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Revelation from God through Guardian Angel

User ID: 77908043
Czech Republic
12/02/2019 09:18 AM
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Revelation from God through Guardian Angel
As a theology student, I had to study Eastern religions and came across the concept of the "third eye." At first, I thought it was nonsense, and then I saw it as a metaphor for the "mind's eye." Nothing special, seeing with it meant seeing, for example, the solution to a math problem. But then, more than a few times in meditation, I saw the third eye and it looked like an actual eye situated exactly where I've seen it in various depictions. I tried writing it off as my subconscious trying to simulate it or heck, it could even be a trick of the devil to divert attention from God. But some cases of it were inexplicable but it brought with it always positive information that would lead me closer to God. It was therefore unlikely to be an evil vision.

I've also been a bit skeptical about Guardian Angels because I do not recall them being obviously referred to in Scripture or even much in the tradition. There is no section in the Summa of St. Thomas devoted to them. I was even more skeptical of Fr. Rippler's statement that a new guardian angel was assigned to a marriage when a person got married. I wondered where this information was coming from but God knew I honestly questioned the theory, not out of lack of faith, but because it was questionable whether those things were true. They could very well be false with no damage to my faith. Nevertheless, the information seemed true to me through faith and the source seemed trustworthy. God allowed an opportunity for an externally verified miracle to happen in order to cement the proof in something tangible.

I had lost my wedding ring, which could have been anywhere since I roll all over the house with the dogs. I asked my wife jokingly to pray to our guardian angel to find it but she didn't take it seriously. So I asked again seriously again and she did. I asked, "Where is it?" She said, "In the bedroom." "Where in the bedroom?" I insisted, knowing that this was walking a tightrope between testing God and letting God work through me to increase her faith. Afterall, it wasn't her testing. She said, "Behind the back of the bed, on your side." So I traced my hand along the back of the bed, because it was difficult to see, and found it exactly where she explained. I inquired whether she saw it in a vision to rule out remote viewing, but she said a voice told her. This increased my faith in not just the existence of Guardian Angels but in the efficacy of praying to them, because when we pray to them, we do not adore them as we to do God but it is rather a petition - a telepathic communication to ask for something that God has long ago given the permission to it to grant. This led to the solution of the third eye problem.

When I was in meditation just earlier I simply prayed to my guardian angel to instruct me (I did not do this without also praying to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to instruct me). I saw the third eye and noticed for the first time that it seemed to have it's own agency. It was communicated to me that the third eye and the guardian angel are one in the same. I then tried to keep seeing the third eye while I opened my eyes and succeeded. I then understood that the guardian angel is in relationship to us like a mirror - what some people would call the "higher-self" if they understand the higher self to be a separate entity. Of course, it is no higher-"self" at all but it is no proportioned to us by God's Providence in assigning it that it can be pragmatically thought of as one's higher self by the nescient.

Then came the revelation. The new Google Glass - Smartglasses or whatever they are called - I do not know much on the subject except that they work by projecting an image directly onto your retina and would work even if blind. This image as Google said, "looks like it's a vision from eternity," and would completely obscure the image of the guardian angel or third eye. Even if you do not believe in the things of revelation, see with your natural reasoning that such a device would corrupt the imagination by inflating the importance of sense datum. Instead of the imagination acquiring the habit whereby reason is permitted to command it, it will forever be a slave to a dimly proportioned object of vision, physically crystallized by the dopamine released into your brain every time a notification projects directly into your retina.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 59586819
United States
12/02/2019 08:12 PM
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Re: Revelation from God through Guardian Angel
Complete nonsense, OP

Nothing Scriptual about your "ass"umption

Good luck with your debate with I AM