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sloonie's Karma

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9/19/2020Saw you online earlier today also! Great rally tonight, indeed. Have a good rest of the wkend....Zenobia ;-)
9/19/2020From keybored
9/16/2020MySoul was here
9/16/2020Green for Sloonie! ~The Vigilant
9/15/2020Lights burning brighter every day. Can you feel it? :) Take care - WWG1WGA - ODIN
9/15/2020Hey sloonie! XOXO, Isis One
9/14/2020Alarm about to ring Green! C-Voyant
9/11/2020It's all about the good vibrations!! scottfree
9/11/2020We will never forget ~shellyjac
9/10/2020Yo Adrian
9/10/2020Cheers from CK
9/10/2020Sol neman
9/10/2020Green Patriot Rally...loves Ya Girl. Des
9/6/2020Thank you Sloonie, it is pretty bad here but I got a feeling over the weekend Australians are now pushing back and asking why, take care - Mr Tibbs
9/6/2020Always encouraging you are! Chia
9/6/2020C-Voyant was here!
9/2/2020Qreenage! Lance
8/31/2020Trey was here
8/29/2020C-Voyant was here!
8/27/2020Green for you Sloonie .... Miss p
8/27/2020Hi sloonie! Isis One
8/27/2020'Qreenage' lol...High Strangeness
8/24/2020Sol Neman
8/23/2020Good green for good peeps - zzcat
8/23/2020Green for ya! -Luminous Epinoia
8/22/2020XO! Lance
8/22/2020Canalien*. Was here. You are awesome
8/22/2020Q Green back to you from Mr Tibbs
8/22/2020Crikey u r hard to find!MML;)
8/21/2020Time for some green sharing! C-Voyant
8/21/2020Verde for thee~! TNO....
8/21/2020Trey was here
8/21/2020Hi Sloonie! -Shamrock00007
8/20/2020Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/20/2020Cheers from CK
8/20/2020Post UP vacation green!
8/19/2020MAGA! <3 LittleMe <3
8/18/2020Sloonie deserves much green - GrudgeMonkey
8/18/2020Trump rally green! Just like the old days...Penny Peppers
8/18/2020Hey Sloonie! much love - akaSuzanne
8/18/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
8/18/2020Yuma rally link - thank you! ~Paul Drake
8/18/2020From PC xoxoxo
8/17/2020Sloonie! Nice to see you :) Chia
8/17/2020Thanks for the info about the Trump Rallies!! from Eggcellently Deplorable
8/17/2020You rock the Patriot Green sloonie. Des
8/16/2020Trump rally announcement ~FarMore
8/16/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
8/15/2020Good to c u - zzcat
8/13/2020Green Day! C-Voyant
8/13/2020Summer Tahoe Green!
8/13/2020Trey was here
8/13/2020Nice to see you! Isis One
8/10/2020Thank you Sloonie, I trawl through twitter because the President is worth it from Mr Tibbs
8/8/2020Good to see ya around Sloonie! -Luminous Epinoia
8/8/2020Great to c-ya, Sloonieâ£ï¸ ~ Piccologal
8/5/2020Bright Blessings and green hugs to you Dear Sloonie. Des
8/5/2020Lance XO
8/5/2020Sharing some green with ya! C-Voyant
8/5/2020Trying not to get thrown odd by the noise. Thank you. Chia
8/5/2020Green for sloonie .... Miss P
8/4/2020Incoming Green! from WGON :-)
7/28/2020Sharing some green with ya! C-Voyant
7/26/2020ThanQ :) Keep posting the Spritual Awakening. We Are Close - WWG1WGA - ODIN
7/25/2020Green from fred1981 :)
7/25/2020Green for ya! -Luminous Epinoia
7/24/2020From keybored
7/22/2020Hanging in there. Thanks! ~ WGON :-)
7/21/2020C-Voyant was here with some green!
7/17/2020Sol Neman
7/17/2020Q greenage! bigD
7/17/2020Green love to sloonie from pepp
7/16/2020Thank you Sloonie, here is one back to you from Mr Tibbs
7/15/2020Penny Peppers was here
7/14/2020Love and hugs sloonie. Des
7/14/2020SUrrounded by prayer...Lance
7/12/2020Dog days of summer Green! C-Voyant
7/12/2020Wgon :-)
7/10/2020Scottfree :)
7/10/2020Green for ya Sloonie! -Luminous Epinoia
7/10/2020In the end, God Wins! Green for Thee ~! TNO.
7/10/2020JFK, Jr was here
7/6/2020Summer Tahoe Green!
7/5/2020Green from fred1981
7/4/2020Independence Green! C-Voyant
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