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12/4/2011Good Karma from the green room - Missouri Foxtrotter
12/4/2011Love you! - Lisa:)
12/2/2011Very sorry about your daughter...-JIK
12/2/2011Talking porcupine :) Thx for posting ~GirlGenius
12/2/2011Great posts****Butterfly girl
12/1/2011Inciteful answer!
12/1/2011Self-Control --- Icon
11/29/2011451 says "hi"
11/29/20111 from Eddjah
11/28/2011Dog Karma from Wing-ed
11/28/2011Thanks from only me
11/27/2011Gifted reader
11/27/2011For your "dramatic chicken!" video - LOVE IT!! xox ~SW~
11/27/2011All hell broke loose on 9/11 but have some karma
11/26/2011Hello & ThANKS! HF
11/26/2011Karma exchange from samanthasunflower :) (I love the colored chickens)
11/26/2011For the help
11/26/2011I'm with you on the OWS thing! :) God bless! ~Kim
11/26/2011Slinky karma from Bowman!
11/25/2011For posting the Rockwell vid. :D I was going to do it but you beat me to it. -- Lorax
11/25/2011Here ya go! Foxtrotter
11/25/2011Fro the good info. john Goz
11/25/2011Fuck off
11/24/2011Da purple chicken fist bump -- Borian
11/23/2011For the dyslexic amsoniac agnostic joke!
11/23/2011From tauranga
11/21/2011Thanks for pinning - I'd have never seen it ~GG
11/20/2011Hello - Lotus Flower
11/19/2011Does that purple thing on your head make you stupid, or were your born that way?
11/19/2011For goodness in the world..
11/19/2011Great post. scuba7
11/19/2011Promoting self change :)
11/18/2011For being cool as hell ~Roentgen
11/18/2011Because you're a chicken AND you're purple ... :)
11/18/2011Free karma :) in5d
11/17/2011Because I like you, damnit. Isn't that good enough?! Isn't it!
11/13/2011From Uncle Mikey!
11/12/2011Thanks for helping me! :D
11/12/2011God Loves You, And I Do Too! - Lisa :)
11/12/2011You are beautiful inside and out Mooshi kin
11/10/2011For the i'm a chicken photo..lol. --Roentgen
11/10/2011I like you!
11/10/2011I love birdies too! ~BlueMind :)
11/9/2011Good karma points from IAMSAWYER!! :)
11/9/2011This is not a test... Hey! .. Olgoth
11/9/2011Great back up on the original story
11/9/2011Avatar sux
11/8/2011Good shit - knowing&2012 thread
11/7/2011Karma bug your welcome
11/7/2011Your elenin (egotistical) comment
11/7/2011Gerate psot aubot seplinlg -- joegreen
11/6/2011For not being a dumbass!
11/4/2011Good info :)
11/4/2011For your love of the beatles! Thanks for adding to the thread! Let the sun man cometh!
11/4/2011Thx for explaining !!!
11/4/2011Da chicken is funny as hell, stay thirsty my friend.
11/4/2011Asking for karma
11/3/2011Shatner Love, Hope all is well in with you - Master_Shake
11/3/2011This is for the purple chicken.
11/2/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/2/2011Random act 'o karma! - 11b
10/28/2011You are exactly right. It's not God I'm angry at! Appreciate your words. ~Sandi
10/28/2011Hello friend. :) (DNA)
10/28/2011Been awhile since I've seen this, thank you
10/28/2011Love Bob! Thanks for posting it! Much love! 11.11.11
10/27/2011For your thread on anti-god ,,,, hitndahedfred
10/27/2011For being ignorant
10/26/2011Vicious beaks, Oh My!
10/25/2011Just ignore the idiots on here x...welcome
10/8/2011Aint no such thing as a purple chicken.. and its THE not DA ! DUH !
10/6/2011For the update~LilOleme
10/2/2011Sorry, KatCan here. Good Job! You know what you're doing friend!
9/27/2011My jealousy of you being on the beach made me want to give you evil bad karma. Sorry bout that. Instead, I will be happy for you altho I'm seething with envy. Enjoy your beach. Shed a tear for me
9/27/2011Thank you for posting this information--you are a good egg--pun intended
9/20/2011For a poorly executed "my uncle" thread.... nice try dickhead!!!
9/20/2011For the bug out thread
9/20/2011LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES... Government SHILL alert!!!!
9/20/2011Aloha & Mahalo - G3
9/20/2011Because I know you wouldn't scare people for fun! from: wait....what?
9/19/2011Have a nice week, campings cool, nice thread, ignore the shills - Kaitiaki
9/19/2011Thanks. -Rev
9/19/2011Thanks rev for the update. Keep it coming if you can, and ignore the shills.
9/19/2011Nice thread, pls keep it live - nohandle
9/19/2011Giving some back for good post from N3M3S1S:)
9/19/2011Just because
9/19/2011No proof of claim fear mongering doom
9/19/2011Liar. You did not meet any FEMA agent that has bugged out.
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