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WhiteAngel's Karma

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1/11/2013Solar thread
1/11/2013Thanks..nice to have the angel here..fin
1/9/2013Much Luv Your Way Angel - And yes,I agree - The leading spot in 1654 is now looking BGD : ) - 'Cesium.
1/6/2013Much Love coming your way my friend! ~ Tiny Trink
1/3/2013Happy New Year....shenue
1/2/2013Happy 2013, angel! mtn mang
1/2/2013Blessings for the New Year WA, Isis One
1/2/2013Happy New Year whiteangel! <3 Mama
1/1/2013Much respect to you-shadasonic
1/1/2013Happy New Year! ~Vesper33~
12/31/2012Happy New Year Isis7
12/31/2012Happy New Year and blessings to you and yours for 2013! xxx AKO
12/31/2012Wishing you and yours a Safe and Happy New Year! Cabingirl
12/30/2012Happy almost new year! :) ~scorpio66
12/27/2012Merry Christmas ! - Gomez
12/27/2012You seem like such a lovely person
12/25/2012Hi WhiteAngel..Some Green for you on this SPECIAL day!
12/25/2012Merry Christmas to you too!!! ~Vesper33~
12/22/2012Merry Christmas! Earth Cries
12/22/2012Merry Christmas! <3 Mama
12/22/2012Some green karma energy comin' your way! shenue
12/21/2012Happy Solstice
12/20/2012Karma love from Nika
12/19/2012Happy holidays to you and your loved ones~einsteinsfly
12/18/2012Wishing you and yours the best this holday season and always my Colorado Friend! ... Cabingirl
12/17/2012For your beautiful prayer!!! Thank you!! ~Vesper33~
12/17/2012WeAreOne passing through :)
12/16/2012Thank you :) salt
12/16/2012Thx for staying home from school advice :) ~scorpio66
12/16/2012Green Sunday love! mtn mang
12/15/2012Solar green to you....Psy
12/15/2012Always on top....old guard
12/14/2012God bless
12/13/2012It's that time :-) Shenue
12/12/2012Sol Luv always for Angel : ) - 'Cesium.
12/12/2012GOD Bless you! Susie....
12/11/2012Thanks for doing what you do! CG
12/8/2012Much Love Karma Hugs xxx AKO
12/5/2012Some green karma luv for you! shenue
12/4/2012Good catch on seeing the ACE wave stop yesterday....and I liked the non-stick skillet comment ;-)
12/4/2012Here's a green drive by ,Great Work.sun student Sounds.
12/3/2012Some good green thumb to you. Love, ChiaPet.
12/3/2012Thanks for the memories with the SC song today, Isis One
12/3/2012To counter the red skillet karma. Lol. That sounds funny. Big Hugs, ~Vesper33~
12/3/2012Here's ya some green for the red..some are just goobers...miabelieves​...
12/3/2012To offset the stupidness! Much Love ~ Trink
12/3/2012Big Respect to You Angel : ) - 'Cesium.
12/1/2012Karma Hugs with Love xxx AKO
11/30/2012Just for being you!....Ray
11/30/2012Sun green for you! <3 Mama
11/29/2012For your help yesterday! Aurora
11/28/2012Its nice to be around genuine ,true folk. Thanks -shadasonic
11/28/2012Thank you Whiteangel....you one of my favorites on FOG
11/28/2012<3 ts
11/27/2012Thx for your help. Even warmer this coming week! Texan Buckeye
11/26/2012Tilted Earth. - Thanks for the visual - Gomez
11/26/2012CME party time Karma. shenue
11/25/2012Karma time! mtn mang
11/24/2012Great info and always insp.
11/23/2012Big hug from tauranga xx
11/22/2012Karma Hugs Happy turkey Day xxx AKO
11/21/2012Thanks WhiteAngel ..Much Love to you too...peace ...Dettro
11/18/2012Karma time! mtn mang
11/17/2012More green for your water purification post. Just added it to another water thread - Gomez
11/17/2012Sunny karma for you! shenue
11/17/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
11/15/2012Because I'm a Canadian
11/14/2012Hope you are doing well! Much Love!!! Mama
11/13/2012Have a great week!!! Big Hugs!! ~Vesper33~
11/12/2012Big hugs back to you from tauranga xx
11/12/2012Much Love to my Colo sis! ~ Tx2
11/11/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/11/2012Mtn mang
11/10/2012Karma Hugs xxx AKO
11/9/2012Trying to send some Green your way : ) - 'Cesium.
11/7/2012Solar karma - madajs
11/7/2012Hi WA, nice to see you posting on the Birdie 3 thread....RRRay
11/6/2012I'm sorry. Your opinion is valued and I should not have ranted like and took offense. Please except my apology. rev.mikey
11/5/2012Karma hugs for you sweetie! Nika
11/5/2012Some green sunshine for you! shenue
11/1/2012Karma time! mtn mang
11/1/2012Big green hugs from tauranga xx
11/1/2012Blessings to you! i always enjoy your posts :)
10/31/2012Orange Halloween Sun karma time!! - joinca
10/30/2012Sending Positive Energy your way!~Mahala
10/30/2012Quake info... TheTruthWorker
10/30/2012Thank you for helping me, I appreciate you! Much Love, Colo Sis
10/30/2012Hello There Angel,Sending Solar Green : ) - 'Cesium.
10/29/2012Thank you for the book idea and saying what PAW means. Lol. ~Vesper33~
10/28/2012Interesting days ahead - jeff
10/28/2012Reported Abusive Post
10/26/2012Some green for you Whiteangel! <3 Mama
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