uncle Mikey's AvatarUncle Mikey USA105 months, 18 days ago77 months, 1 days ago3,943
 ViKiNgTeRrOrIsT USA96 months, 6 days ago95 months, 26 days ago1
 WarEagle USA105 months, 2 days agoToday14
 We The People USA94 months, 11 days ago93 months, 9 days ago40
WeAreOne's AvatarWeAreOne United Kingdom102 months, 27 days ago16 days ago5,569
Wubbo Ockels's AvatarWubbo Ockels Netherlands114 months, 9 days ago33 months, 25 days ago9,896
 YNOTBONES Canada92 months, 21 days ago89 months, 22 days ago25
 ~Layoki~ USA98 months, 1 days ago97 months, 5 days ago136