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WhiteAngel's Karma

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4/9/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
4/9/2014Thanks for awesome posts on Ebola thread. Vic-chick13
4/9/2014Good green! mtn mang
4/9/2014Love ya! G-d bless! Jazzy hugs
4/9/2014Chlorine/pool shock - excellent recc! :) -ladyannie
4/8/2014Green hugs to Angel. Glad you are feeling better! Chiapet
4/6/2014I hope you feel better soon!!! Sending prayers for your health. ~Vesper33~
4/6/2014Big Feel Better Hug with lots of Love :) AKO
4/6/20141 My Fog Family Barbara Imjustsayin
4/6/2014Simple, Jux :)
3/30/20141 and Prayers to get well Imjustsayin barbara
3/29/2014Well wishes headed your way :) tampaheather
3/29/2014Sorry to hear you are unwell,here is some green to lift You.Love&Light.Sounds​
3/29/2014May God bless you and heal you, dear whiteangel! Peace & Sunshine.-hugh
3/29/2014Get Better Sis you are loved Big Hug and prayers AKO
3/23/2014Karma Hugs from Shenue
3/20/2014Fog family green! Isis One
3/20/2014Much Love ~ Simple27 : )
3/19/20141 Imjustsayin barbara
3/19/2014Happy wednesday....old guard
3/18/2014FOG Green - WatcherJ
3/16/2014Green karma from Gonviral
3/15/2014Lots of love from ~T~ xxx
3/12/2014Green time! mtn mang
3/11/2014Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
3/10/2014WeAreOne passing through with a smile :)
3/8/2014Love & Light to you my friend.Sounds
3/8/2014Green Gratitude from No Dhimmi
3/7/2014Thanks for your contribution to the pine thread ~~ Let Freedom Ring
3/7/2014Happy belated birthday! I knew I liked you for a reason. All of us pieces get along. ~ Muse_1111
3/7/2014Happy B'day Sweetie, Isis One
3/6/2014Happy Birthday!! pool
3/6/2014Happy bithday Hon!-shad
3/6/2014Birthday Karma!! - Mercury11
3/6/2014Happy Birthday Green!! ~Vesper33~
3/6/2014Happy Birthday Angel <3 ~ 66
3/6/2014No prob, happy Bday! ~ Bizarre Verewolf
3/6/2014Congratulations! :) it's my birthday too KipKat
3/6/2014And the best of health always!! Happy Birthday and much love :) Lucy
3/6/2014Happy b'day white angel :) tampaheather
3/5/2014Thank you ~ Simple27 : )
3/4/2014Love and support from ~T~ xxx
3/1/2014Green Karma for u From Gonviral
2/28/2014Very best wishes from WeAreOne :)
2/26/2014Wednesday night green! ~Vesper33~
2/26/2014Mercury11 =]
2/26/2014Green shad hug
2/26/2014Green Greetings from No Dhimmi
2/25/2014Green hugs from shenue!
2/24/2014Say no to root canals. pool
2/24/2014Good luck with your dental issues angel. Whynow
2/24/2014Lots of love and hugs and support re your teeth, love from ~T~
2/18/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
2/16/2014Jesus Loves You!! tw
2/15/2014Simple27 : )
2/14/2014Big Hugs and a Happy Valentines Day :) AKO
2/14/2014Happy Valentines Day! Love, Lucy
2/14/2014Same type of ear buzz this morning - Mercury11
2/13/2014An Angel indeed , GT500
2/13/2014Love ya GFG
2/12/2014Hello :) WeAreOne.
2/9/2014Praise God!!! TW:)
2/8/2014Hello, Friend, Smiles & Echoing Green...Pass it on ~ Cassie :-)
2/5/2014That is truly your avatar =] Mercury11
2/5/2014Kitty kissed! mtn mang
2/3/2014SolGreen for Angel : ) - 'Cesium.
2/3/2014Forum link ~ krf2k
2/3/2014Nice Comment on my Smiley! ;-) - Inquiring Mind.
2/3/2014Thanks, I love my dog too! your avatar is also beautiful, with the doves and the hem of the angel's gown. beeches
2/2/2014Love GFG
2/1/2014Have an awesome weekend, from ~T~ xxx
1/31/2014Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
1/31/2014Jesus Loves You!! tw
1/28/2014Go go Broncos!-hugh
1/28/2014Thanks for the giggle today! TB
1/28/2014Have a wonderful week! ~ Simple27 : )
1/28/2014Green greetings! -- curiosisSolsis
1/27/2014Muah* ~ 66
1/27/2014Yea...GO BRONCOS! cowgirlk
1/27/2014Karma and Greetings from ANHEDONIC
1/27/2014Best to you and yours!....roadrunnerr​ay
1/27/2014Fog green, isis one
1/25/2014Blessings and love!
1/23/2014Our tears are what happens when it rains deep inside our hearts. Never hold the rain back because it helps our heart grow in so many ways. Much love! ..11:11..
1/23/2014Thank you WA I will , GT500
1/20/2014Good sig! GeoStorm
1/19/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
1/19/2014Mtn mang!
1/19/2014Hugs to you, Angel! ChiaPet
1/18/2014For a wonderful, kind ,caring woman, love from ~T~ xxx
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