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Halliburton snags huge U.K. building contract

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07/12/2005 05:00 PM
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Halliburton snags huge U.K. building contract
From David Marsdens´ "asticles"

London Security “Fence” - Details

Moments after police announced they suspected four British-born suicide bombers living in West Yorkshire of causing last Thursday’s horrific tube and bus carnage the Home Secretary announced to the House of Commons the Blair Government is starting construction immediately of the first in a series of Security “Fences” to be dotted around Britain. (Except Leeds.)


His snappiest ‘sound bytes’ selected in no order of importance;

“The security fence around London would not have been needed had there been no West Yorkshire terrorism against innocent people.

“The fence around London is not a border. The border will be determined by negotiations.

“West Yorkies will not be cut off from their fields, places of commerce and pleasure centres.

“The West Yorkshire terrorists target their victims for death. Death is irreversible.

“Inconveniences caused by the fence around London are reversible.

“The right to live free from West Yorkshire terrorism must take precedence.

“A legitimate temporary security measure, the fence around London will help to end terror from West Yorkshire even if it bears only a few of the hallmarks of Al Queda, and restore calm.

“Londoners and visitors to the capital alike have been injured, many of the victims maimed for life. The West Yorkshire terrorists infiltrated London and carried out attacks - including suicide bombings - on tube trains and buses

“No other leading industrial nation in the civilised Western world has before this time faced such terror in the form of suicide bombings from its own passport-bearing citizens.

“In almost all of the cases, the terrorists infiltrated from West Yorkshire where apparently local leadership has done nothing to stop them.

“As a result of the terror, we have decided to erect a physical barrier around London. Plus an extra thick one around our seat of Parliament. And three monsters at all Royal residences. The absence of such barriers currently makes infiltration into London a relatively easy task for West Yorkshire terrorists.

“The City of London has an obligation to defend its citizens against terrorism.

“This right of self-defence is anchored in international law.

“The security fence around London will not annex West Yorkshire lands, change the legal status of the West Yorkies, nor prevent them from going about their daily lives. It will not establish a border, which is to be determined by direct negotiations between us and the West Yorkies.

“Despite the many pictures being shown in the international media of a tall concrete wall, more than 97% of the planned 360 km. (240 mile) security fence around London will consist of a chain-link fence system. Less than 3% of the fence around London will be constructed of concrete. The short concrete sections are intended not only to stop terrorists from infiltrating, but also to block them from shooting at vehicles.

“The security fence around London forms a strip approximately the width of a four-lane highway. At its centre is the chain-link fence around London that supports an intrusion detection system. This technologically advanced system is designed to warn against infiltrations, as is the dirt “tracking” path and other observation tools.

“The decision to build the security fence around London was taken only after other options were tried, but failed to stop the deadly terrorist attacks.

“Had there been no West Yorkshire terrorism, we would not have been compelled to build a fence around London to protect its citizens.

“The route of the fence around London has been determined solely on the basis of security needs and topographical considerations.

“The fence around London is being built in such a way that, if necessary, the relevant parts can be moved quickly to different locations. Like Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield and Newcastle, but not Leeds.

“Most West Yorkies will be on the northern side of the fence around London. They will not be cut off from their commercial and urban centres. No West Yorkies will have to relocate.

“Dozens of crossing points have been set up to enable the movement of people and goods. The security fence around London was located, to the greatest possible degree, on unused land to avoid harming agriculture. West Yorkshire farmers will have access to their fields and will reach them through special gates that are being built into the fence around London. Trees affected by the construction will be replanted.

“The government has awarded the initial building contract to the Halliburton Corporation, a U.S. firm with impeccable high-level Washington references and with extensive experience in building similar security “fences” in many other equally-hostile regions of the world.”__
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12/02/2019 08:00 PM
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Re: Halliburton snags huge U.K. building contract