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Fraust66's Karma

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8/10/2022Mellow nights. pool
8/10/2022Hello, Fraust66 :) Thank You Kindly... Green Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Hoping You Have A Blessed Week Ahead xo ~Blue Spirit~
8/9/2022Always some fun and green for Frausty ! Soup
8/9/2022Monday evening green from Canada...:-)
8/9/2022"Friends are the family you choose." so true of the very best twin a gemini could ask for. Thank you for always always being there for me xoxo
8/9/2022A thumping green! A Deplorable Neanderthal
8/8/2022Green love and peace for you always...Toprance1
8/8/2022Love, Bastetcat
8/7/2022To the magnificient Fraust66! Cheers and green to you my friend! MAGA Dan
8/7/2022Sending a virtual hug from Oregon to Ulster for my favorite Irishman! xoxo sseess
8/7/2022Blue Spirt Hospitalized - asked me to leave you Green - T2
8/7/2022Half Past Midnight
8/7/2022Wishing you a wonderful week my groovy friend! ~ ML
8/6/2022Happy Weekend my dear friend across the North Sea. Warm regards, but stay cool. Cheers, Mezzo : )
8/6/2022Weekend GREEN for Fraust66 [**]D CHEERS -DV
8/5/2022Thany so much FraustMON, for keeping up the MOJO and take care...CUBMON ;)
8/5/2022Greenings from Mattie :-)))
8/5/2022Fist bump green!
8/4/2022Aye lad, always a turn, and a great one :) Boots
8/3/2022T-Man <3
8/2/2022Don't believe everything you think ~ 5lats
8/2/2022Lazy days. pool
8/2/2022Gw :p
8/1/2022Best twin, kindest friend, so glad to know you dear one xoxo db
8/1/2022Love, Peace and Joy for you...Toprance1
8/1/2022Hi ya! I always miss you in the thread. Hop you have a great week! Paranoiaaaaa
7/31/2022To the magnificient one! The great Fraust66! MAGA Dan
7/31/2022Many thanks and much love, Hope you are well friend. fractal
7/31/2022Frausty, you always make my day with your green! Sending love from Oregon to Ulster! xoxo sseess
7/31/2022Happy Greens for Frausty ! Hope all is well. Soup
7/30/2022Best mod on GLP green ; ) have a nice day bro. latvia
7/30/2022Hello, Fraust66 :) Thank You Kindly... Green Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Hoping You Have A Blessed Weekend xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/30/2022Cheers! <3bfree
7/29/2022Have a wonderful weekend my groovy friend! ~ ML
7/29/2022Cheerio! St Tidbits
7/29/2022Love, Bastetcat
7/28/2022Thanks always for the positive vibes Frausty! Hugs, Sloane
7/27/2022Wednesday pissing with rain green from SB
7/26/2022A wise man once said nothing ~ 5lats
7/26/2022Untidy green! A Deplorable Neanderthal
7/26/2022Hello!! I hate you're on the night shift for us, but always try to look for you :) Hope all is well my coolest amigo - Miss you!! south
7/25/2022World's best twin, superior alarm clock, kind soul, and ruthless farmer ;) xoxo
7/24/2022You have something GREEN in your beard Fraust [**]D CHEERS -DV
7/24/2022To best of the best! Giving green to my friend, the amazing Fraust66! MAGA Dan!
7/23/2022Always nice :) Love ya bro
7/23/2022I'm back for more action dear friend from across the Atlantic ...Have an enjoyable Sunday evening and Cheers CUBMON ;)
7/23/2022Weekend green sent with Love and Joy...Toprance1
7/22/2022Blessings to you and yours
7/22/2022Love and light from GW :P
7/22/2022Sending love to my favorite cuz in Ulster! xoxo sseess
7/22/2022It green time for Frausty ! Love & peace. Soup
7/22/2022Hello, Fraust66 :) Thank You Kindly... Green Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Hoping You Have A Blessed Weekend xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/21/2022"Understand me. I'm not like an ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul." - Charles Bukowski (xoxo Happy in Na
7/21/2022Wishing you peace, love and grooviness! ~ ML
7/19/2022I missed out on giving you reciprocal green for the last green you gave me...I suck...SB :-)
7/19/2022For my friend Fraust. i haz been ip banned! --nimmer
7/19/2022For your calm cool blue. pool
7/19/2022Obligatory green for you dear Fraust :hf: - gleich
7/18/2022Love, Bastetcat
7/17/2022Heatwave green! A Deplorable Neanderthal
7/17/2022To the fantastic wizard of the JB! The great Fraust66! MAGA Dan!
7/16/2022Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
7/15/2022T-Man <3
7/15/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
7/14/2022Always may you fin Fun & green forever. Soup
7/14/2022Hello, Fraust66... Thank You and I hope all is well for you also... Green Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way to You and Yours. Take Care Friend xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/14/2022Be well. Stay safe.
7/13/2022Love your quotes - Half Past Midnight
7/13/2022Love, Laughter and Peace sent your way. Thank you again...Toprance1
7/12/2022Have a groovy wonderful week my friend! ~ ML
7/12/2022Meow! Gw :D XoXo
7/12/2022To a beautiful soul an ocean apart, but always connected in the heart. Sending love from the jungle and Happy in Nature
7/10/2022Been busy workin to pay for BienFlation GREEN [**]D CHEERS -DV
7/10/2022Your future needs you, your past doesn't ~ 5lats
7/10/2022SOOOOO Happy to see you in the jb! You are so very loved dear twin! xoxo
7/10/2022Bitchslapped by phenn <3
7/9/2022Wishing you a great weekend! Paranoiaaaaa
7/9/2022Sending you a big hug, Frausty! Hope your weekend is wonderful there in Ulster! xoxo sseess
7/8/2022To the one and only wizard of the jukebox! The amazing Fraust66! Ultra MAGA Dan!
7/7/2022Jukebox love and green to You <3bfree
7/7/2022Love, Bastetcat
7/7/2022Hello, Fraust66 :) Thank You Kindly... Green Love, Hugs and Well Wishes Your Way xo Hoping You Have A Blessed Weekend xo ~Blue Spirit~
7/6/2022Fun green stuuf for you ! Soup
7/6/2022Cheers my dear friend and looking forward to our meeting... CUBMON
7/6/2022Hump Day Green and warm regards across the North Sea. Hope you're doing well mate. Cheers, Mezzo : )
7/5/2022Hi mate...green from SB :-)
7/5/2022Sending Love always your way...Toprance1
7/5/2022Lovely person. pool
7/4/2022Hi Fraust, ty so much for your kindness! I hope all is well with you and yours, begin again
7/4/2022Very grateful for all you do for us on the forum, graciousness included, latvia
7/4/2022Gw :p
7/4/2022Groovy July green! ~ ML
7/4/2022T-man was here wishing you a wonderful monday and 4th of july :)
7/2/2022Hard as nails! A Deplorable Neanderthal
7/1/2022Happy Weekend Frausty! Love ya, Sloane
7/1/2022Happy weekend! Paranoiaaaaa
7/1/2022The words you speak, become the house you live in. ~ 5lats
7/1/2022Sending hugs and kisses to my favorite Irishman! Love from Oregon to Ulster! xoxo sseess
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