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Cheleve's Karma

Total: 47 (39  User Votes + 8  Thread Reports) and 5

3/31/2013You must post, it is imperative. WindyMind
2/25/2013Hi ~ A Friend
12/25/2012Merry Christmas! WindyMind
11/15/2012You should say more
10/29/2012A Friend
10/21/2012For my foreverfriend, hope love shines at you
9/21/2012Love to my forever ever friend, 141
9/1/2012Love. <3 -Seer
7/14/2012Love 2 u - newu4eah
6/19/2012With Love~DH:)
6/16/2012Green back at ya....ASLEEPNOMORE
6/12/2012Awesome... TheTruthWorker
6/7/2012For the sunshine!~Luna
6/7/2012For your judgement word. good job in finding what no others did or being brave enough to admit it! - SOT
6/6/2012Karma for ya~DH:)
6/4/2012My forever friend with smiling eyes 141
6/3/2012Back at ya! - ANHEDONIC
5/28/2012A Friend ;P
5/25/2012Red wine is my favorite kind of wine~DH:)
5/25/2012For love, Lars
5/12/2012To a friend~DH
5/4/2012Truth WindyMind
4/29/2012I am against you. I will pursue you on every forum you visit. You are the epitome of evil masquarading as light. Your days of fooling people are over
4/22/2012Forever friends. love you. 141
4/14/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/14/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/12/2012I am against you. I have always been against you since you joined forces with IV222. He is now gone from GLP. Choose whether you want to be the next. Light always wins over darkness.
4/4/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/3/2012Hahaha..you're awesome. Green love -Seer
4/1/2012Love eternal... lars
3/20/2012Because of all the love you share, thankyou, your heart is amazing beyond words 141
3/10/2012Smile, love is the key. message from sirius ;)
3/5/2012For love, and for not letting you curse you anywhere. you know truly who you are 141
1/13/2012In nomine Iesu, exorcizo te. In nomine Iesu, dic nomen tuum. In nomine Iesu, si es hic, manifesta te.
1/10/2012I love you cheleve <3 <3 <3
12/31/2011Reported Abusive Post
12/29/2011You are a fool for follwoing IV222 blindly .... you reap what you sow dear
12/29/2011You need some more karma- so here ya go
12/25/2011Merry Christmas Love. -Seer
12/20/2011Dont give up! red karma is just to treat you. Love always win. merry christmas!!!
12/18/2011I.v. has your back. green karma coming right at ya.
12/16/2011Don't be deceived by the DEMON calling itself innervoice222. Your salvation is at stake.
12/16/2011Holiday green from Seer.

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