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9/16/2013Hi from trailingedge :-)
7/25/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
12/9/2012Belated thanks :) Isis7
11/10/2012Because of your story "it doesn´t end..." I liked that very much, thank you for sharing and be well ~ Iolair
11/2/2012EleKtroN was here :)
11/1/2012Always enjoy your threads. Amy A
10/31/2012Love Not Fear! ..11:11..
10/29/2012For the last night sandy's message, greetings from Croatia :)
10/28/2012You didnt though
10/27/2012Thanks for the comment on the Zombie Apocalypse thread. ~ Jericho9
10/24/2012Keep dreaming!
10/24/2012Astrotraveling or dreaming?
10/16/2012For love, 141
10/14/2012Light and Love 2U ..11:11..
10/10/2012You're only making it worse!! Lol! -GeordieLegend-
10/7/2012Amazing Post :)
10/6/2012Love Not Fear! ..11:11..
9/23/201211:11.. <3
9/9/2012Much love from ..11:11.. Be that one!
9/5/2012For love, 141
8/23/2012For your comments about chakra vibrations. zip50
8/21/2012For the 5 Stars -Evol Eric :)
8/16/2012A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. Much love from 11.11.11
8/15/2012Great knowledge.
8/13/2012Right on! love to you!
8/10/2012Reported Abusive Post
8/10/2012Go suck cop dick!
8/10/2012Spreading the love ;)
8/6/2012Karma drive by from 11.11.11 Much Love!
8/2/2012Seems nice
7/30/2012For your comments on the Killshot thread. Kansas has gone bye bye for sure. Lol.~Vesper33~
7/27/2012Peace...of mind~DH:)
7/25/2012There u go mate..hitlers gonad
7/20/2012Some good vibes for you! - MI
7/12/2012Thank you for the support and kindness. - Six Six Six
7/11/2012Love and good karma to you! a fellow light warrior
7/9/2012Do you still belive in santa too? you moran
6/29/2012Weekend greetings to kcdub0184 :) dragunov_1977
6/26/2012Past life occult BS....just stop
6/21/2012Have a great weekend kcdub0184 dragunov_1977
6/21/2012For being positive!!!! Keep the positive focus! - Mindlouka
6/19/2012Are you really this hateful? Thanks
6/16/2012Im with ya bra
6/6/2012Hail kcdub0184 :) dragunov_1977
6/2/2012DoubleHelix :D
6/2/2012BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! GOLD!!!! -Clouds in the Sky
5/30/2012For your post in my thread ~ A Friend
5/22/2012Have a wonderful day! - Six Six Six
5/22/2012WeAreOne was here.
5/22/2012Not dead still kicking. == Borian.
5/21/2012Dumb ass
5/18/2012Very true
5/18/2012Good weekend karma :) have a blast! dragunov_1977
5/15/20124 waking up!! lol Goo~
5/13/2012Great posts on Affairs In Order thread! > msz
5/13/2012A well made point in so few words. ayr phorce yuan ;)
5/12/2012Love energy can change the world 11.11.11
5/12/2012One fantastic post well said
5/10/2012Thanks! Earth420 :)
5/7/2012Re: When can we expect to see NIBIRU/PLANET X - Perfectly Stated.

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