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Rev Woo-Woo's Karma

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8/8/2013I do not concern myself with gods and spirits either good or evil nor do I serve anyâ Lao Tzu 600 BC-531 BC Much love! ..11:11..
8/8/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
8/7/2013Its not ben
8/7/2013For the owls! and your posts :) eekers
8/7/2013It was funny
8/7/2013Karma from gonviral
8/7/2013Thought you'd like some more green! :) ~Cyclona~
8/7/2013Kaua'i no ka oi :) John Kocktosen
8/6/2013Good character
8/5/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/5/2013Lol, backatcha Rev
8/4/2013Awesome thanks lol - oscillator01
8/2/2013Have a great weekend Rev :D Love Spirit666
8/2/2013Hey Rev! -Rev
8/1/2013Quick! Grab a donkey! Hahaha.. LittleMissDictator
8/1/2013Hysterical! Nick@
8/1/2013Thanks for commenting on my thread desertman-
7/31/2013Thanks for the stats on doc deaths - nah
7/30/2013You got it right >CH
7/29/2013Karma Hug! TW
7/29/2013And people keep telling me the North Pole melts into a shallow lake every year. Erm.... O.o - Eireann~
7/29/2013Saying Hi ~ Arcturus
7/28/2013Thank you for the thread :)
7/27/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/25/2013Freakin' love you girl! - MO
7/25/2013Thanks for the thread link about immortality - Diluted
7/25/2013Love from ones heart can be felt by the universe. Much love! ..11:11..
7/21/2013Aloha nui loa! -- John Kocktosen
7/20/2013From Prowilson123 :)
7/19/2013Thank you for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
7/19/2013Nah :)
7/19/2013Cool story ~StarPath
7/18/2013FROM Tiny Time <3
7/17/2013Much Love Rev StarGazer ..11:11..
7/17/2013Karma from herpderp
7/15/2013Some decision-making karma. <3 morgan
7/13/2013Good karma for you - JCITW
7/13/2013For synchronicity! LP
7/10/2013Little birdie friends! - FooledMeOnce
7/10/2013LOL I was going to say Aussie also - Chrit
7/10/2013Good Stuff -Truthnow88
7/10/2013Friends!!! tw
7/10/2013Karma rain for truth
7/8/2013Earth has a bellybutton :3
7/8/2013"divine justice" backatcha coward
7/7/2013Truth no rapture - nah
7/6/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/6/2013For raising your Son right
7/4/2013Omfg armstrong that was brilliant -Steamrolled
7/4/2013For your moochelle post re 4th...Chas..
7/4/2013Aloha and Happy 4th of July! - G3
7/4/2013I'm honored that you like me!
7/4/2013Great Anubis/Stat. of "Liberty" PDF--Uselessrepeater
7/4/2013Helping you out, no need to neg you like that.
7/3/2013All the confirmation you require on "theories" (especially in here) is for some new av to post a heresay anectodtal story? Must be nice.
7/3/2013You see everything karl ;)
7/2/2013Thank you for being a friend!!! TW
7/2/2013You are hereby forgiven.
7/2/2013Good owl bee. pool
7/2/2013Smilesun :-)
7/1/2013Thank u for such kind words...Of course always I forgive..GOD Bless you! Susie...
7/1/2013Revin :) Boots :)
6/29/2013Good Post Karma From Gonviral
6/29/2013Good soul, always have been always will be - Your friend
6/28/2013You helped me when I most needed it. God bless you!
6/28/2013From Prowilson123 :)
6/28/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
6/28/2013One hate filled fool
6/28/2013For Forgiveness and being a shining light in the dark - BBMB
6/28/2013We all need to humble ourselves! GT500
6/28/2013I dig your style
6/28/2013You're a good woman, Rev. Texan Buckeye
6/27/2013Karma drive-by! - HI,Lander
6/27/2013Karmalove from samanthasunflower
6/27/2013I have been there to bless you ar15-nut
6/26/2013May all your days be filled with sunshine . MUCH LOVE! ..11:11..
6/25/2013Great Putin thread. dilke.
6/24/2013Friends... TW:)
6/23/2013You are on the right path and you know the truth. God bless you! :)
6/23/2013Interesting threads and putin pics :)
6/22/2013Not forgetting
6/22/2013Aloha - G3
6/21/2013For the ferrets! Rhombus
6/21/2013Hey your age is showing... ;) MP
6/20/2013Still sitting around on your fat ass GLPing? LOL!!!!
6/19/2013Have a Blessed day ! From Tiger1.
6/19/2013Nice thread on Orhodox. may the lord bless you. beeches
6/19/2013Aloha! :D calx
6/16/2013For your interests ~ CJS
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