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8/14/2018I do as you do and nobody is fat in my house
8/9/2018Constitutional Republic, Ag47
8/9/2018Yes. ConstitutionalRepubli​c
8/8/2018Great video post on the Nazi Book Burning. Sent chills down my spine. We're pretty much there - again. - Eireann~
7/24/2018Green - Big Daddy D
7/17/2018Green - Big Daddy D
7/8/2018Green - Big Daddy D
7/4/2018"If I was your neighbor I'd set off the biggest shit I could get my hands on." lolol ....nutmeg...
7/1/2018Reported Abusive Post
6/30/2018Weekend green - Big Daddy D
6/29/2018Stalking my fucking posts...NEVER talk to me again..freak
6/26/2018Thanks and love to you brother....Chivalry
6/20/2018Humpday Green - Big Daddy D
6/6/2018Green - Big Daddy D
5/24/2018Green - Big Daddy D
5/21/2018Thanks for chiming in on the dogs thread....ChivalryKni​ght
5/20/2018Reported Abusive Post
5/16/2018Green - Big Daddy D
5/8/2018Green - Big Daddy D
5/2/2018For the A-Team comment :) WxSteve
5/1/2018"Lighten up Nancy." Bawahahahaha!!! - Maranatha Man
4/30/2018Reported Abusive Post
4/27/2018The Fast Lane is for REAL drivers! -Zovalex
4/26/2018Sit in the yard with your wife and dog....last one
4/26/2018Reported Abusive Post
4/19/2018Green - Big Daddy D
4/18/2018Body work on a truck...J.A.Gardener.​..cheers.
4/16/2018Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
4/13/2018Safe space this
4/10/2018Green- Big Daddy D
4/5/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy for your great posts
4/3/2018Funny family guy clip - Rebel4Contraian
4/2/2018"Ban high capacity hotels." rofl -Inquire Within
4/1/2018Happy Easter! - Big Daddy D
3/27/2018No worries mate - Putin's Voluntaryist
3/26/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy for your great posts
3/24/2018Great comment, I was thinking this same thing!
3/23/2018Give them bump stocks and it frees them up to go onto the next item to ban. - Spinman
3/21/2018Green - Big Daddy D
3/20/2018Reported Abusive Post
3/18/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy for your great posts
3/14/2018Outstanding!!! Good for your folks!!
3/12/2018Still rifles. lol. love Miss Cleo
3/12/2018Reported Abusive Post
3/11/2018Green - Big Daddy D
3/10/2018Thank you for taking the time to fill me in.ar15-nut
3/10/2018Trump hasn't signed anything yet regarding guns!!....
3/10/2018Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends leave green - Mike Ehrmantraut
3/9/2018Reported Abusive Post
3/7/2018If your VHS tapes have old tv shows from the 80's, I'd buy them from you! Born_Again_Hard
3/5/2018Green From Goneviral
3/4/2018Well, I guess it was just a matter of time.
3/1/2018You're greening me, Smalls! - Mike Ehrmantraut
2/28/2018Hi! Ag47
2/28/2018Great point about the drunk driving/cars 1-2-Follow
2/26/2018Age ~ WyatteSmith
2/26/2018For your support, serenaseesall
2/26/2018Green - Big Daddy D
2/22/2018Green fom Goneviral
2/20/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy
2/14/2018For your comment in my lean thread from 2014. hope things are still going swell! hannah
2/14/2018Green - Big Daddy D
2/13/2018From humbird
2/9/2018Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and leave green once in a while, you could miss it - Mike Ehrmantraut
2/4/2018Green - Big Daddy D
2/3/2018You STFU
2/3/2018Reported Abusive Post
1/31/2018The shortest distance between two points is a green line in the complete and opposite direction. - Mike Ehrmantraut
1/26/2018Green from Waffles ; )
1/21/2018For the "Get off my lawn" comment....Carol B.
1/19/2018You're a real peach. I sign my red....last one
1/14/2018Learn how to drive and the definition of MERGE or wait in line with all the other sheep
1/11/2018Random Green from Onadraw
1/11/2018You're funny
1/11/2018Stirring shit. go feed your pits
1/10/2018January Green! ~WyatteSmith
1/10/2018You got it!
1/10/2018Thanks for being a thinking patriot(MrSophacles)
1/6/2018Gonviral Green
1/4/2018"I don't believe this! I've got a trig midterm tomorrow, and I'm being chased by Greendo the killer pimp." - Mike Ehrmantraut
1/3/2018For being the first in this thread to call it what it was...
1/2/2018Happy New Year - Big Daddy D
12/31/2017Green from OldWhiteGuy
12/31/2017You mean you divide the shit.
12/26/2017Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2017Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2017Reported Abusive Post
12/22/2017Gonviral Green
12/21/2017Merry Christmas! - Big Daddy D
12/21/2017HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! - Mike Ehrmantraut
12/13/2017Speaking truth.
12/9/2017Goneviral Green
11/30/2017[email protected] - unipartyschmuck
11/29/2017MAGA!!!! ~ Hotmess
11/29/2017Green - Big Daddy D
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