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Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?


User ID: 15471309
United States
09/17/2021 01:18 AM
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Re: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?
I see it more as a side effect of Lockdowns.

Literally billions of people worldwide didn’t go to work, and probably as in as little time as one week realized...

“I hate my fucking mind numbing job, and shitty boss, and all the stress... Fuck that Shit I’m never going back!”
 Quoting: pish

People are tired living to work, many already have more than they need and those in need figure its better just to make enough to live even if it means just having basics, becuase after all the money is getting debased anyways so theres no point in spending to get into debt and theres no point in saving if its losing purchasing power
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74415782

Wait until they have to eat their pets to survive. That’ll be fun.

The stages of famine are very well documented. Remember when you’re starving to death you go insane. So here are the stages:
1. Eat your pets
2. Eat leather belts and lawn grass
3. Shoe leather and belts as if it’s beef jerky
4. Final stage is swapping your children with neighbors because you can’t eat your own kids.

Go ahead and claim you wouldn’t swap your kids but you will. Everyone does in a famine. It is common and it is a well documented historical fact that happened in hundreds of history’s famines.

So go ahead and choose not to work. Idiots. Then experience the most heinous hell a human can experience.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80551809

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 80063549

He's right and human nature happens wherever there are humans.

It's one of those things like saying Ambassador Stevens didn't get butt raped in Benghazi both before and after he was killed....it's less unpleasant if you deny.

Photographs be damned.